Apr 25, 2010

Going Gothic.


What if I dyed my hair black, shaved my eyebrows, started wearing black veils and black lipstick and dark makeup?
Would I make a good goth?

Or even BAAAAAD goth:
Just joking *g*

I just felt like doing true-evil goth look, and it didn't quite go so well :3

It's AWFULLY HARD to blend eyeshadow over eyebrow wax. Seriously. :S
That's why there's no closeups. The makeup really sucked on closer examination :D

Without wig I look like drag queen!

"Show me your teeth":
Don't ask :D

But when it comes to makeup, I've had two awful makeup days.
I've started a million looks, wiped them off and started all over again. Nothing seems to work out.
I've lost my mojo, heeeeellllp! :D

Here's some proof of my lack of imagination:

My yesterday's look, with chunkymonkeyglitteryjibbery UD Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, UD Half Baked and UD Twice Baked:

And my today's look with hellofabunch of stuff, there's UD Shattered and UD Mildew and UD Flipside and SMH Fresh and Trucco Angel Green&Gold, MAC Warm Chill and MAC Greenstroke paintpot and ModelsOwn Green Goddess pancil and.... I can't even REMEMBER.
Can you tell that I just COULDN'T decide?

Then other stuff.

Today I fell in love (again) :

This beauty is Tokidoki kabuki brush. I want it.
But unfortunately I can't really have it, since it isn't really available online, and it costs pretty much in ebay.

But to ease my pain I ordered this from ebay:

I don't expect it to be good, I expect it to be pretty :3 And it was cheap ^^

That's it.


  1. Hei. Tekisitkö meikin, jonka inspiraatio on lähtöisin plumeria-kukista, vaaleankeltaista-valkoista, vaaleanpunaista... Mä tykkäisin.:) Kiitos ihanasta blogista.

  2. Moikka!
    Tehty jo, oli aiheena MUG:in edellisessä viikkokisassa. Postaus ja kuvat löytyy täältä:

  3. Aww, I like the goth look :>

  4. Ha! I bet you still had fun trying the goth look though. It look like it was fun to play around with.

  5. Really nice chunkymonkeyglitteryjibbery look! ;)
    The goth look doesn't look as if it sucks so as far as I'm concerned you did a great job. I love the wigs n stuff you always use!

  6. No niinpäs onkin, miten onkin mennnyt multa ihan ohi. Ihana plumeria-meikki.

  7. Omg horrible goth look!! Sorry, but I didn't like it at all and that kind of stuff can be seen too much irl... ;) Boomerang-of-doom eyebrows + blue and red e/s + too white face + black lips don't make very nice goth look. Nice stereotype look, though! :D

  8. Thanks sweeties!

    Lucy, I agree :D I would have needed a pair of white contact lenses to make it perfect ;D
    I used to be "darker" at some point, so I know what goth is, and I know the diffent genres of goth, but I wanted to make this as stereotypic as possible. :D
    BTW, Bomerang-of-doom eyebrows? :D That was new :D

  9. pretty much addicted to all your creative looks! You seem to have so much fun! You inspire me! :)

  10. your makeups inspire me totally :) being 16 and kinda scene style its awesome to see your work and try it for myself, im going away in a few weeks and i wanna learn how to do some of your makeups :) thank you for inspiring me


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