Feb 11, 2011

1001 looks and BeautyUK review

So, I've been trying to do a Valentine's Day look for you for a while now, but I just fail at using pink. It just isn't my color. But I made awesome lashes :D

I used feather, nail rhinestones and nail fimo :D Too bad they aren't really usable :(
But finally I managed to do super classic Valentine's look :D
Classic pin-up with 28 neutral palette:

  • 1 – lid
  • 2 - Crease
  • 3 – Crease
  • 4 – Highlight, inner corner
Paired with red lips, OCC NSFW:

I've been using MAC Peacock too lately, first I paired it with MAC Sweetjoy and Urban Decay Bourbon pencil:

Then I tried it with purple, MAC Vibrant Grape:

Also, my friend J went to a party, where the theme was 1001 nights, so I styled her and did her makeup:

For her makeup I used Sugarpill Goldilux and MUFE #92:

And I got also something awesome fit to that same theme! I got this A-MAZING indian bridal jewelry set from eBay:

Then a small review.
Amongst many other blogger, I also got some BeautyUK products to review.

I've tried beautyUK's products before, and I must admit that their lipglosses really didn't impress me much. Their loose shadows are good, but I've been avoiding their pressed shadows.

Bu now I got BeautyUK Lash-fx mascara and #6 Day&Night palette to try:

The mascara is OK.  I've seen much worse drugstore mascaras and also better ones.This is cheap and not bad. :D

 But the palette!
I was really suprised about it.

To be honest, I wasn't expecting much, but this was really good.

Colors are pretty and pigmented and easy to use.
I love that it has a good colors, it has great highlighter and it also has black to make looks deeper. This one on great one to take with you, if you don't want to carry several shadows.

It's cheap and nice, colors are easy to pair (you get great combos if you take the opposite colors like black/white, cream/bronze, yellow/rust, blue/purple, pink/red).
How ever, I suggest you use a good primer underneath these.
Here's swatches:

And two looks with this palette:

And our ratpack also got a new member, we call her Possu (piggy) :D


  1. OMG, I love all the looks! Especially those lashes on the pink one :D I'd love to see more pink looks from you. :D

    Beautiful jewelry!

  2. All beautiful! And your rattie is just gorgeous <3

  3. The more I gaze at your looks, the more I wish they came in a book I could place on my coffee table or by my makeup vanity as an inspiration.

    Always, absolutely always, gorgeous.

  4. Gorgeous eye looks, you are seriously talented!

  5. Ahh I love that last one so much. Beautiful!

  6. Amazing, as always!


  7. Must...have...indian...jewelry...

    The stuff behind link was breathtaking in every way except price-wise! ;)

  8. I actually adore the pink look! You really are seriously talented x

  9. love the looks and that palette was well pigmented

  10. Great! Really you are looking gorgeous in that bridal dress. Other looks are also looking more matched your personality.

  11. I loved them all! They were gorgeous, the lashes were very creative! You always find ways to use simple items for exquisite looks <3


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