Jan 28, 2010

Phaaaaantoom of the opera is here.... Inside your computer.

Hi everyone!

I'm sorry I didn't update my blog yesterday, I had a busy day shopping and watching the opera rehearsals. Opera rehearsals because I'm gonna do the makeup for the opera show. Really nothing special, but hey, it's a job! :D

Anyway, I'll start with my yesterday's look. I wanted something quite neutral, but still something that shows up. I did this:



I also took pics of my look after wearing it all day. I did the makeup somewhere around 11am, and it must have been after 9pm when I took these following photos:



It was nearly -25 Celsius in here ( somewhere around -13 Fahrenheit), and wind was blowing and I was outside quite a lot. I was actually quite suprised that I had only smudged my lower outer corners during the day.

But anyway, like I said, I did also some shopping yesterday.

I got myself MAC's nude lipstick Creme D'Nude:

It's really beautiful nude, maybe a hint darker than my Gosh Darling, which I love. But I do love this one too, it looks so supermegapretty on lips:

Here's the other stuff that followed me home yesterday:

MSCHIC Electric Green
MSCHIC Eye Stain Electric Blue Sea 
MSCHIC Heartbreaker Blush (as a freebie)
Make Up Store Eyedust Panic
ModelsOwn eye pencil Neon Green

And here's swatches:

I also got new babies for working:

And last but not least, my LOTD:

MAC Painterly p/p
MAC Brushed Metal-X Gold Spice e/s
Kat von D's Speed Blue
MSCHIC Eye Stain Electric Blue Sea
MSCHIC Eyes Cream Vanilla

Don't be disappointed, if I can't update in couple of days, I'll have work tomorrow, saturday and sunday.
But I promise to update as soon as possible!


  1. Amazing how well you can pull of some great neutrals and bolder looks at the same time. Do you work as a MUA?

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  3. Sorry about double (triple) post, had a lot of typos :D

  4. love this look, wouah, I would never have thought about those colors together, and what is the brand of your new brushes?
    have a great day!!

  5. Thanks again for posting your "after hours" pics!

    It helped me realize that your "problem" and mine are the same : waterline and lower corners. While it's quite easy to keep eyeshadows, rimmel, makeup in their place, khol is a real nightmare.

    I'll keep on looking for a solution!

  6. Oooh I love the neutral look, and Creme d'Nude has been on my wishlist for ages.

    Congrats on snagging the opera job :)

  7. Vau, sulla on ihan hurjan hienoja meikkejä! Oon lumoutunut, näitä on ilo katsella yms :)

    Tuli tässä mieleen eräs ajatus ja ehdotus: Voisitko tehdä (muutaman) esimerkin meik(e)istä, jonka voisi tehdä esimerkiksi lukion vanhojen tansseihin? Itse haaveilen sellaisesta musta-valkoisesta silmämeikistä, joka ei ole liian kimaltava mutta jossa on kuitenkin vähän glamouria. En vain keksi että millainen toteutustapa olis hyvä, ja miten meikata esim. huulet :o Millainen olis sun visio sellaisesta? :)

  8. visito tu magnifico blog
    un saludo desde Reus Catalunya

  9. what color did you used for your look yesturday?

  10. what brand are he brushes? i am curious!! XD


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