Jan 21, 2012

Tutorial: Sugar-coated Heart

Here's little tutorial for you, maybe for Valentine's Day?

Start with priming your eye:

Then use light base for whole lid (I used NYX Jumbo pencil Milk):

Then apply pink (Sugarpill Dollypop) to 2/3 of the lid:

Then dark purple to outer half (Sugarpill Poison Plum):

Then create the outer shape with black shadow (Sugarpill Bulletproof/ MUG Corrupt):

Then blend the black with purple and then the purple with pink:

Continue blending, until desired shape is ready:

Then lower lashline. Start with black and purple mixed:

Continue the line with purple and black (blend with pink):

Apply Tako to the highlight:

Next apply some white between the lines on the outer corner (I used NYX Milk and Sugarpill Tako):

I wanted some shimmer, so I applied MAC Metal X cream shadow Virgin Silver to highlight, and a hint over the inner part of the lid:

Then apply liner, both to upper and lower lashline:

Apply nude or white pencil to waterline:

Apply mascara:

And false lashes, if you prefer:


  1. That's gorgeous! Keep up the stellar blog, Jangsara <3

  2. very beautyfull! this colors are also very easy to find, there's a pink, a purple and a black like this in the 120 palette! Just don't know if they will blend so wel. beautyfull end easy!
    The first picture, did you used photoshop? or it's just your perfect camera? hahaha
    kisses, love your looks, they inspire me a lot!
    if you can have a look at my blog, there's a lot like yours (but unfortunaly not so god!) www.allmylooks.com.br I'll be very happy if you take a look!

  3. I love this combination of colors and it looks absolutely fantastic on you with your green eyes!

  4. Can you do an Adele inspired look? Would love to see your take. You have a fantastic skill in makeup and re-creating looks.

  5. great tutorial, I think I have to try these sugarpill shadows!

  6. So pretty! Thanks for the tutorial.

  7. This is so sweet, but badass at the same time! Perfectly blended too, as always.

  8. After the chaos of new year's preparation is over, I will absolutely have to try this look!

  9. Upeaa jälkeä, niinkuin aina. =) Näitä kuvia jaksaa aina ihastella.

  10. amazing and impact look, thanks for sharing! take care

  11. Oh my goodness... This is beautiful, yet not too difficult. I wanna try it soon!

  12. Yo're always an big inspiration for me, thank you!

  13. Very nice! Love the colors!

  14. That's so beautiful! I really love the color combination. :) I was thinking about using Sugarpill eyeshadows
    for a Valentines Day makeup too since the two Sugarpill palettes have such appropriate names for that. :3

  15. That is so beautiful and inspiring! Thank you for listening to my previous comment, I really appreciate that! I have a question about the milk-pencil, does it crease during the day? I've noticed that you use it quite a lot and it really creates the most stunning colours, even the really bright ones. Would it be possible to see what a makeup with the pen as primer looks like after a few hours? Best regards, J

  16. I Love this Look so much! I tried to do it last weekend and now it's my new everyday look! Very nice!

  17. Thanks for the tutorial!

    I have to do this look sometime




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