Feb 13, 2012

Review: MAC Blonde MSF & MAC Fresh Air lipglass


So I got my first MAC items to review, I received MAC Blonde MSF and MAC Fresh Air lipglass from Naturally collection:

First the MSF:

I'm naturally blonde, but my hair has been red for several years, so I'm not sure which one would've been better for me, Blond or Redhead, but I got the Blond, and I'm not complaining, I really like it!

It gives a super pretty, fresh and glowy result on cheeks, works beautifully both as blush and highlighter:



Then the lipglass:

First I have to admit that my experience with all the MAC lipgloss/glass/etc products is minimal. I really don't often use glosses, I prefer lipsticks/stains if I use anything.
So I have absolutely no idea how this compares to other MAC lip stuff:

Fresh Air is light pink lipgloss with the teeniest tiniest amount of sparkle:

Based on my  knowledge  of lipglosses, this lasts long on lips, it's quite sticky, but not insanely sticky.
Color is really really natural, fits for this collection perfectly.



  1. This mineralized blush is really beautiful! I have dark hair myself (but I dye them many colors) but quite fair skin so I think this would look good on me :-)

  2. Love the lip color! I got the same MSF and love it.


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