Jan 20, 2010

Princess in Leather

I wanted to make a brown smokey again today, and used Kat von D's Leather to make this:

Later on I added glitter and couple of nail rhinestones to it, and it looked like this:

(The shaodw looks exactly like leather <3)

MAC Painterly p/p
Kat von D Leather e/s
MAC Unsquare e/s
Kat von D Tequila e/s
PureLuxe Forbidden e/s
MAC Blitz&Glitz fluidiline

And the I made a "super girly - princess - super sweet - valentine's day" inspired makeup look, but I just can't pull off pink :S

But yeah, that's it for now :)


  1. if i had the skill to do rhinestones i would wear that look for Valentine's Day!

  2. Note to self: do a look with that Kat von D palette tomorrow!

  3. I love all your looks, even the more dramatic ones :) it really inspires me to be more creative with makeup .

  4. The smokey brown look is gorgeous! I can't pull off pinks either but you did great anyway :)

  5. My god !! It's gorgeous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. can you please do a step by step tut on brown smokey eye look plzz!!

  7. The leather look suits your eye color so well , it's amazing !

    Caro xxx

  8. Olet todella lahjakas! Kättesi jäljestä voisi luulla/päätellä, että olet ammattilainen. Kerrassaan upeaa jälkeä!! =)


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