Apr 2, 2011

Are all aliens green?


I was creative today again, and did two wild looks!

First look is from Katy Perry's Alien video (wasn't really impressed with it), where there was one look that I wanted to re-do:

And here's my take on it:

I made the pattern on the forehead mre random, and I also added huge (NYX) falsies and modified the lips more fierce.

 I used mostly Illamasqua cream pigments to make this look.

Later on the evening I finally did the Wicked Witch Elphaba look, that has been request several times over the year or so:

For the skin I used mix of foundation and green from MUFE Flash color palette, on the lips is OCC liptar Botanical and on the eyes there is matte black eyeshadow with matte dark green shadow.

I took several decent pics of this look, but my contacts were totally wonky in almost all of those pics :S


  1. They're both awesome, but I love the elphaba look most. Your skin is so creamy and green. Like pea soup. n_n

  2. I love the green one! Great work!!

  3. Your work is absolutely amazing. Every time I see the fantastical looks you've created my mind is blown! Keep up the FANTASTIC work. I sure hope you get some fun and high-paying jobs out of doing this because this is definitely your calling.

    <3 Mary

  4. this is just AMAZING !! WOW :)

  5. Your elphaba witch look is amazing. Love how you made the green foundation colour. Perfect for Halloween!!!!

  6. WOW... I mean.... wow! I just love, love, love your work! The alien one is definitely better (for me!) than the original! You're such an endless source of inspiration!

  7. Love them both but I like the top one most. Very creative :D

  8. Really nice creative work on face. I impressed with your imagination.

  9. Your Elphaba look is so gorgeous!


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