Jan 23, 2010

Power Demon

Hi everyone!

We had a power outage yesterday, and my computer's power supply broke, so I wasn't able to update my blog.
But new I have a brand new power supply, and everything is working again!

I'll start with my LOTD, I wanted to wear bold blue today:


MAC Painterly p/p
NYX jumbo pencil Purple
 NARS Night Flight (lid)
MAC Blue Flame (also the lid)
PureLuxe Erotica (above the crease)
Ben Nye Cosmic Violet (over PL Erotica)
MAC Shroom (highlight)
Pure Luxe High Society glitter
MAC Blitz&Glitz fluidline

And my yesterday's look with BftE Cold Shoulder and BftE 1939:


And then something completely different:


Couple of the pics are quite heavily touched with photoshop, so I really so don't have red contacs.


  1. really creative, the character makeup :D
    the blue one..well, i think you got inspired by Marlena's "how to pull off blue" video...or not..
    But it's really pretty, i'm lemming for MAC Deep Truth to make something similar...

  2. Whoa, the last photos are INSANE *__* love

  3. Whoa, crazy! There was a power spike or something last night and my bf's computer's power supply was broke this morning. We haven't fixed it yet, though.

    Love the blue! Very beautiful :)

    How long did it take to do the makeup for the last photos? o.O


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