Mar 30, 2010



Today my LOTD was for my MSCHIC's blog, so I'm only gonna give you one image of it, you can check the rest from MSCHIC's blog:

Check out more pics and step-by-step tutorial here.

And then the mailman brought me some goodies:

My order from Sleek arrived! I paid it 3/20 , and shipping date is 3/22, and it arrived today, so delivery was quite quick.

So here's the ACID palette:

For everyone who's planning to buy this palette, I have a warning:
The matte colors (white, neon yellow, neon orange, neon green, neon pink and maybe the purple too) are really hard to work with.

Colors are really pretty and bright if you get color out of them. I tried them over MAC Painterly paint pot, MSCHIC Eyeshadow Base, UDPP,foundation, moisturizer and NYX Jumbo pencil Milk, and Jumbo pencils definately work best. MSCHIC Eyeshadow Base was the second best option.
You need a light sticky base for them to work well.

And then the BOHEMIAN palette:

This has mostly shimmers in it, so there's nothing that would be extremely hard to work with. The light colors didn't show up on my skin very well, but I guess I'm just too pale ;D

I also got a freebie, Sleek mini lipgloss in Magic Strawberry. It's tiny and sweet. And it smells like strawberries ;D

And as a bonus you'll get a silly look from me:
It didn't quite work out as I hoped :3


  1. I LOVE the 'silly' look! To me you look like a circus silent film star :)

  2. Yay!!! I got my Sleek today too! I didn't get the Bohemian palette and now I wish I did. I got Acid Storm Original and Sunset. I've been stalking their site forever waiting for them to ship to the States!!

  3. LOVE the last look.

    And ew, I think I'll skip Sleek palettes then :( I love my mattes but I like them to be blendable

  4. Oh my gosh, I LOVE your 'silly' look.

    That's a shame about the Acid palette...I'd only tried swatching it in store and it seemed okay, but I guess you can never tell until you try using it properly.

  5. I think the silly look is awesome. It reminds me of flappers from the 1920's. Very cool!

  6. Love what you called the silly look ;)
    I saw the first one on the other blog ;)

  7. I love the silly look, too! It reminds me of Edith Piaf.

  8. I love the new wigs and little top hat in the last picture!

  9. Sleek MakeUP now ships to the US! Check out our new website We are also on Facebook and Twitter. xx

  10. I haven't had no problem whatsoever blending Acid's colours. They've worked just they way I hoped them to work and was definitely worth the money(around 6 quid, if I remember correctly).

  11. Ohh i love the "silly" look, so lovely xx


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