Mar 26, 2010

Under the sea of flowers

Hello sweeties!

Today I really used makeup, first to make my entry for MUG's weekly challenge, and then to my today's look.

I'll start with my LOTD, even though it looks a bit plain in pics, it looked really cool IRL. I used my SMH palettes, there's 1492, Fresh, Teal Tuesday, Walking After Midnight, Rush Hour, Fantasy and Fireflies :P

But anyway, here we go:

Whole look:

Last one is a bad attempt to show my nails, I just LOOOOVE ModelsOwn polishes. They stay wall, cover well, are awesome colored etc.

Here a bit better image of my nails:
I know somebody may think they look messy and horrible, but I like them <3
There's both ModelsOwn Lemon Meringue and Mixed Up glitter polish.
(And my nails aren't pretty. I know :/)

But anyway. I mentioned MUG new Weekly Challenge, this time it's inspired by Plumeria Flower :

When I saw the pic, I know exactly what colors I would use :D

So here's my entry for the challenge:

Previous pics were taken inside with a flash, following are taken out in the sunlight:

NYX Jumbo pencil Milk
MAC Gesso e/s
Ben Nye Sun Yellow
Ben Nye Azalea
Ben Nye Cherry Red
Ben Nye Tangerine
BftE Soleil
Wet'n'Wild Megaliner

I think I did pretty good. I have to admit that I felt bad washing this away right after photos :D

But that's all this time!


  1. Upeita meikkejä molemmat jälleen kerran! :)

  2. I really like the look based on the flower. Lovely!

  3. well done I am entering the same challenge ;)

  4. Oooooh I love your MUG entry! Think I'm going to attempt one tomorrow :)

  5. I love the plumeria look, the colors are very pretty.

  6. Your challenge looks are always amazing!

  7. i like the 2nd look. love how you put the colors together.

  8. hi sweetie!! I just wanted to let u know that I have an award waiting for u at my blog... I just recently found your blog & I must say I'm really lovin it! you are great at what you do!! I think you're awesome!!! =).. come pick up the award when u have time... thanks!! =)

  9. DUGH I wanted to do the contest on MUG, no need now, yours is so gorgeous ! Ouh and I like your yellow polish : yeah to pastel nails

    Caro xxx

  10. Wow, your MUG entry is BEAUTIFUL. And it really does look like the flower! You must win every challenge :P

    The first one looks really pretty with your eye colour, it almost matches!

  11. You have great looks!

    My blog:


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