Apr 25, 2010

Dreaming of the greener grass.

Hi everyone!

Apparently it helped that I whined about my lost mojo, because it  was back today <3 And not just with makeup, but eith camera too!

I don't know why I like this look so much, I just like it:

MAC Greenstroke paint pot
MAC Warm Chill eyeshadow
MAC One-Off eyeshadow
MAC Gesso eyeshadow
Sleek Original (bronze)
MAC Rich Ground fluidline

And by the way, I never realised before how beautiful color Warm Chill is. I've always thought it was plain matte pale gree, but it actually has hint of golden shimmer in it <3

I have to tell you a funny story:
I was doing my makeup today, and I had finished everything except brows, lips and lashes.
My husband said something, and I turned to look at him (with my unfinished makeup) and as soon as he saw me, he went "OMG. O_O WTF?". He said I looked absolutely WEIRD.
Thanks honey :D

But after brows and mascara and lipstick he said I looked nice, so I decided to believe him :D


This was this evenings look for fun with black base and Make Up Store's Scorpio glitter:

I also re-organized my "workstation" today, now everything is again in sweet order. For the next 24 hours, that is. :S

So this is where the magic happens. Yes, not the most ergonomic place for applying makeup, but it's all I got:

Brushes, pencils, sleek palettes and one MAC palette along with random stuff on the left, nail polishes, BtfE, PureLuxe, Ben Nye and MAC pigments on right.

And here's the rest of my stuff:

And yet I'm eagerly waiting mailman to bring me even more stuff :3


  1. I am charmed with your blog! You are fantastic that punishes that in Spain not haiga the half of the cosmetics that you use. I follow(continue) your blog

  2. Is that lamp all you use for lighting your face? How bright it is?
    I have the hardest time getting good photos and the lighting is always terrible (either too dark, or too yellow, or too bright...etc). Your photos are always beautiful so I was curious as to how you set up your camera/lights for that?

    <3 your blog :)

  3. I absolutely adore the green look...I didn't comment on your parfait Amour look but I am gonna try to follow your step by step tutorial tomorrow to rock purples eyes to work !

    Keep on doing your amazing work

    Caro xxx

  4. I love the GREEN! &&& I totally know what you mean about husbands lol they can be insensitive some times :) Your work station looks so much fun I wanna play in there keep sharing your looks with us

  5. Husbands. Ya' gotta love 'em! :D

  6. So much makeup :D *grabby hands*

    And LOL @ your husband!

  7. hey ,I was just thinking, you have always so chic makeups that I would only wear them at parties. So what kind of makeup would you wear if you where going in some really fancy party? I would love to see (:

  8. Wow, you have a lot of make-up :) but at least you have somewhere to sit to apply it...I don't! :(

  9. Hi! I'm pretty bad at matching colours, a task you seem to be really good at. I'm trying hard to match my beloved "Laughing Princess" pigment (The She Space) but I don't seem able to find a good partner for it.

    Here is the link to the colour on the website (http://www.theshespace.com/images/99_laughingprincess.gif) and another link to a site with the pigment on lids (http://mika-secrets.blogspot.com/2010/03/coral_2551.html). Unfortunately none of the reflects the beauty of it.

    Could you help me out and create a look (if you happen to have a colour that resembles mine) so I can learn how to match it? I'll give you a clue : I'm not afraid of vibrant, dramatic or whatever crazy option you may suggest!


  10. Just in case you are wondering : In real life, "Laughing Princess" is a bit paler than on TSS website, but a bit more "orangish" than on the lids' pic. Does it make any sense? :S It's a beautiful coral!

  11. Awesome both but specially the first because I like green eyeshadows. Gorgeous!

  12. Oh my goodness! That is alot of makeup! And my boyfriend tells me I have too much! haha which now if he says anything I'll just show him your collection! ;)

  13. I really love the green combined with bronze look! And wow you have a lot of makeup. I can only dream of having thos amounts :)


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