Jan 25, 2010

Bold Romance

Hola everyone!

I'm sorry I didn't update yesterday, I didn't really do a LOTD, 'cos I didn't even go out.

But I did a really superduper bold look yesterday, another version of Gaga's Bad Romance look.
Last time I wasn't really satisfied to it, so I wanted to recreate it.'

I did the same "mistake" again this time, and used way too much white for a highlight, but let's just call it my own twist to the look, shall we? ;D

But the pics:

And one without the wig:

And random pose:

Please don't take this too seriously, I just thought that the whole autograph thing worked for this pic :D :

A bit bad closeup of the makeup:

There's Gosh's smokey eye -palette's white and Kat von D's Lucifer. Lot of them :D

And then my LOTD, I wanted something sunny again:



MAC Painterly p/p
NYX jumbo pencil Milk
BftE Juicy
ModelsOwn Neon Peach
SMH Champagne
SMH Bee's Knees
SMH Flare for the Dramatic
Stargazer red eyeliner

That's it, again.


  1. This is just awesome in french we say "magnifique" lol.
    I love the pic with the autograph ;)

  2. Amazing. Love the GAGA look. Love the autograph pix! Hilarious!

  3. Gorgeous, love the autograph pic :D

  4. Love your Gaga look!

  5. The second look it stunning! I love makeup and your looks inspire me! Keep up the good work girl!

    Follow, comment, and pass it on:

  6. that look is gorgeous! especially your autograph picutre :) It's very gaga-esque, but in a way, it suits you better cause on gaga, it looks like a little bit too much ( not meaning to be mean t o her)


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