Sep 25, 2010

Tutorial: Colorful arab eye

So here's the tutorial I promised for this look :

(here's totally unphotoshopped (cropped) photo taken with my new phone, to show that I didn't cheat with the look :P)
Products used:

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
MAC Old Gold pigment
MAC Heritage Rouge pigment
MAC Vanilla pigment
MAC Brash & Bold pigment
MAC Push the Edge pigment
MAC Reflects Bronze glitter
MAC Cloudbound e/s
MAC Naval pigment
MAC Full Force Violet pigment
Black liquid eyeliner
Black gel liner
White gel liner
MAC #34 false lashes

Start with priming your eye. I used Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy:

Then add MAC Old Gold pigment to inner half of the lid:

Then MAC Heritage Rouge to outer half of the lid (as you can see, this is awesome combo all by itself too!):

Then MAC Vanilla pigment to inner corner:

Then MAC Brash & Bold pigment where Heritage Rouge and Old Gold meet:

MAC Push the Edge to crease and outer corner:

Then here's two steps on one image:
First, add MAC Reflects Bronze glitter to crease, and gently over the lid.
Then add you favourite highlighter, I used MAC Cloudbound:

Then upper lashline, I used Illamasqua's Precise Ink liner, but any black liquid liner will do:

And lower line,with same liner:

Apply MAC Naval pigment under the line you drew. You can add a hint of of MAC Full Force Violet to make it pop even more:

Then white gel liner to lower inner corner, I used Inglot #76:

Black liner (I used gel liner) to waterline:

And finally mascara:

And MAC #34 lashes to make the look perfect:


  1. :O i'm jealous of your skills! lol such a gorgeous look, i love the white liner :]

  2. You're skills are so impressive and amazing! You have such creative looks and color combos! I'm loving this blog!!!

  3. very helpful :) love it . thank you so much for putting it up for us

  4. i need more free time, i wanna try this one out :)

  5. You are so AMAZING! I love your techniques and the way you contrast colors are truly ASTONISHING! AWESOME WORK! keep it up.

  6. You are so talented, but to be honest I didn't like this look, i didn't like white and u didn't mix other colors well. you could do better than this I'm sure>> waiting for another better arab makeup

  7. You have such beautiful eyes and I love the creativity and skill of the makeup in these tutorials! Thanks for posting.

  8. Drop Dead Gorgeous! (That's without a comma.) Love you on MUG, when you guest for Marlena, now you're in my make-up folder, which has more blogs, sites, and you tube icons than any other one on the computer...including professional ones! What do you do for 'real work?' Now I have to switch over to my other passion, dogs, and research Finnish koira. (Isn't that the right word?) Thanks, thanks.

  9. Thanks for the look. I used it this weekend for a belly dance performance and everyone loved it!


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