Feb 3, 2011


I love Fyrinnae. I may have said it earlier too, but I say it again:

 My latest order arrived while ago, and I've been dazzled by all the pretty colors!

I ordered the following:

  • Glow Blush: Hypnotize
  • Glow Blush: Enchant
  • Powder Highlighter: In The Spotlight
  • Velvet-Gel Silica Primer
  • Arcane Magic: Madame & Eve's
  • Arcane Magic: Sorceress
  • Arcane Magic: Glitterboi
  • Atomic Afterglow Loose Eye Shadow
  • Karasu Loose Eye Shadow
  • Sleepy Hollow Loose Eye Shadow
  • Sacred Loose Eye Shadow
  • French Vanilla Shake Loose Eye Shadow
  • Snow Leopard Loose Eye Shadow
  • Omgwtf Loose Eye Shadow
  • Pumpkinfire Loose Eye Shadow
  • Nijiro Loose Eye Shadow
I got Dinosaur Plushie as a free sample <3

Sleepy Hollow:
I have loved PureLuxe's ToyBoy (or TKB's Capricorn Sea), but this is even better:
Bolder, brighter, and it has a tiny amount of gold glitter in it! Effin awesome! This is a serious competitor for Hypercool ;D

Another stunnig color. This looks maybe a bit grayish in the jar (not in the pic though) but when applied to skin, it's black based turquiose/teal/blue, depending on which angle you look at it.

It's green! It's yellow! It's bright! It's light! It's shimmery! It's matte! OMG, WTF? I see where the name comes from ;D It's gorgeous.

Dinosaur Plushie:
Unforunately this is again one of the colors that didn't like the camera. It's multicolored holographic with light silver base (at least to my eye). It isn't really opaque on it's own, but that certainly doesn't mean it's dull! The way it sparkles, you'll gonna get noticed! :D

Everyone hail to the pumpkin song! If pumpkins would get in fire all the time, this is how they propably would look like :D

Atomic Afterglow:
Remember how I loved MAC's Hold My Gaze? In some weird way, this one is similar. It also seems to slightly change color when you blend it. It darkish muddy gold with some platinum shades. Totally gorgeous!
Beautiful neutral. It's kinda creamy shimmery warm color, with tiniest amount of holo glitter to bring some kick to it.


This is the color that describes "midnight". DEEP blue with a hint of dark purple. Totally beautiful. Amazing even!
Unfortunately the photo doesn't again do justice for this one. It looks both blue and purple, depending on the light in which you're watching it. This really is superglittery too!

French Vanilla Milkshake:
I fell in love with this one. This is perfect for everyday use. Light enough, but not dull at all. Works both on lid and in highlight. Love it.

Snow Leopard:
Funny how it looks almost matte in that pic. It's really metallic, I guess this is taupe?

Madame & Eve's:
Hard one to photograph, again. For some reason this looks grayish teal in the jar, but turns out to be almost forest green on skin. And believe it or not, it even has some purple sparkles in it :o

This is kinda like the child of Atomic Afterglow and Snow Leopard. It also changes slightly color like AA, but is more brown, like SL.

Enchant blush:

"Soft peach with a touch of pink shimmer."Atleast that's what the website says :D My pic is maybe a bit too red, but this is something I would describe as Screaming Coral or something. How ever, this blends beautifully on skin, just be careful you don't apply it too much :D

(new) Hypnotize blush:
Fyrinnae's Hypnotize was my other pic for best blush of 2010, so I ordered another sample so I wouldn't run out anytime soon.
Unfortunately this isn't the same color :(

Result is lmost the same, but not quite :( I don't know if they have changed formula, or is this a mistake, but anyway.

Then some swatches.

All these are phenomenal colors, and unfortunately no camera can catch the true beauty of these, but I tried my best :F

Another pic of Glitterboi, showing more of the purple side:

I didn't swatch the velvet silica primer, but for that I wasn't that impressed. I'll get back to it later, since I'm planning a big primer post at some point.

And finally some of my latest look with these:

Atomic Afterglow + Pumpkinfire + French Vanilla Shake:

Nijiro + mascara :D :

Dinosaur Plushie, Karasu, Glitterboi, French Vanilla Shake, and Sleepy Hollow. I thought this was too glittery, (and my eyes watered so bad)  so I washed it of after taking pics:

 Finally today's look (which I adore!) with Polar Bear (inner corner), Sleepy Hollow (middle of the lid), Karasu (outer corner+ crease), Dragon's Wing (blenging crease) In the Spotlight highlighter (highlight) and Illamasqua Debonair pencil:

That's all this time!


  1. I'm so jealous right now! Every time I have a bit of spending money the shop is closed. I kind of wish everyone would stop ordering so I could have a chance. :P

  2. really beautiful! :)


  3. So beautiful! *-*
    I really really love this colours! <3

  4. LOVE THE COLORS especially Karasu :D

  5. oh my GOD!!! they are gorgeous and pigmented, so much want!!!!


  6. I have Madame and Eves, Nijiro and Dinosaur Plushie out of these.... Yep, totally want the rest! I can't see Fyrinnae and not immediately want it all!

  7. Gorgeous swatches! I love Sorceress the most! xxx

  8. Most of what you ordered is on my wishlist... now you're making want to put in another order lol

  9. I love love love the colors! Karasu, Sleepy Hollow, Polar Bear, Sorceress & Enchant! <3

  10. OMG I need all that colors!!. Love it!

  11. AHHHHHH these are amazing!!! how am i supposed to stay on my product buying ban? ><

  12. Both those looks are beautiful :) I recieved my first Fyrinnae order this weak, and I'm obsessed. Glitterboi is such a fantastic colour, I love it. Sleepy Hollow looks like something I may have to order though :) I wish they didn't have the $50 max order limits for internationals :(

  13. All of these looks are gorgeous!!!
    I have a big Fyrinnae wishlist...I just have to wait till I have money.
    And till there's a lull in sales...they've been so swamped as of late.

  14. Gorgeous!

    So many people love this brand! It's getting me tempted!


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  16. Those colours are just amazing! I really need to order from there... there are so many colours I want to get my hands on! I absolutely adore your today's look, it's just beautiful!

  17. If that blush is wrong that's something you should definitely bring up with Fyrinnae. That's not acceptable really. Hope you resolve that issue.

  18. Damn. I love Fyrinnae too, but now you made me want to fill my cart with lots of shades ;_;
    So pretty!

  19. Hello Jangsara!
    I tried to put in my shopping cart some eyeshadows and after one piece,effectively the system get me out .... not from the site,just from my account. You have idea why?
    I see they accept delivery to my country Czech Republic..
    This is the right site? http://www.fyrinnae.com

    Thanks in advance for your response!

  20. Hullo! If your blush didn't match the one you originally ordered you can email them and decribe what happened and they can send you one like your original. They are super sweet to deal with :)

    @Andreea Sometimes they will stop the cart function when they are updating the site or need to catch up on orders. They left a note on the main page
    "***2/2: We continue to get very a large volume of purchases this week as with last, and are working as fast as possible to get everything shipped. Please remember that smaller orders ship faster. Thank you for your patience. Store will be functional again shortly.***"

  21. OMG awesome colours! I so adore your pictures :) gorgeous! x

  22. Thank you so much for the swatches! I loveee Fyrinnae too, can't wait to place my next order!

  23. I am extremely curious: please, can you tell me how do you use/store your jars? Trying to explain: I had ordered some (a lot :-P ) of Fyrinnae e/s, so now I have about 30 small jars. I try to keep them horizontally and to clean the fall outs, but each time I open a jar the result is that I spread half of the e/s in my hands, on the floor, over the bathroom furniture. So, is there a secret to deal with jars without wasting half of the content just by opening them?
    Please, help me! :-D

  24. Damn, I NEED Fyrinnae!! I was already waiting to order some with my friend but you just made it even more interesting. Gorgeous colors.

  25. I LOOOOOOVE both of those looks!Just Gorgeous!!!! I go crazy when I see turquoise and I defonately want some of those colours for myself! Where did you order these from? Where do you usually order?

  26. my package came yesterday . i ordered samples ( i always do that when first time buying from someone new , just to check will the package arrive ) i ordered sample of biker chic , dino plushie and pixy epoxy . i got free sample too :)
    i got to say , i love them all, and mostly i love packaging of pixy epoxy sample . cute, cute little black pot , like from fairytale . ^^

    now ill order full size and few samples ( i love those little pots :)

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  28. Feel free to visit and leave a comment or even become a reader at http://dashantilife.blogspot.com ! =))

  29. Can you tell me your top Fyrinnae eyeshadow, I'm going to order from fyrinnae for the first time and I'm overwhelmed by their selections

  30. i got a question. how do you work with pixy epoxy ? i tried that with biker chick and hypercool and the look cames out kinda dirty, not so vibrant . how do you blend it ?

  31. They´re amazing. I really love them =^.^=

  32. Those greens are just to die for!

    IVe seen so many gorgeous looks with this brand, its been on my wishlist for ages. Too bad its not sold around here.

  33. OMG! Love these colors! They all look so pigmented and vibrant! I've never heard of these but I may have to give them a try!


  34. I have all of those except sorceress...guess I'll be buying that one soon!

  35. If I had to pick one brand to wear shadows from for the rest of my life, it'd be Fyrinnae!I especially love their idea of "neutrals." The colors that look kind of "meh" in the pot and then you swatch them and are blown away...I've noticed this with shades Atomic Afterglow, Selkie Skin, Fire Opal..etc. Fyrinnae are pure genius with colors.

  36. Seriously, these colors are awesome! I´d love to wear almost all of them. I´m going shopping :)

  37. you have beautiful eyes :) and nice blog!!


  38. Rakastan blogiasi varsinkin koska siellä on todella hyvälaatuisia kuvia! Millä kameralla otat kuvia ja minkälaisella linssillä? Hassua, että Hypnotize- poskipunat eivät matchannut!

  39. Omg the look with Dinosaur Plushie *____* SO.MUCH.SPARKLE.

  40. Wow I haven´t heard of this brand before, but the colours look amazingly pigmented. Thank you for sharing! I know what a job swatching is ;)

  41. Your pictures are so helpful! I just got my first order in Saturday and I'm loving it, so I'll probably have to put in another order soon ;) Polar Bear and Snow Leopard are definitely gonna be in it. Too pretty. So far Knickers in a Twist and Finnigan's Wake are my favorites.


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