Jun 2, 2011

The last of them

Hola! Or maybe I should say UGH!

LaDonna asked on my facebook page if I ever have considered doing native american look, and my friend Tanja instantly wanted to model for this shoot.

So since we here in Finland are quite pale naturally (I've used MAC NC(NW, can't remember)20 on Tanja's skin in earlier looks), so we needed to get her skin look darker.
I mixed MAC NC30 with MUFE flash color brown, darkened her brows, and made really simple eyemakeup with dark liner.

Then we added some feathers and other accessories, and went to balcony to take some photos.
I was really happy with these photos too, I really do love the reflector <3

Here's the "before makeup" picture:

And then the "after makeup" pictures:

Photography & Makeup: Jangsara
Model: Tanja S.


  1. WOW! What a transformation. I didn't realize how much work went into the look until I saw the pictures you took before. The styling is beautiful as well. You should do a whole series of looks like this!

  2. What a transformation!!!
    Love it!
    She's so pretty =)

  3. She really does look like a native american! Thats crazy how you did that with makeup! Mad skills! I love all of your looks!!

  4. What an amazing transformation! *is speechless*

  5. The pics really look like they were shot on a balcony... NOT!! Truly amazing, and great look, too. :)

  6. OMG!! You are an artist!
    You friend looks beautyfull!!

  7. She reeeeaaally is stunning! She fits perfectly in the picture if a native woman.
    You made her SO beautiful!

  8. Ei tässä oikein muuta voi sanoa, että kuin vau! Todella hieno meikki ja muodonmuutos! Kuvatkin on todella hyvin otettuja. :)

  9. Wonderful!

  10. Wow, it's a complete transformation! You did so well, I love these pictures. :D

  11. Probably I should've told you this before...or maybe it makes no diference for you but, I've been following your blog since a looooong time. But I think I've never left a comment on it. So today, don't know why, I realized I should tell you one thing: your work is A-MA-ZING! Your technique is PER-FECT! Really...I don't know how can you or how you do it but...it is perfect, the way you smudge and blend and put the colors together...UAU!!! Really...you're amazing :) Congratulations!


  12. OMG, this is AWESOME!
    I really love the work on the eyes!

  13. Wow! You do beautiful work! Now following. =)


  14. Being Native American (Navajo) from Arizona, I love the photos! These photos are looking very authentic to our skin tone and the photoshopping of the portraits are excellent! Thumbs up to you! Great job :) I love 'em!

  15. Really nice ! you've done a very good work !

  16. Those photos are beautiful! Great job on the makeup and photography and the model did great too!


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