Apr 28, 2010

Makeup your Friends


I think I have somekind of spring depression.
Or then it because of the volcanic ashes from Iceland, which prevent me for getting my ebay stuffs.
I want them NOW! :<

Anyway, I really did so simple eye today, that I didn't even take pics from it, but here's to looks from past days:

First there my request look, Cara M asked me to make a look with Caribbean colours ("probably blues, greens and yellows")
So I took my Ben Nye pigments Turquoise, Cosmic Blue and Sun Yellow, and made this one:

I must admit though, that I didn't feel really comfortable in this one out in public, I felt like a clown.
So not gonna do this bright combos anymore :S

Then I wanted something metallic next day, and I took my Pure Luxes on use again.
This one is made with Alloy and Molten, along eith MAC Metal X Gold Spice:

Then I did makeup for someone else again!

Some of you might remember my blog post about the wild wig action with my friend.
My friend came over again, and yes you guessed right, more crazy wig action!

First the "before" -pic:

And after makeup:

And then W I G S:

She looks so sweet with this one!

It fits better on her than me :<

Hello Pamela! :D


Our favourite monster.

Artistic monster

And couple with her own hair:

For her makeup I used same skin routine I use, and for eyes I used MAC Moss Scape paint pot, MAC green Brown pigment, MAC Emerald Green pigment, MAC Deep Blue Green pigment, MSCHIC Green Mile eyestain and mascara.

AND, I was thinking I could do something wild and crazy with a tutorial!
Any suggestions?

PS. Sonia was my 900th reader, awesome!

Apr 25, 2010

Dreaming of the greener grass.

Hi everyone!

Apparently it helped that I whined about my lost mojo, because it  was back today <3 And not just with makeup, but eith camera too!

I don't know why I like this look so much, I just like it:

MAC Greenstroke paint pot
MAC Warm Chill eyeshadow
MAC One-Off eyeshadow
MAC Gesso eyeshadow
Sleek Original (bronze)
MAC Rich Ground fluidline

And by the way, I never realised before how beautiful color Warm Chill is. I've always thought it was plain matte pale gree, but it actually has hint of golden shimmer in it <3

I have to tell you a funny story:
I was doing my makeup today, and I had finished everything except brows, lips and lashes.
My husband said something, and I turned to look at him (with my unfinished makeup) and as soon as he saw me, he went "OMG. O_O WTF?". He said I looked absolutely WEIRD.
Thanks honey :D

But after brows and mascara and lipstick he said I looked nice, so I decided to believe him :D


This was this evenings look for fun with black base and Make Up Store's Scorpio glitter:

I also re-organized my "workstation" today, now everything is again in sweet order. For the next 24 hours, that is. :S

So this is where the magic happens. Yes, not the most ergonomic place for applying makeup, but it's all I got:

Brushes, pencils, sleek palettes and one MAC palette along with random stuff on the left, nail polishes, BtfE, PureLuxe, Ben Nye and MAC pigments on right.

And here's the rest of my stuff:

And yet I'm eagerly waiting mailman to bring me even more stuff :3

Going Gothic.


What if I dyed my hair black, shaved my eyebrows, started wearing black veils and black lipstick and dark makeup?
Would I make a good goth?

Or even BAAAAAD goth:
Just joking *g*

I just felt like doing true-evil goth look, and it didn't quite go so well :3

It's AWFULLY HARD to blend eyeshadow over eyebrow wax. Seriously. :S
That's why there's no closeups. The makeup really sucked on closer examination :D

Without wig I look like drag queen!

"Show me your teeth":
Don't ask :D

But when it comes to makeup, I've had two awful makeup days.
I've started a million looks, wiped them off and started all over again. Nothing seems to work out.
I've lost my mojo, heeeeellllp! :D

Here's some proof of my lack of imagination:

My yesterday's look, with chunkymonkeyglitteryjibbery UD Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, UD Half Baked and UD Twice Baked:

And my today's look with hellofabunch of stuff, there's UD Shattered and UD Mildew and UD Flipside and SMH Fresh and Trucco Angel Green&Gold, MAC Warm Chill and MAC Greenstroke paintpot and ModelsOwn Green Goddess pancil and.... I can't even REMEMBER.
Can you tell that I just COULDN'T decide?

Then other stuff.

Today I fell in love (again) :

This beauty is Tokidoki kabuki brush. I want it.
But unfortunately I can't really have it, since it isn't really available online, and it costs pretty much in ebay.

But to ease my pain I ordered this from ebay:

I don't expect it to be good, I expect it to be pretty :3 And it was cheap ^^

That's it.

Apr 23, 2010

Parfait Amour - Perfect Love


This is my newest addition to MakeupGeek's Idea Gallery, and there's also a step-by-step TUTORIAL!

Here's the look, made with MAC Parfait Amour, MAC Beauty Marked and Seedy Pearl:

* Urban Decay Primer Potion
* Deep Plum gel liner – lid, upper lashline, waterline
* MAC Parfait Amour eyeshadow - lid, lower lashline
* MAC Beauty Marked - crease
* MAC Seedy Pearl - blending, highlight
* MAC Gesso- highlight, lower lashline 
* Sexy Pink gel liner - lower lashline
* NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk - lower lashline
* Mascara
* False lashes


* MAC Creme d 'Nude lipstick
* Clear lipgloss

And I think purple fits to any eyecolor, as you can see from my photoshopping here:

And then the tutorial!

Start with priming your eye. I used Urban Decay Primer Potion:

Then we add gel liner, and we add it to the whole lid. It makes Parfait Amour to stick and pop better:

Then MAC Parfait Amour to the whole lid. I suggest that you tap it on you lid at first, so the liner won't get smudged if it's still wet:

Then MAC Beauty Marked to the outer V:

Then we blend the Beauty Marked with MAC Seedy Pearl. Add hint of MAC Gesso to highlight, and add Seedy Pearl on top of it. Also add Seedy Pearl to the inner corner:

Then lower lashline. Add NYX Jumbo pencil Milk to inner half and Sexy Pink gel liner to outer half:

Then MAC Gesso on top of NYX Milk, and Parfait Amour on top of Sexy Pink:

Then use Deep Plum gel liner to the upper lashline (and maybe on lower too if you want):

Add white liner to you waterline, and a hint of Deep Plum ti the outer corner:

Then just add mascara:

.. and false lashes, and it's done!