Nov 2, 2011

Tutorial: Jangsarasque

I know you want to know how to do this!

Luckily I did a tutorial ;D

Products used: 
  • Sugarpill Tako
  • Sugarpill Afterparty
  • Sugarpill Bulletproof
  • Sugarpill Dollypop
  • Sugarpill Poison Plum

Start with priming your eye with your favorite primer (never mind my lashes, I have some individual lashes from my previous look):

Then apply white base for the whole lid (NYX jumbo pencil Milk is what I used):

Take black pencil and draw a line starting from outer corner, going up like in the picture:

Do another line on lower lashline with black pencil:

Continue the upperline from the outer corner, and extend it all the way to upper lashline, so you'll get the black liner:

Like this.

(I extended the line in lower inner corner at this point too )Then apply some white to inner corner , as well as to the line-thingie you draw to the lower outer part:

Then take a small brush (mine is Make Up Store's 204), and apply Sugarpill Afterparty where the picture shows. At this point also darken the black pencil areas with Sugarpill Bulletproof:

Like this:

Then lots'n'lots of white, in my case Tako. To the highlight:

...And other parts that have white base:

So there:

Apply some more Afterparty, blend it with Tako:

 .. and still a bit more Afterarty blended with Tako:

Then some Sugarpill Poison Plum (use primer here too. I didn't and it shows.):

Same thing with just under the brow. Blend with a hint of Dollypop and Tako:

So here's the look. I still thought something was missing...

So I added Illamasqua Debonair pencil to waterline, and Ardell false lashes. And darkened my brow to match the look:


  1. Awesome tut! Love it..! do more of these please! these are so much helpful..!

  2. Wow. So completely unique and amazing!

  3. Lovely! And a wonderful showcase of Sugarpill shadows!!

  4. just....unbelievable. *-*
    Love your looks and thanks for the tutorial.

  5. That is amazing!!! and I thought it would be that complicated! ^_^

  6. like it, like it! Amazingly beautiful! :)

  7. thank you for this tutorial, it's just...amazing!

  8. I really love this look...might have to try it out sometime!

  9. Gorgeous look, very Jangsara indeed! I'm goint to try this later :D

  10. VEry nice! well done! thanks for sharing!

  11. Love it well done and thanks for the tutorial :D

  12. Very nice tutorial! You are so creative :)

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  14. Very Beautiful!! great job! i love it!

  15. Yay! More Jansara-esque stuff. :D I love this, it's so beautiful, especially since you stuck with mattes throughout too.

  16. Simple beautiful and useful (thanks !!!)


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