Nov 6, 2011

Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Express for brows and eyes


A while back I received a Beauty Express kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills to try and review:

Kit contains: brow wax cream, brow powder duo, eyeshadow duo, five stencils and angled brush.

I really like the packaging, it feels sturdy and of good quality:

I received the brow kit in color Brunette (also available in Blonde):

Brow wax, two brow powders, and two eyeshadows:
Wax is great. It keeps brows (and color) well in place, brow powder colors are really nice, you can use either the lighter or darker color or mix them like I do. Eyeshadows are also good quality, but IMO they are so light that I don't think I'll be using them much. Sure the highlighter is a good highlighter, but the other doesn't suit me.

There's 5 stencils included: Full, Medium, Petite, Slim and High arch, and a really nice brow brush.

How it works:
First you select the stencil that fits the most to your natural brow hair through the cutout. Then you align the stencil so it's in line.
Not like this :D
Then you use the brow wax so that the powder stays better in place, and then you take the brush and color the stencil's open area:

Finally you take tweezers and pluck the excess hair if there is any. And your brows are ready!

Few looks done with "stencil brows":

I liked this set very much!
I don't use this daily, just when I have a "bad day" with my brows, or I need to pluck them to shape.
Maybe the price is a bit high ($39.50), but the stencils are re-usable, the wax and brow powders last really long AND it comes with a good brush!

You can get these kits from (they ship worldwide, yay!) or if you're lucky to live near Sephora you can pick it up there or order it online.


  1. I have the blonde version, I love this kit!

  2. I always hear amazing things about Anastasia brow products, this kit seems like an awesome set!

  3. Toivottavasti ei haittaa, että kommentoin suomeksi :)

    Löysin blogisi aivan vähän aikaa sitten ja oli pakko selata kaikki postaukset läpi! Aivan mielettömän hienoja meikkejä, etenkin My Little Pony-silmämeikit jäivät mieleeni :) Olet todella taitava ja hienoa, että jaat upeat luomuksesi lukijoiden kesken! Jatka samaan malliin, sait yhden uuden seuraajan blogillesi :)

  4. Thank you for this! I always hear about these kits but no one actually gives a good review of it. This has helped me so much!

  5. I've been thinking of trying one of her brow kits for awhile, I may just have to get one now.
    P.S. I LOVE your makeup in the last pic(purple eyes), what products did you use?

  6. I saw this kit at Ulta the other day and was wondering if was as good as it looked. Thanks for the review, I think I will pick this up next time i go.

  7. Honestly, you do your brows better than that plastic cutout shape. The brow powder looks nice, but may be too red for me. Might have to see the blonde. I still think you do your brows better by yourself.

  8. I have the brunette version of this kit and I love it! I do have the hardest time getting the stencils even though!

  9. aw, I want this kit so much, but we haven´t had it in our country :-( so I can only dream about this kit...

  10. I've always been skeptical about brow stencils, but the results look really great on you! :)

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