Mar 31, 2010

Green Glitch


I may have to change my opinion about Sleek's Acid palette, I made a look using it ( and the hardest colors of it) today, and it really wasn't that bad.

So I used Neon Green, Neon Yellow, White and black, with some help of MSCHIC's green mile eye  stain and ModelsOwn Neon Green eye pencil:

I had to pair it with "normal" lips, since it was my LOTD, and I was a bit hurry to get my child from daycare, so I didn't have time to do (and then remove) the green lips I would have wanted, but here's the lips I was able to do:

And here's some (quite bad) photoshopping, where I made myself green lips, so that you would get the point:

Then I also made a "neutral-ish" look with NYX Taupe e/s and Cryptonite e/s.
First I used NYX's Orange Soda l/s, but I also wanted to try the look with red lips. It changes quite much. AND YES, I look like a drag queen (no offense to any drag queens!) when I overline my lips like that :D

But that's all this time, see you tomorrow!

Mar 30, 2010



Today my LOTD was for my MSCHIC's blog, so I'm only gonna give you one image of it, you can check the rest from MSCHIC's blog:

Check out more pics and step-by-step tutorial here.

And then the mailman brought me some goodies:

My order from Sleek arrived! I paid it 3/20 , and shipping date is 3/22, and it arrived today, so delivery was quite quick.

So here's the ACID palette:

For everyone who's planning to buy this palette, I have a warning:
The matte colors (white, neon yellow, neon orange, neon green, neon pink and maybe the purple too) are really hard to work with.

Colors are really pretty and bright if you get color out of them. I tried them over MAC Painterly paint pot, MSCHIC Eyeshadow Base, UDPP,foundation, moisturizer and NYX Jumbo pencil Milk, and Jumbo pencils definately work best. MSCHIC Eyeshadow Base was the second best option.
You need a light sticky base for them to work well.

And then the BOHEMIAN palette:

This has mostly shimmers in it, so there's nothing that would be extremely hard to work with. The light colors didn't show up on my skin very well, but I guess I'm just too pale ;D

I also got a freebie, Sleek mini lipgloss in Magic Strawberry. It's tiny and sweet. And it smells like strawberries ;D

And as a bonus you'll get a silly look from me:
It didn't quite work out as I hoped :3

Mar 28, 2010

Sparkle my scenery with turquoise waterfall

Hi everyone, and sorry for my yesterday's absense. Like said before, I'm ill again, so I just kinda chilled the whole yesterday.

I can't say that I would be healthy now, my throat is really sore and I have a horrble cough, but at least I don't feel much pressure in my cheek area anymore.

But anyway, on to the makeup.

Today I felt myself creative, and I made a look using MAC Cloudbound and Violet Trance, as well as my SMH Teal Tuesday and Ultra Violet, and my Gosh Aquatic effect powder + Gosh Extreme Art eyeliner in #11.

Oh, and sorry for my lashes, they don't look so good :S

(No,  I didn't go out with blue lips. In fact, I didn't go out at all :3 )

My yesterday's makeup was bit of a fail, I really didn't know what I was doing, and I certainly didn't have much energy.
So I took MAC Gold Spice and SMH Shimmerbrick, and for some reason I also took Ben Nye Golden Apricot and did this:

I like the smudged eyeliner,but I really don't like the makeup. It isn't blended well, pink looks horrible etc. It just wasn't my day.

And last but least, a pic of my daughter as an easter witch (a tradition in Finland):

Mar 26, 2010

Under the sea of flowers

Hello sweeties!

Today I really used makeup, first to make my entry for MUG's weekly challenge, and then to my today's look.

I'll start with my LOTD, even though it looks a bit plain in pics, it looked really cool IRL. I used my SMH palettes, there's 1492, Fresh, Teal Tuesday, Walking After Midnight, Rush Hour, Fantasy and Fireflies :P

But anyway, here we go:

Whole look:

Last one is a bad attempt to show my nails, I just LOOOOVE ModelsOwn polishes. They stay wall, cover well, are awesome colored etc.

Here a bit better image of my nails:
I know somebody may think they look messy and horrible, but I like them <3
There's both ModelsOwn Lemon Meringue and Mixed Up glitter polish.
(And my nails aren't pretty. I know :/)

But anyway. I mentioned MUG new Weekly Challenge, this time it's inspired by Plumeria Flower :

When I saw the pic, I know exactly what colors I would use :D

So here's my entry for the challenge:

Previous pics were taken inside with a flash, following are taken out in the sunlight:

NYX Jumbo pencil Milk
MAC Gesso e/s
Ben Nye Sun Yellow
Ben Nye Azalea
Ben Nye Cherry Red
Ben Nye Tangerine
BftE Soleil
Wet'n'Wild Megaliner

I think I did pretty good. I have to admit that I felt bad washing this away right after photos :D

But that's all this time!

Mar 25, 2010

Colors strike back


Sorry I didn't update yesterday, I felt horrible.

Plus I started to play Guild Wars again :3

But anyway, back to the point.

Today I started to do my makeup with lipstick, I wanted to do something with RED lips.
I took my NYX Red Head e/s and NYX Cryptonite e/s, and started doing a dark look. Then I noticed, that mixed they look almost purple, and I thought I'd take some Ben Nye Yellow Sun, and some MAC Gesso, and finally I ended up putting some Ben Nye Peacock and Ben Nye Cosmic Blue, and UD Polyester Bride as highlighter :D
Quite a combo :P

But anyway, here's the look:

(this was a bit photoshopped, sorry about that)

And couple full face pics more:
I don't know, I get somekinda Asian vibes from this look, too bad I didn't find our Katana anywhere :/
This also reminds me of Tim Burton's movies somehow.

And my yesterday's look, I wasn'm really in a "makeupmood", so I made a supersimple look with Sleek and UD Bourbon pencil:

Then I have to show my new sweeties, I bought them today. I just loooove the superpale yellow polish! And the middle one is actually really bright deep purple, not that pink that it looks in the pic. And the holographic glitter black one seems really cool too:
And I bought 3 bags of feather too, maybe I'll be using them soon in some of my weird ideas ;D

PS. I won MUG's weekly challenge! Other winner was beautiful SamiGage, check her winner look here:

Mar 23, 2010

Sleek Pandamonium Trance

Hello everyone!

Today's post has two looks, Sleek Original, Safari and Sunset palette swatches, and MAC Pandamonium palette swatches.



So I'll start with my yesterday's look, I wanted to try if Violet Trance really was so bad as I've heard.
Well, it mostly is. Sure the color is awesome, but it's REALLY hard to work with.

But anyway, here's the look:

MAC Painterly paint pot 
NYX Jumbo pencil Milk
MAC Violet Trance (lid, blended upwards)
MAC Cloudbound (highlight)
Deep Plum gel liner from MakeupGeeks Store (upper lashline, waterline)
MAC #34 lashes
Make Up Store Virgo glitter

But how about the Pandamonium palette then?

I actually bought it just because of the Violet Trance, but there is also 3 other shadows.
They are :

Cloudbound / Up At Dawn
Violet Trance/ Pandamonium

Cloudbound is AMAZING white gold, this is AWESOME for highlight. I love it!
Up At Dawn is kinda similar with Seedy Pearl, except that Up At Dawn is more lilac than Seedy Pearl which is more pink.
Violet Trance is, like said, very hard to work with. It isn't very pigmented, and it's really hard get color out of it. It has the same problem as MAC's Full Force Violet pigment. Sure it sticks better with ie. NYX jumbo pencil, but that technique is problematic too: if you apply it over NYX Milk, it changes color. It kinda gets "wet", and the color darkens a lot. You then have to try to add a dry layer over it.
Pandamonium is really pretty metal grey with silver sparkles. Really close dupe to UD's Gun Metal.

Over all, I think it's a great palette, even though Violet Trance isn't very good, but it's still awesome color.

Then my Sleeks.

I've heard so much good from these, that I just had to try them.
And when  Elle In Wonderland had a blogsale with 3 Sleek palette, I know my chance had come.

So I got the MAC palette, and Sleek Original, Safari and Sunset.

Before I say anything else, I wanna say that I've probably never seen eyeshadows that would be as pigmented as Sleek's.
Really the pigmentation is amazing.

So here are the palettes:

The Original:



And swatches:

The Original:



 Not only the colors are really pigmented, they are also really pretty. My favourite is Sunset, I just LOOOOOVE the red and orange from it. They are seriously amazing.
Also, they all have black shadow, so you basicly have all eyeshadows you need in one palette. Except that Sunset hasn't got a decent highlighter. :/
But anyway.

AND good news for people outside UK!
Sleek now ships worldwide! Check their webstore at: !

I sure checked their site, and now I have their Bohemian palette, as well as the Acid palette on the way:

Can't wait for them to arrive!

But then to my today's look.

I wanted to use both Pandamonium and Sleek Sunset, so I came up with this:

Going gothic:

Not so gothic:

It's really a combination of everything :D

MAC Blackground paint pot (lid)
MAC Pandamonium e/s (lid)
Sleek Sunset orange, red & yellow
Sleek Safari white (highlight, lower lashline)
MakeupGeek Store 24k gel liner (waterline)
Gosh extreme art eyeliner #16 (upper lashline)
Sleek sunset golden (upper lashline)
Grimas false lashes

Oh well. I guess that's all again. Check out also my MSCHIC blog, there's couple of pics about shading your face!