Jan 28, 2010

Phaaaaantoom of the opera is here.... Inside your computer.

Hi everyone!

I'm sorry I didn't update my blog yesterday, I had a busy day shopping and watching the opera rehearsals. Opera rehearsals because I'm gonna do the makeup for the opera show. Really nothing special, but hey, it's a job! :D

Anyway, I'll start with my yesterday's look. I wanted something quite neutral, but still something that shows up. I did this:



I also took pics of my look after wearing it all day. I did the makeup somewhere around 11am, and it must have been after 9pm when I took these following photos:



It was nearly -25 Celsius in here ( somewhere around -13 Fahrenheit), and wind was blowing and I was outside quite a lot. I was actually quite suprised that I had only smudged my lower outer corners during the day.

But anyway, like I said, I did also some shopping yesterday.

I got myself MAC's nude lipstick Creme D'Nude:

It's really beautiful nude, maybe a hint darker than my Gosh Darling, which I love. But I do love this one too, it looks so supermegapretty on lips:

Here's the other stuff that followed me home yesterday:

MSCHIC Electric Green
MSCHIC Eye Stain Electric Blue Sea 
MSCHIC Heartbreaker Blush (as a freebie)
Make Up Store Eyedust Panic
ModelsOwn eye pencil Neon Green

And here's swatches:

I also got new babies for working:

And last but not least, my LOTD:

MAC Painterly p/p
MAC Brushed Metal-X Gold Spice e/s
Kat von D's Speed Blue
MSCHIC Eye Stain Electric Blue Sea
MSCHIC Eyes Cream Vanilla

Don't be disappointed, if I can't update in couple of days, I'll have work tomorrow, saturday and sunday.
But I promise to update as soon as possible!

Jan 26, 2010

Map of the stars

Guess what time it is?

It's time for Makeup Geek's weekly challenge! This time you have to do a Red & Black makeup.
I wanted to do something crazy, so I did ;D

I chose to use my PureLuxe OMG, Ben Nye Red Cherry, MSCHIC Mineral Matte Black and black glitters, red stars and MUS falsies.

Here's the wicked result:

Today I wanted to do a golden makeup, so I used MAC Brushed Metal-X Gold Spice, MAC Off the Page and SMH Champagne and Bee's Knees. Liner is PureLuxe's Forbidden.



I want the winter to be over. Seriously.

Jan 25, 2010

Bold Romance

Hola everyone!

I'm sorry I didn't update yesterday, I didn't really do a LOTD, 'cos I didn't even go out.

But I did a really superduper bold look yesterday, another version of Gaga's Bad Romance look.
Last time I wasn't really satisfied to it, so I wanted to recreate it.'

I did the same "mistake" again this time, and used way too much white for a highlight, but let's just call it my own twist to the look, shall we? ;D

But the pics:

And one without the wig:

And random pose:

Please don't take this too seriously, I just thought that the whole autograph thing worked for this pic :D :

A bit bad closeup of the makeup:

There's Gosh's smokey eye -palette's white and Kat von D's Lucifer. Lot of them :D

And then my LOTD, I wanted something sunny again:



MAC Painterly p/p
NYX jumbo pencil Milk
BftE Juicy
ModelsOwn Neon Peach
SMH Champagne
SMH Bee's Knees
SMH Flare for the Dramatic
Stargazer red eyeliner

That's it, again.

Jan 23, 2010

Power Demon

Hi everyone!

We had a power outage yesterday, and my computer's power supply broke, so I wasn't able to update my blog.
But new I have a brand new power supply, and everything is working again!

I'll start with my LOTD, I wanted to wear bold blue today:


MAC Painterly p/p
NYX jumbo pencil Purple
 NARS Night Flight (lid)
MAC Blue Flame (also the lid)
PureLuxe Erotica (above the crease)
Ben Nye Cosmic Violet (over PL Erotica)
MAC Shroom (highlight)
Pure Luxe High Society glitter
MAC Blitz&Glitz fluidline

And my yesterday's look with BftE Cold Shoulder and BftE 1939:


And then something completely different:


Couple of the pics are quite heavily touched with photoshop, so I really so don't have red contacs.

Jan 21, 2010

Dreaming away

Hello my dear readers!

Today I wanted to make a look with turquoise and purple, and I decided to use my new PureLuxe shadows.

I also spiced the look a bit with couple of rhinestones :D

But here's the look:


And full face:

MAC Painterlt p/p
NYX Jumbo pencil Purple (lid)
PureLuxe Chaos (lid)
BftE Big Ego (inner&outer corners of lid)
Ben Nye Turquoise pig (crease + above & lower lashline)
PureLuxe Faceted (middle of the lid, lower lashline, blending)
MAC Deep Blue Green pigment ( hint in outer corners & crease)
MAC Vanilla pigment (highlight)
Make Up Store Old Moss eye pencil (upper & lower lashline)
Wet'n'Wild Megaliner (upper lashline)
MAC Blitz&Glitz fluidline (waterline)
Couple individual lashes

Wow, wasn't that quite a long list :D

Jan 20, 2010

Princess in Leather

I wanted to make a brown smokey again today, and used Kat von D's Leather to make this:

Later on I added glitter and couple of nail rhinestones to it, and it looked like this:

(The shaodw looks exactly like leather <3)

MAC Painterly p/p
Kat von D Leather e/s
MAC Unsquare e/s
Kat von D Tequila e/s
PureLuxe Forbidden e/s
MAC Blitz&Glitz fluidiline

And the I made a "super girly - princess - super sweet - valentine's day" inspired makeup look, but I just can't pull off pink :S

But yeah, that's it for now :)