Apr 30, 2012

Avengers: Hawkeye

1. As always, start with primer
2. Apply dark purple eyeshadow (Sugarpill Poison Plum) to whole lid
3. Apply black shadow Sugarpill Bulletproof to outer corner and crease, slightly blend it upwards
4. Next take shimmery blue shadow (Sugarpill Magpie chromalust) and blend the black with the blue, blend the blue upwards towards the brow
5. Apply white (Sugarpill Tako) to highlight 
6. Apply light pale blue shadow (Sugarpill Lumi chromalust) slightly over both white and blue shadows, and between them also
7. Apply small amount of bright pink shadow (Sugarpill Dollypop) over the purple in inner corner
8. Line your lower lashline with burgundy shadow (Make Up For Ever #49), apply some glitter over it (MAC Reflects Blackened Red)
9. Line your upper lashline with black , extend the outer wing so it kinda lines the shadows, also make a small wing to inner corner.
10. Apply mascara and false lashes Sugarpill Shady Lane false lashes

Apr 29, 2012

Avengers: Hulk

1. Start with primer
2. Apply green to whole lid (Manly 120 palette , #1 in pic)
3. Apply black shadow (Manly 120 palette , #3 in pic), blend upwards.)
4. Blend lighter green shadow with the black (Manly 120 palette , #2 in pic)
5. Use dirty colored green (MakeupGeek Dirty Martini) to blend the light green, and to bring more depth to the look. 
6. Use pale green to make the blending  smooth (MakeupGeek Fuji)
7.Apply a hint of white (Manly 120 palette , #4 in pic) under to brow 
8. Line your eye with purple liner (BeautyUK Purple Haze liquid liner), also line your lower lashline with the same purple. Apply it un-evenly, like Hulk's shredded pants.
9. Use purple gel liner or pencil to line your waterline with purple (MAC Industrial Purple)
10. And finally apply false lashes (Sugarpill Angel baby false lashes)


Like with the Thor look, Hulk also had a "trial phase".
I thought the first version was too bright and not "masculine enough".

Avengers: Loki

1. Prime your lid
2. Sketch the outlines of the "horn" with black pencil 
3. Apply green eyeshadow (Illamasqua Fledgeling) to your whole lid and lower lashline
4. Apply black shadow (Sugarpill Bulletproof) to your outer corner and crease, all the way up to the sketched "horn"
5. Continue applying black on the upper side of the "horn", then start blending the black with lighter green (Ben Nye Chartreuse)
6. Fade the green with either pale green, or duo-chrome green/ gold (Sebastian Trucco Angel Eyes palette, MUFE Starpowder #944), also blend all the green edges (lower lashline, inner corner) with the same shadow
7. Color the "horn" with gold (Sugarpill Goldilux) , extend it to your lower lashline
8. Apply black liner to both upper lashline and waterline
9. Apply mascara and false lashes (Marliss #121 & KKCenterHK peacock lashes cut in half)
10. Color the eyebrow with metallic green pencil (NYX emerald city pencil / NYX slide-on-pencil tropical green) then apply duo-chrome green on top of it.

Avengers: Nick Fury

1. Prime your lid
2. Apply black shadow (MakeupGeek Corrupt) to whole lid. Draw the "strings" of the eyepatch with black pencil.
3. Blend the black with dark brown shadow (MakeupGeek Mocha)
4. Blend the dark brown with lighter brown shadow (MakeupGeek Latte)
5. Apply light brown / nude shadow to your highlight, and blend the colors together (MakeupGeek Unexpected)
6. Apply Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy over the black shadow, then apply black glitter (MUFE glitter #10, The Body Needs Black Glitter ) all over the black.
7. Apply black liner to waterline
8. Add the scars if you want, I used Mehron 3D gel to create mine
9. Add mascara and false lashes (Kat von D false lashes from Tattoo Chronicles palette)

Avengers: Thor

1. As always, start with primer.
2. Apply red eyeshadow to your lid (Manly 120 palette, #1 in pic) I wanted a bit more drama, so I also added Stargazer eye dust #45 over the red shadow
3. Apply black to crease, blend upwards ( Manly 120 palette , #5 in pic)
4. Start blending the black with blue ( Manly 120 palette , #2 in pic)
5.Blend the blue with silver eyeshadow ( Manly 120 palette , #3 in pic)
6. Apply a small amount of white ( Manly 120 palette , #4 in pic) to highlight. I also added a hint of Sugarpill Lumi chromalust over the white shadow.
7.  If you want the netting pattern, take a small piece of tulle netting, apply firmly over the silver shadow, and gently pat some black trough it, make sure you don't  move the netting while applying shadow.
8. Attach the "metal studs" (I found mine from crafting store) with drops of lash glue
9. Line your eye with black gel/ liquid/ pencil liner, and you water line with bright blue liner (MSCHIC Electric Blue Sea eyestain, no longer available).
10. Apply mascara, and false lashes (Sugarpill Baby dewdrop false lashes & Spark false lashes  )

Trivia of this look:
This was one of the trickiest looks, I actually made three different  looks before I was happy with the result!
Originally my idea was to add in some gold (in honor of the old comic version), but I soon realized that mixing gold and silver just won't work. 
I also wanted the red to be in "cape -shape", but that didn't work either.
The second version was a bit better, and it was really close that I didn't publish it, but in the last minute I backed off.  I wanted to stand behind these looks 100%, and since I wasn't quite sure about the look, I did the final version the next day, and instantly knew that was IT

I bet the Thor look wouldn't be so awesome if it had looked something like this:

Perfect example how nobody's perfect ;)

Apr 28, 2012

Avengers: Captain America

1. Start with primer
2. Then apply NYX Jumbo pencil Milk to your whole lid, also to lower lashline to give a light base so that the colors really pop.
3. Start applying blue shadow (Sugarpill Afterparty) to above the crease, blend upwards. Leave the crease untouched. Apply blue also to lower lashline.
4. Use Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy as a base to attach blue glitter (The Body Needs Holo Blue) over the shadow.
5. Then apply red shadow to whole lid. Again, use Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy as a base for red glitter (The Body Needs Red Glitter). Make sure the crease is still untouched.
6.Apply white shadow (Sugarpill Tako) to highlight, overlay with Sugarpill Lumi chromalust.
7. Finally use liquid white Illamasqua Scribe liner to define the crease.
8. Line your lower lashline with blue gel liner / pencil (Coastal Scents Sky Blue liner)
9. Add mascara and false lashes (Sugarpill Daydreamer false lashes)

Avengers: Iron Man

Products, in order where used:
1. Primer  (whole lid)
2.  Apply red shadow (Lime Crime Fly Dragon Fly) to whole lid and to lower lashline
3. Then black shadow (Sugarpill Bulletproof) to outer corner
4. Then Gold shadow (Sugarpill Goldilux) blended upwards from crease, and to blend the red in lower lashline. You can also add a bit of shimmery yellow shadow to transition part (Lime Crime Goldfish)
5. Gold-toned highlighter (MAC Cloudbound, but MAC Nylon is a fine dupe)
6. Apply some Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy over highlighter, then apply white/ gold glitter (The Body Needs Gold 
7. Line your upper lashline and waterline with black
8. Apply Pixie Epoxy over the upper black liner, then apply blue glitter (The Body Needs Holo Blue) ad some Sugarpill Lumi chromalust over it.
9. Then mascara and lashes (Marliss 151, but Sugarpill Precious lashes would work too)
10. Finally the eyebrows, use red base (red lip liner, red cream color) and then attach red glitter (The Body Needs Red Glitter) by using Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy .

Apr 26, 2012

Avengers assemble!

Here are all the Avenger looks that I made, I'll make a separate post of each look with details of the products I used. :)
Most of them are done inspired by the new movie, but with some I also wanted to bring something from the comics to them. :)

Check out how each look is done and what products were used:
Iron Man
Captain America
Black Widow
Nick Fury

Apr 24, 2012

Jangsara On Fire

More Hunger Games!
In both first book and the movie there are two "outfit moments" that inspired me (and a lot of others too :D)

First is the scene where Tributes are introduced to the crowd:

Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games
That scene was transferred to to the movie quite nicely, as you can see from these gifs:

The other outfit is Katniss's dress she wore when interviewed by Caesar Flickerman.
Here's how it was described in the book:

Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games

Then the movie version: There is some jewels on her shoulder, and the skirt is in flames when she moves, but.. Not exactly what I expected.

What does all this have to do with makeup then?

I did two looks inspired by these outfits, one on FIRE, and other one with jewels :D
These looks are not really based on either of the outfits, but more of a mix and match and inspired.

Here's the first one:

Again, I used various products, but Sugarpill is mainly to thank. Buttercupcake, Flamepoint and Lumi were used, along with red and yellow Whisper individual lashes mixed with Porcelain False Eyelashes.
Eyebrows are made with Models Own Neon orange & Neon yellow pencils, small "pearls", gold glitter, red glitter, MUFE Flashcolor colors and various other stuff.
I also used Sleek's Acid palette orange and yellow.

I originally intended this to be only in one eye and nothing else, but I added some color to cheeks and lips so you could see how it looks. I don't know what's the point to see it "in big picture" 'cos I didn't exactly intend this to be used :P

Then the rhinestone look:

I really wasn't happy for this look, I started doing it way too late, I had no natural light to take photos, and the result wasn't quite what I hoped for.
But it was too much work just to ignore it :P

I still have few generic Capitol looks, and I also started to do The Avengers looks!