Feb 26, 2012

Tutorial: Colorgasm with Sugarpill

I think I should rename my blog to Sugarpill Your Jangsara :3 But the shadows just are so good and inspiring :D

Start with primer, and light base (NYX Jumbo pencil Milk):

Next apply black shadow to outer corner and crease (Sugarpill Bulletproof):

Then apply purple next to black (Sugarpill Poison Plum):

Then blue next to purple, approx. to the middle of the lid (Sugarpill Afterparty)

Then white to inner corner (Sugarpill Tako):

Then apply Sugarpill Lumi over all the shadows:

The I used Sugarpill Tipsy  above crease:

.. and blended it with Sugarpill Absinthe:

Then I applied white (Sugarpill Tako) tp highlight:

Then I took Sugarpill Starling and applied it to lower lashline, applied some Poison Plum to outer corner over the Starling, and a hint of Lumi  in the lower inner corner:

Next I used black liquid liner to line my upper lashline:

And light blue pencil (Illamasqua Debonair) to line my waterline:

Then I applied mascara:

And finished the look with Sugarpill's Pixie Bomb Falsies:

And the look is done!

Some of you have already noticed, but I did few live tutorials to YouTube ( with crappy quality). If you're interested to see them, visit my youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/user/THEJangsara

Feb 20, 2012

Tutorial: Teal Darling

Start with priming your eye, and then applying light/white base (I used NYX jumbo pencil Milk):

Then apply Sugarpill Midori to the lid:

Next Bulletproof to outer corner and crease:

Apply Afterparty, apply it slightly over Bulletproof too :

Blend with Sugarpill Darling:

Apply Sugarpill Lumi to highlight and a bit over Darling:

Line your lower lashline with black:

Blend the lower lashline with Bulletproof and a hint of Afterparty:

Line your upper lashline:

Apply mascara:

Attach falsies, I used Sugarpill Flutter lashes. I also added some Lumi to lower inner corner:

And tadah, look is done!

I mixed Darling and Lumi with clear lipgloss to get matching lips:
Wig is from KKCenterHk

 One more, without the wig:

Feb 19, 2012

Tutorial: Young Punk Cinderfella Blue Flames

With my other MAC pieces I also got MAC Cinderfella mineralize eyeshadow, and since I already owned several pieces from the Style Black collection, I made a look using three of the mineralize shadows (Young Punk, Blue Flame and Cinderfella) and one pencil (Petrol Blue, which is gonna be re-promoted in MAC Vera collection ). I posted this look to my facebook fanpage, and  got lot of requests to do tutorial for this, so here we go:

Start with primer:

Then apply MAC Young Punk to inner half of the lid:

Then apply MAC Cinderfella to outer half of the lid:

Line your upper and lower lashline with MAC Petrol Blue pearlglide pencil:

Smudge and intensify the pencil with MAC Blue Flame (I added hint of Young Punk to lower inner corner ):

Then I applied Sugarpill Lumi to highlight, because I'm a bit obsessed with it right now:

Then I applied black liner to waterline and applied black mascara:

And finished the look with Sugarpill's Pixie Bomb false lashes:

Pair example with nude lips (I have MAC Fresh Air lipglass):