Jan 18, 2012

Review: MAC Rain of Flowers nail polish

I had a small gift card for Brigettes Boutique.com, and along with the new foundation (Revlon PhotoReady), I picked up MAC's nail polish in Rain of Flowers.

I'm glad I did! Unlike the other nail polishes I have from MAC (the ones from Venomous Villains collection), this is quite opaque with one layer. It doesn't dry very fast, but that's why we have quick dry top coats, right? :D

And the color is stunning. It really, really, really deep purple, with electric blue sparkles.
It looks almost black with blue sparkle, but in the right light the purple comes out too.

Tree amazing purple nail polishes:
(MUS = Make Up Store)

 Get it from Brigette's Boutique.

PS. Brigette's Boutique also has MAC shadows on sale!


  1. That is a beautiful blue. I haven't bought a MAC nail polish since Toast. (I know, a looong time)
    Guess it's time to visit the MAC counter. ;)
    I just love adding to my collection of goth-y near black nail polishes.

  2. Woooow! Love MAC's color! ♥
    My favourite nail polishes are mostly dark colors so this one looks really pretty!

  3. Do you have a problem with MAC polishes chipping easily? I've only tried one and hated it, maybe I need a diff topcoat?

  4. Pretty please, don't let this be another of those "excellent-makeup-blog-turned-boring-nailpolish-blog". I absolutely LOVE your makeup-work, which is why I visit your blog almost every day to see if you've done something new and inspiring. The good stuff is really worth waiting for, but nailpolish is not. Please let this be a temporary slump and let us see more of your fantastic talent with makeup! best regards, J


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