Mar 28, 2010

Sparkle my scenery with turquoise waterfall

Hi everyone, and sorry for my yesterday's absense. Like said before, I'm ill again, so I just kinda chilled the whole yesterday.

I can't say that I would be healthy now, my throat is really sore and I have a horrble cough, but at least I don't feel much pressure in my cheek area anymore.

But anyway, on to the makeup.

Today I felt myself creative, and I made a look using MAC Cloudbound and Violet Trance, as well as my SMH Teal Tuesday and Ultra Violet, and my Gosh Aquatic effect powder + Gosh Extreme Art eyeliner in #11.

Oh, and sorry for my lashes, they don't look so good :S

(No,  I didn't go out with blue lips. In fact, I didn't go out at all :3 )

My yesterday's makeup was bit of a fail, I really didn't know what I was doing, and I certainly didn't have much energy.
So I took MAC Gold Spice and SMH Shimmerbrick, and for some reason I also took Ben Nye Golden Apricot and did this:

I like the smudged eyeliner,but I really don't like the makeup. It isn't blended well, pink looks horrible etc. It just wasn't my day.

And last but least, a pic of my daughter as an easter witch (a tradition in Finland):


  1. Don't always say that you're sorry. Nobody expects you to write everyday.

  2. I love the turquoise in the first look, it's so pretty!

  3. Just love this blue turquoise look :)
    How do you get the eyeliner all around your eyes???

  4. I especially love the liner in the first look.

  5. I love the first look so much!

  6. These are fantastic and I love how you make hats and things to match your looks. Yours so creative! Plus your daughter is SOOO beautiful! Like mother like daughter =]

  7. hehe your daughter is sooo cute! :D
    i like the combination of green and purple, who would have thought! :D

  8. You look wonderful! Love the blue lipstick, what did you use?

  9. just beautiful! i love all your talent makeup, for me you are so professional my dear! you really inspire me !

  10. your daughter is so so sweet and beautiful!


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