Feb 11, 2011

Current skin routine

 For my huge suprise, I've gotten quite a lot comments of my "perfect" and "flawless" skin lately.
It's a suprise, because I really don't have good skin.

I have large pores, zits, dry spots, oily spots, red spots... You name it, I have it.
Sure things could be worse, but my point is that my skin isn't even near perfect.

I know why my skin isn't good. I don't drink enough water, I smoke, I use wrong skincare products and too much makeup.
But since I'm poor and lazy and a bad person, I use more makeup instead of changing my habits :D

 Lately I've been trying to use Lush products instead of "this-is-cheap-and-full-of-shit-but-it-smells-like-ice-cream" products.
I'll write more about Lush and Lush products later.

So here's my face without makeup:

Next step is to apply face primer.
I'm always looking for the next Best Primer, and so far I've tried something like... 10 different primers. MSCHIC Face Canvas and E.L.F. Mineral Infused Face Primer have been the best so far. I'll try to make a post about face/eye primers at some point too.

Anyway, I want my primer to cover my pores, make the foundation blend more easily, and make my makeup last all day:

 Next step: concealer.
I use MAC pro longwear concealer in NW15 mixed with MUFE lift concealer #3, mainly to get the right shade, not because of the effect :D
I use it for the worst spots and under my eyes:

Then it's time for foundation.
I usually use Lancome's Teint Miracle (Buff 4 C) mixed with shade 03. Buff seems to be a bit too pink for me, and 03 is more yellow, so I mix them to create suitable shade.

Ta-dah! I love Teint Miracle, because it leaves my skin still looking natural. It's not complately matte or even, but it's glowy and quite healthy looking:

 Then it's time for contour.
Usually I use MUFE Sculpting Kit under my cheekbones, but this time I used MSCHIC Shading Powder.
This is the step I've never quite understood right, so I'm just basicly swiping something dark to somewhere around the hollow part of cheekbones ;D Like I have said many times, I'm not a professional :D Theoreticly I know how it's done, but well.

Smile time, blush time!
I'm really not a blush fan. I've started to understand that it really is quite important step in makeup, without blush face looks kinda flat.
My favourite blushes are usually brownish red, I don't even really own anything peachy. I don't really feel confident about pinks either.
But for this one I used Bare Escentuals Giddy Pink:

Last step with skin is highlighter.
I love both Fyrinnae In the Spotlight and Urban Decay Urbanglow cream Sin in the highlight. Both glive a nice glow, and they are not glittery or anything:

Then I finish my makeup, this time I used only gray eyeliner (Illamasqua Flinch) and mascara, and Buxom Celeste lipgloss:


  1. it is sure that your skin its not perfect at all, but your face is gorgeus, you´re a beautifull girl.
    sorry for my bad english.

  2. Wow, that´s a great change!

  3. great skin routine...I want to see that face primers post, because I'm obsessed with primers...

  4. Im also always looking for the perfect primer!
    Have an oily face with zits. And guess what? I think I found a primer that suits me!
    This is not an add, I just like your blog. And i like the primer. Its NYX Studio Perfect in Clear.
    Cost like nothing. Just a tip <:

  5. Very cool!
    My three favorite primers are L'Oreal Studio Secrets Perfecting base, Fyrinnae's Velvet Gel Silica Primer and Too Faced's Primed & Poreless.

    I still feel like I can't conceal right.

  6. Ahh.. I know about the skin problems. I have them all XD.

    And I'd totally love a post about primers, I need to buy one.

  7. thanks for this post... I've your same problems but i don't feel very confident putting a lot of thing on my face... I usually cover dark eyecircles and spot, add some blush, makeup my eyes, powder and stop...

  8. Im also curious about the primer post ;)

  9. I would love to see how you do your eyebrows - unless that's already posted somewhere else?

  10. Really good changes seen at your skin in this pictures. our skin is improvising well in few times.


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