Sep 30, 2010

Down Fall


I had a bad makeup day today, and nothing I tried didn't seem to work out. Then I was asked to do a fall look, and I took a liitle bit of this and that, and loved the result:

Closer look of the false lashes:

 And here's the look  without the falsies:

There's bunch of different products:

  • Pixie Epoxy as a base
  • Trucco Angel Green (inner corners)
  • MUFE Diamond shadow #304 (middle of the lid)
  • MAC Reflects Bronze glitter (2/3 of lid)
  • Too Faced  Moon Beam (crease, UNDER Heritage Rouge, lower lashline)
  • MAC Heritage Rouge (outer corner, crease)
  • MUFE (Blush, used as eyeshadow)  #48 (above Heritage Rouge)
  • MUFE  #41 (to blend MUFE #48)
  • Trucco Angel Gold (highlight)
On lips is NYX Apollo lipstick.

Then something else:

I got small package from Detrivore Cosmetics:

And I also got few AWESOME lashes from Madame Madeline :

Then some random looks from the past days:

Gray liner (Illamasqua) with Detrivore Fortress and Kat von D Lucifer:

MUFE #92, MAC Gesso and BE Soft Focus Style:

 Ummmm... I remember that the bracelet is from Avon :D I guess I have some Michael Todd Chick and MAC Handwritten:

Urban Decay look, Maui Wowie, Twice Baked and Polyester Bride:

 Check out also my review on Tarte Lipsurgence lip stain from MakeupGeek:

So, got any ideas on halloween tutorials?
I'm planning a Cleopatra look, pixie/fairie look and possibly something else too!
Let me know what you'd like to see!

Sep 26, 2010

Tutorial: Elvira

The Elvira makeup tutorial is finally here!

I did this look based on this picture I found from MakeupGeek:

I know my look came out a lot brighter, than what Elvira has, but oh well, you know me ;D

Products I used:
NYX Jumbo pencil Milk
Sugarpill Dollipop
Sugarpill Afterparty
Sugarpill Poison Plum
Black eyeliner
Blue eyeliner
Flase lashes

Sugarpill Dollipop
Sugarpill Love+
Sugarpill Flamepoint

Illamasqua Faust

Start with priming your eye, and do dark, edgy brows:

Use NYX Jumbo pencil Milk as a base:

Add hot pink  to inner corner, all the way up to brow:

Then electric bright blue to the middle, again all the way up to brow:

Finally pink again, to outer part:

Then pink to lower lashline too:

Extend the colors to continue to the forehead:

Apply purple eyeshadow to crease:

Line your lower lashline with blue (mine is almost black, I know :S):

Do the rest of the lining with black liquid eyeliner:

Fill out the lower inner corner with white (and wipe out the excess white base from lid etc):

Line your waterline with blue (mine is *again* too dark, it looks black :S ):

Add mascara:

Then make the beauty spot under the eye, and use bright pink to do harsh blush "line":

Mix some orange and red to cheeks too:

Add red lipstick and false lashes, and makeup is done!

Then just do the 80's hair, and voilá, Elvira has arrived!

Any other ideas for Halloween makeup?

Sep 25, 2010

Tutorial: Colorful arab eye

So here's the tutorial I promised for this look :

(here's totally unphotoshopped (cropped) photo taken with my new phone, to show that I didn't cheat with the look :P)
Products used:

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
MAC Old Gold pigment
MAC Heritage Rouge pigment
MAC Vanilla pigment
MAC Brash & Bold pigment
MAC Push the Edge pigment
MAC Reflects Bronze glitter
MAC Cloudbound e/s
MAC Naval pigment
MAC Full Force Violet pigment
Black liquid eyeliner
Black gel liner
White gel liner
MAC #34 false lashes

Start with priming your eye. I used Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy:

Then add MAC Old Gold pigment to inner half of the lid:

Then MAC Heritage Rouge to outer half of the lid (as you can see, this is awesome combo all by itself too!):

Then MAC Vanilla pigment to inner corner:

Then MAC Brash & Bold pigment where Heritage Rouge and Old Gold meet:

MAC Push the Edge to crease and outer corner:

Then here's two steps on one image:
First, add MAC Reflects Bronze glitter to crease, and gently over the lid.
Then add you favourite highlighter, I used MAC Cloudbound:

Then upper lashline, I used Illamasqua's Precise Ink liner, but any black liquid liner will do:

And lower line,with same liner:

Apply MAC Naval pigment under the line you drew. You can add a hint of of MAC Full Force Violet to make it pop even more:

Then white gel liner to lower inner corner, I used Inglot #76:

Black liner (I used gel liner) to waterline:

And finally mascara:

And MAC #34 lashes to make the look perfect: