Jan 26, 2010

Map of the stars

Guess what time it is?

It's time for Makeup Geek's weekly challenge! This time you have to do a Red & Black makeup.
I wanted to do something crazy, so I did ;D

I chose to use my PureLuxe OMG, Ben Nye Red Cherry, MSCHIC Mineral Matte Black and black glitters, red stars and MUS falsies.

Here's the wicked result:

Today I wanted to do a golden makeup, so I used MAC Brushed Metal-X Gold Spice, MAC Off the Page and SMH Champagne and Bee's Knees. Liner is PureLuxe's Forbidden.



I want the winter to be over. Seriously.


  1. That red look is just amazing! You should do a tutorial ;)

  2. fabulous :D
    The red is so dramatic but perfect for the Red and Black theme. I wonder what i'll do your entering the challenge myself, red is so tricky...

  3. You are amazing :) Can't you do some tutorials?! I'd love to try out some of your looks and it'd be fun to see how you do them from scratch :)

  4. I love the first! It's different that people use to wear.


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