Feb 7, 2011

I'm your biggest fan

...I follow you until you love me..

You maybe guessed right my newest MAC baby:
I wasn't really excited about the MAC Peacocky collection, even though I love peacocks and all.
I thought that most of the shadows were just... dull. I don't know.

Anyway, there was one shadow that I bought, that's Paparazz-she. I have a hing for oranges (I still love Off the Page a bit more than any other MAC shadow), so this was my pick.
I also pondered with Unflappable, but I guess it's too close to Bloodline pigment, so I skipped it.

So, is it special? Well, Temptalia says it's a dupe of Rule, but since I don't have Rule, I compared it with other similar MAC's I have:

Gold Spice is obliviously more golden, Off the Page more lighter and peachier, and Off the Radar more... rusty?
So I don't own anything similar from MAC *g*

And since I didn't buy Unflappable, I paired Paparazz-she with Bloodline pigment:

I also did some other shopping:
Depend Crackle polishes, red and purple
Black Konad polish and two image plates, m77 and m60
Mailman brought me nail stickers from ebay <3

And some Lush shopping too... :P More of these (and other Lush stuff) later. ^^

But that's all for today :P


  1. omg so much new stuff!
    I really want to try paparazz-she! it looks so nice :)

  2. That looks gorgeous, love the way you've put it with the pigment. I was going to buy that one, wish I had of now. I was debating. I'll go back tomorrow! I bought 3 of the shadows and a lipcolour.
    And some nice Lush things there too! The new shower gel we have in the UK at the moment for valentines is AMAZING! 'its raining men'- its the exact smell from Honey I Washed The Kids soap. My fave! x

  3. Ihana tuo Paparazz-she, mulle onkin se tulossa + pari muuta Peacockystä :)

  4. That really is a gorgeous eyeshadow color and I love the way you wore it! Now I have to go check out the peacock collection because I'm seriously enticed. :D

  5. LOVE the look you put together, it's so sultry and smokey but the orange/copper adds a little something different ;]

  6. Look is perfect, I love Paparazz-she too but it is a color that I neves use


  7. I normally don't like orange/copper/bronze eyeshadow but this is really cool!

  8. I love the look and paparazz-she looks amazing with the bloodline pigment!!

  9. I LOOOOOVE Paparazz-she! I don't have many oranges, just this one and and Off The Page, but I love both of them and I am happy I got them! I was worried they'd be dupes but when I went home and looked at them side-by-side they were different. Both so beautiful! I think this would look awesome with some purple colors for a look with a deep berry lip! I can't wait to see some looks you post using this shadow =)

  10. I adore all the Peacocky shadows, but have yet to buy one myself! I want Dalliance badly~ But Paparazz-she is gorgeous too! <3

  11. I wanted to say I absolutely adore all your looks, and you've inspired me to get back into makeup.

    Also, as someone who has Rule, Paparazz-she may match it in the intensity of the orange, but Rule is a matte, and Paparazz-she has that gorgeous metallic look. Would you say this is your favorite metallic orange?

  12. There's a surprise for you :)


  13. Gorgeous!!

    If you love orange you should definitely try to get your hands on MAC's 'Firespot' e/s wich was released with the Moonbathe collection, it's one of my all-time favorite MAC eyeshadows!

  14. This is looking marvelous. I am much impressed with it. Remember I am big fan of you and your blog. So I will always follow you.


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