Sep 30, 2010

Down Fall


I had a bad makeup day today, and nothing I tried didn't seem to work out. Then I was asked to do a fall look, and I took a liitle bit of this and that, and loved the result:

Closer look of the false lashes:

 And here's the look  without the falsies:

There's bunch of different products:

  • Pixie Epoxy as a base
  • Trucco Angel Green (inner corners)
  • MUFE Diamond shadow #304 (middle of the lid)
  • MAC Reflects Bronze glitter (2/3 of lid)
  • Too Faced  Moon Beam (crease, UNDER Heritage Rouge, lower lashline)
  • MAC Heritage Rouge (outer corner, crease)
  • MUFE (Blush, used as eyeshadow)  #48 (above Heritage Rouge)
  • MUFE  #41 (to blend MUFE #48)
  • Trucco Angel Gold (highlight)
On lips is NYX Apollo lipstick.

Then something else:

I got small package from Detrivore Cosmetics:

And I also got few AWESOME lashes from Madame Madeline :

Then some random looks from the past days:

Gray liner (Illamasqua) with Detrivore Fortress and Kat von D Lucifer:

MUFE #92, MAC Gesso and BE Soft Focus Style:

 Ummmm... I remember that the bracelet is from Avon :D I guess I have some Michael Todd Chick and MAC Handwritten:

Urban Decay look, Maui Wowie, Twice Baked and Polyester Bride:

 Check out also my review on Tarte Lipsurgence lip stain from MakeupGeek:

So, got any ideas on halloween tutorials?
I'm planning a Cleopatra look, pixie/fairie look and possibly something else too!
Let me know what you'd like to see!


  1. The fall look is just amazing! you're such inspiration!

    Lucy from Lucy's Stash

  2. Love the looks
    the lashes are amazing :)

  3. Hola soy una chica que estoy empezando en el mundo del blog, pásate por el mío. bss

  4. beautiful looks as always! esp love the first fall look

  5. I'd really like an alice in wonderland look using the the book of shadows 2 from UD :D

  6. ohhh my gosh the fall look is so gorgeous! tutorial please? pretty pretty please?

  7. GAH!!! SO PRETTY!!! You're awesome :) And the 2 ideas that you are going to do for halloween would have been my 2 ideas so I got nada!

  8. Gorgeous eyes make up like always :)

  9. Definitely a fall look and gorgeous. Those falsies are WHOA!! Looking forward to seeing your looks with the others.

  10. Would love to see a sexy vampire..

  11. Can you do a fase eyelashes tutorial? I finally bought some last week and just cannot get the hang of it! Funny how easy it is to put them on other people but I can't get them on myself :)

  12. Ihania meikkejä! :) tuo violetti varsinkin, tui *_*

  13. This fall look is PERFECT! Absolutely love it! Ah and I NEED that purple MUFE eyeshadow!!

  14. OMG you are soooo good! The fall makeup is incredible..OMG need to try to replicate it lol

  15. I love the fall look - great colors ^_^

  16. This lashes are... just... Amazing !
    Great look, and you cut hair is gorgeous !

    Vive les princesses, vive le mascara, vive Princesse Mascara :-)

  17. I love the first pic of the fall look! :)

  18. Ihana syksylook! Oot ekassa kuvassa ihan kuin joku uinuva metsänhenki :) Myös viimeinen look on tosi hyvä ja sopii sulle!

  19. Wonderful!

  20. I really loved this look!!!!!! It's amazing!!!!! Could you do the tutorial for this look? please, please, please....tutorial, tutorial!!!

  21. gah the first look is so awesome!Could you pls post a tutorial?pweety pweez<3

  22. Beautiful look but for some reason your hair that bright makes me thing of the Sun and Summer.

  23. I LOVE your posts! This was so fun to read and I love the looks you create. I am totally going to try some of those lashes. They are fierce!!!

    Thanks for sharing.



  24. The fall look rocks! So very inspiring, I just finished my make-up otherwise I'd be wearing something like it today.

  25. Hey girl, I don't know if I've said this before but I am so in love with your looks. You are so creative and such an inspiration to me. I am continually impressed and even blown away but your ideas and the way you execute them. I linked to your blog on mine and I hope some people that may not have otherwise found you do through my links. I can't wait to see what you come up with next, as always! Thank you for continuing to post tutorials as well.

  26. I love the fall look, especially the eye! Your work is amazing, I can't wait to see what you do next!

  27. Holy crap, that Fall look is PERFECT. I love the lashes too :D

  28. that first picture is just gorgeous, the lighting is perfect!

    I love the colours combo, def going to try it out :)


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