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Apr 13, 2012

11 Effie Trinkets

I got tagged to do this by extremely talented Unique Desire (go check her out!).
Each tagged person must answer the 11 questions given to them by their “tagger” and post it on their blog.
Then, choose 11 new people to tag and link them in your post.
Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
Go to their page and tell them they've been tagged!
Do not tag back to the person who has already tagged you.

Because I'm a bad person, I'm not gonna tag anyone, but if someone wants to copy this to their blog, feel free to do so!
  1. What Sparked your interest in Makeup and what made you decide to start blogging?
    I guess my original spark for doing makeup came from my mom, who's makeup application I could have watched for hours. I sometimes got to play with her makeup, I did all kinds of facepaintings to my parents, and later when my mom was gone and I was grown up, I continued my experiments with facepainting until I finally found "real" makeup products.
    Spark to blogging came from you my readers, I started posting my looks first to facebook, then to's forum, and finally someone insisted I should start my own blog and here we are!
  2. If you could only use one monochromatic set of colors of eyeshadow what would it be? I.e. only shades of blue.
    Either shades of purple or brown. Both fit to almost any occasion.
  3. Do you prefer playing with eyeshadow, lipstick or nail polish?
  4. What do you want to be "when you grow up"?
    I would love to be famous makeup artist, but I guess I'm gonna end up as salesperson. :P
  5. Favorite band/musician?
    There's many, I listen all kinds of music. I really like new Nightwish, several Finnish bands, Lady Gaga,  Children of Bodom and some other metal bands... Like said, all kinds of music, sometimes I even listen classical music.
  6. Favorite guilty pleasure?
    Besides doing makeup?  Eating perhaps :D And it shows. :P
  7. How do you like to spend your days(you know after you've played with makeup xD)
    We go outside to play with my kid, I watch tv with my husband, draw, play videogames... And surf in internet of course :3
  8. Do you have any pets? If so, names and pictures!
    I have 4 degus (three girls and one boy), a chinchilla and two rats. Their names are quite stupid actually,  degu girls are called V, Saippua (soap in Finnish) and Kakara (kid, brat in Finnish), male degu is called mies-mies or äijä (man-man or dude in Finnish), chinchilla is called either Muhvi or Pikatchu, and current rats are Loska (sorta wet snow, slush?) and Pöly (dust in Finnish)
  9. Do you prefer indie companies or cooperate companies to buy your makeup from?
    I really don't care about the company, I care about the products (and price).
  10. The most rewarding thing about blogging for you?
    Helping others. It's also my concern that I "mislead" my readers with wrong or overly complicated directions. It's amazing to see people influenced by my makeup, get them inspired and express themselves with makeup.
  11. Who inspired you?
    Petrilude is amazingly talented. He's pretty much only one who's videos I've watched to learn. 

And what it comes to makeup, go check out my version of Hunger Games Effie Trinket, with small tutorial:

Jan 30, 2011

The big Sigma brush post


I get a lots of questions about my brushes, and as I have maybe stated earlier, I use mainly Sigma brushes. If there is somehing better, I don't know about it, and as long as I don't know about it, everything is fine, and I continue to love my Sigma brushes. :D

This post originally started as a review post of Make Me Crazy kit and Extravaganza body brush, but ended up writing quite a lot about brushes generally.

But try not to mind that it smells a bit like review, it's part of it's purpose :D

Sigma Make Me Crazy brush kit:

(Photo from Sigma website)

I love it how it turns into two brush holders. It's easy to pack with you, if you have to take brushes along with you somewhere.
I also love the color of the brushes (though I maybe wouldn't quite call this purple, more fuchia maybe?) but anyway. Colored brushes = Yay!

Let's see what the tube has eaten:

Face brushes:

F30   ----   SS150
I rarely use powder, and if I do, I use my TokiDoki Kabuki. But I have tried these too (these seem to be almost identical), and they seem quite alright. They're quite soft, quite sturdy, quite fluffy.

F40   ----   SS168  ---  F84
I loved using  SS168 to contouring my cheeks (to my eye F40 is basically identical) until I tried Sigma's F84 angled kabuki. It's sturdier than F40 or SS168, and I get more flawless application with it.

F50 ------ SS187
I can't really say anything about skunks, since I've never really gotten the point of these. I have TRIED to apply my foundation (I don't get it even), powder (not the right amount), blushes (usually too much).. So I just don't have any opinion of these.

F60   --------  SS190
I mainly use my fingertips to apply foundation, so I haven't really used these either. If I apply foundation for someone else, I use Sonia Kashuk's foundation brush.
These are quite similar to each other, F60 might be a bit softer than SS190.

SS194    ------  F70

Confession time! I apply my concealer with fingertips, so I use these to apply creamy eye products like paint pots, cream shadows etc. And they work great for that! Again, these are really similar to each other.

Eye brushes:
 E10 -------   E05  --------  SS209
 This is quite the same as Sigma's previous one, SS209. At first I loved SS209, I thought this was the best brush for lining ever.After that I have found several (bit better) brushes for lining, and the best so far is Sigma's E10 (Small eyeliner brush from travel kit). But this is OK if you don't aim for super thin lines. If you want THIN brush, go for E10.

SS219 --- E30
Bristles are a bit longer than in SS219. That's OK, since the brush is still as accurate as it was. For me, this is the best brush for defining crease. I love it. Both new and  old.

E40 -------   SS224 ------- E45

Again, E40 has a bit longer and fluffier bristles that SS224 had. It's not that accurate as SS224, but it works like a dream if you have to blend large areas. My ultimate favourite is still Sigma's E45 (SMALL tapered brush from travel kit), which is great both for detailed blending and larger blending.

SS239 ------------- E55 ---------- E50
 I GUESS this is the old SS239. E55 is wider and softer, not as sturdy as SS239. I loved SS239, it was quite perfect for applying loose shadows, it was easy to pack enough shadow to the brush. E55 doesn't work quite as well.
However, if you're looking for a good brush to apply shadow really easily to your lid, I'd suggest you get Sigma E50. It's a bit larger than SS239 or E55, but it's (IMO) the best of the bunch. Large enough, sturdy enough, and you can pack enough shadow to it.

SS252   -------- E60
So, large shader. You know, it's quite funny when I stated year and a half ago that this was one of my favourites. I don't know what exactly happened, but I really haven't found much use for this anymore. Sure it's nice for applying shadow, but I rather use E50/E55. So it's nice, but for me quite useless.
And as you can see from the comparison pic, it has grown quite a bit. It's now more fluffier, but it doesn't really change the situation :P

SS 266 ----- E65
Hmm. I don't quite know what to say about these either. To my taste they are too large for lining the eye, and too small to use as brow brush. SS266 is a bit sturdier since it has more bristles I think. I guess that if you have thin brows, or you prefer natural looking brows (instead of drawn looking, like I do), this might be a good brow brush. Or if you prefer angled brush for lining.

I had SS275, but sadly I lost it somehow. This is GREAT brush for highlighting brow bone, you won't get too much or not enough color. Just the right amount.


Couple other brushes from Sigma that I love:
Synthetic Face Kit  aka. Flat Top Kabuki F80 , Round Top Kabuki F82 and
Angled Top Kabuki F84

F84 is perfect for contouring, as I earlier said.
F82 is totally, absolutely P-E-R-F-E-C-T for wiping off excess shadow from cheek bones. No really, it is! Sure it's also great for applying powder products for face, but it wipes perfectly away all the fallen shadow <3<3 Best thing ever! :D

Brush sets in a nutshell:

  •  So, if you want full set of sweet colored brushes with holder and carrying bag, get set from Sigma's Make Me Up collection. Set is available in 4 colors; Turquoise, Pink, Black or Purple.
  • If you are looking for a great set of quality brushes without any extra accessories, go with Complete Brush Kit.
  • And if you don't want to spend too much money, but still want awesome brushes, get Premium Travel Kit.
  • For three awesome face brushes Synthetic Face Kit is a great choice.

For my previous post about Sigma brushes, check this ancient post:

Extravaganza Body Brush:

Sigma also offers a bit of luxury to our day. Or how does supersoft body brush with 18k gold sound?
Check out Sigma's B05 Body Brush Extravaganza:

The brush itself is large, soft and beautiful. Like said, bristles are natural, and they are really soft. I just love how soft it feels
Did I already mention that it's really soft? xD

No really. It feels luxurious!

Goooooold! :D

Soft.. :3

A word of warning,: it really is BIG and quite heavy.

Many people don't really need body brush (I guess!), but if you sometime want to really pamper yourself, don't do it without this &lt;3

PS. It's soft!


Phew! That's it!

Next task: post some makeup photos :P

Sep 12, 2010

Answers, part I

I divide these post in two parts, since my answers were a "bit" longer that I thought :D

So here's the first questions:

Anonymous said...

If you could use only one colour (and of course all of its shades) for your eye make-up, what would it be and why ? And also it would be cool to know what your ultimate favourite make-up brand is.. and why :
Tricky! Right know I guess I have to say brown. Or purple. Both colors have such a variety of shades, that they wouldn't go boring soon. 
My ultimate favourite makeup brand.. I guess I'd have to go with MAC. They have such large range, usually great quality, and they come up with cool ideas.

princessfats said...

I would LOVE to know what your photography setup is like, and how your pictures are so amazing! Camera, lighting, etc. 

dannibby526 said...
I'd love to know about your camera settings. I have a Canon EOS 50D as well and would like to know how you manage to get such amazing shots.
 Like said, I have Canon EOS 50D. Usually I use the kit lens that came with the camera, which is 18-200 mm.
My flash is external, Canon Speedlite 430EX II. I have a ring flash adapter from DealExtreme which I always use with makeup photos, if I use flash at all.
Settings vary greatly. It depends if I'm taking pictures indoors, outside, of full face, just the eye...
If there's enough light outside, I'll try to take my photos in natural light. Sometimes sunlight just isn't enough, and I have to use also the flash. Sometimes sunlight just isn't available (*g*) so I have to just with flash.
I recently discovered, that setting "A-dep" works quite well with ring flash adapter, both indoors and outdoors.
I also use automatic, manual, portrait and almost all the other modes, if nothing seems to work :3

I also want to make a note, that sometimes I take 100 photos of ONE look. Maybe one of them is good enough, maybe two, maybe none of them. :D

Miryam Oquendo said...

1. Including the use of the internet, did you teach yourself how to apply make-up? 
2. Is make-up artistry just a hobby of yours or have you ever considered taking this somewhere? Because you're SUPER good at what you do. 
3. What was your inspiration? What got you hooked on make-up? 

 1. I have to make a confession:
I've never really watched a single tutorial on internet. Not on blogs, not on YouTube. maybe to get inspiration, but not as "student".
So yes, over the years, I've teached myself completely to do makeup. As a child I always loved coloring books, but I never really liked drawing, 'cos I wasn't really good with it. Still the same thing: I love playing with colors, on paper and on lids, but I don't like to draw. I guess that's why eyebrows or lip lining aren't my strongest thing :P

2.  Yes, I've considered it. It's just that in Finland the whole makeup industry is so small, that you have to be trained professional to get a job. So I should first go to private makeup school (which costs several THOUSANDS, apparently 8 months is 7900 euros, somewhere around $10 000!), get the papers, and THEN I MIGHT get a job :S Like, Jesus.
So, unless I get REALLY lucky (either win in lottery or get noticed by some head honcho) I'll be here, writing this blog. Or maybe I'll get a job at McDonald's :S

3. I originally started with face painting. I don't know where did I get the idea, but I bought face paint palette, and started playing with it. Sometimes someone wanted me to to their makeup for  some LARPs or something, but I didn't consider myself very talented in it.
Instead, I always thought that I was talented in makeup application, even if I weren't :3
Many years my makeup was always the same: unplugged eyebrows, too light foundation and huge amount of matte powder, brown lips and purple eyeshadow.
I got compliments of my looks (for some sick reason), and I started to try and impress people even more.
I took photos of my makeup daily, and always wanted to do something different. Different colors, different techniques, different placement.  And by the time I got better.
I found new brands, new products, and I got interested in skincare and eyebrows and all the stuff I'd ignored before.
I got more compliments, and I wanted to do thing even better, to get even more compliments :D
I discovered that I really am quite good in doing makeup, and that inspired me even more.
And here I am. :)

More questions can be asked, I'll answer them in next post!