Dec 30, 2010

Tutorial: ..And a Sparkling new year!

Since I missed chrismast makeup tutorial, I'm giving you a New Year's tutorial instead!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
NYX Jumbo pencil Milk
NYX Loose Pearl White Pearl
NYX Loose Pearl Black Pearl
Gosh effect powder Holographic Silver (Discoball from NYX glitters)
NYX Candy Glitter Liner Disco Queen
NYX eyeliner Black
Dior Blackout mascara

Start with priming your eye with your favourite eyeprimer:

Then create light, a bit sticky base with NYX jumbo pencil Milk:

Take NYX White Pearl and apply it to the lid, from inner corner towards middle of the lid. I used Sigma's E50 travel brush:

Then take your crease brush ( I used Sigma's travel E45), and apply Black Pearl to crease:

And to outer V:

And blend a bit too:

Then take small brush ( mine is Sigma's travel E20), and add a hint of Black Pearl on the lower lashline:

Then take black liner (you can use liquid, gel or pencil, I decided to use pencil this time), and line your upper lashline:

I also lined my upper waterline:

Then messy part.
Add NYX Glitter liner Disco Queen to lid, don't even try to make it even:

Use your finger to pat it even:

Then take holographic gliltter, and apply it over the still wet liner (I used  Sigma's old SS224 brush ):

Finally add mascara, and some silver to your lower waterline, and the look is done!

Also, I reviewed and swatched Benefit's Girl Meets Pearl luminizer at MakeupGeek:

Dec 29, 2010

Coming Geeky Clean

I know you're all waiting for a makeup post, but I give you something else first:

I love.

I always thought Lush was the best thing you can take with you to the shower, but then Ana from lipsticks and lightsabers raved about Luxury Lane Soaps, and well...

I'm a geek, and a girl, so geeky soaps are just wayyyy too awesome!
I got Portal Companion Cube soap for myself, Transformers Decepticon soap for my husband and as a christmas present to my friend as well as Fight Club soap also for a friend. I also got Star Wars Han Solo Soap in Carbonite by accident, but I love it too!

Though I have to make a small  confession.
They are still in my shelf, not ever opened. looking good, smelling awesome.
I don't want to use them!
They are way too awesome and pretty and cool and sweet and all to just USE :D

Get them from:

 My friend also approves, I got him the Decepticon and I am Jack's Soap as a chrismast present:

I wrapped them in a package looking like this (it says merry christmas in finnish) :
( Inspired by THIS of course)
I promise I post about makeup soon too!

Dec 15, 2010

Here now everywhere!

I've been soooo busy with making christmas cards, cleaning the house, baking gingerbreads, buying and wrapping presents...

But I got my ow present early:
 There HUUUUGE bunch of awesome stuff that I love.
I swear, I almost cried when I opened this package <3
You'll be seeing this stuff here on the blog when I have the time to try them and swatch them and photograph them :D

Talking about photographing, I was a busy bee yesterday, a friend of mine wanted new photos of herself, and she asked me to do something "winder wonderland/fairy or something" :D

Here's what she got:

Aren't those eyes amazing?

 I myself  watched Gone with the Wind (I'm reading the book atm too) and I got inspired of Scarlett. I just had to take falsies, wig and a silly costume, and take these photos:

 Here's some of my other recent looks:

Kat von D shadows

Kat von D Nite owl, Lemmy, Poe Blue

MAC Vibrant Grape

MUFE starpowders

 And I'll post a tutorial of this one later:
MAC Later and Silverwear

 Then my new MAC baby,  Vibrant Grape:

Here's some last minute present ideas for you:

Sigma's Complete Kit with Pink Brush Roll from Sigma
You save $20.00!
Product Code: CK002