May 1, 2012

Avengers: Black Widow

1. Primer your lid
2. Apply black eyeshadow (Sugarpill Bulletproof) to your whole lid
3. Apply bright orange shadow (Sugarpill Flamepoint) to crease and blend it upwards
4. Use a lighter orange (Manly 120 palette, #1 in pic) to blend the darker orange
5. Use white shadow (Manly 120 palette, #2 in pic) to highlight
6. Apply Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy over orange shadow, then apply orange/gold/red glitter (MAC Reflects CopperMAC Reflects Rust)  over Pixie Epoxy
7. Use liner sealer/ sealing gel/similar (E.L.F. Liner Sealer)  to transform gold shadow (Sugarpill Goldilux chromalust) into liner, and line your upper lashline, and add details to your lower lashline
8. Apply black lining to waterline
9. Add mascara and false lashes Sugarpill Dreamy false lashes


  1. wow! this is amazing! looove it! <3 :]

  2. holy cow!! i love this oh so much! how i wished you were my next door neighbor so you can do my make up

  3. beautiful!! I like this color!! You are amazing:)

  4. black widow assemble

  5. Wow it's really amazing eye makeup! I really like it.
    Laura@ a Makeup school.

  6. Totally love these looks. I'm so jealous. I wish I were that good. You must have a billion different eyeshadows!! I see the different brands, but is there a particular place you get them all from?

  7. I just love the way it looks, my apartment have some of these colours and it rocks

  8. This is so awesome I did this for one of my dance performances and I got so many compliments I'm doing ur Captain America look for 4th of July

  9. Absolutely STUNNING! <3
    -Imani Love

  10. I just found my look for this month's carnival parade... You really are talented lady! Amazing love this

  11. I made an attempt at recreating this over on - probably should have done a full face, but I just wanted to experiment with the shadows. It was a lot of fun! I'll definitely try some more. :-)


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