Dec 15, 2010

Here now everywhere!

I've been soooo busy with making christmas cards, cleaning the house, baking gingerbreads, buying and wrapping presents...

But I got my ow present early:
 There HUUUUGE bunch of awesome stuff that I love.
I swear, I almost cried when I opened this package <3
You'll be seeing this stuff here on the blog when I have the time to try them and swatch them and photograph them :D

Talking about photographing, I was a busy bee yesterday, a friend of mine wanted new photos of herself, and she asked me to do something "winder wonderland/fairy or something" :D

Here's what she got:

Aren't those eyes amazing?

 I myself  watched Gone with the Wind (I'm reading the book atm too) and I got inspired of Scarlett. I just had to take falsies, wig and a silly costume, and take these photos:

 Here's some of my other recent looks:

Kat von D shadows

Kat von D Nite owl, Lemmy, Poe Blue

MAC Vibrant Grape

MUFE starpowders

 And I'll post a tutorial of this one later:
MAC Later and Silverwear

 Then my new MAC baby,  Vibrant Grape:

Here's some last minute present ideas for you:

Sigma's Complete Kit with Pink Brush Roll from Sigma
You save $20.00!
Product Code: CK002


  1. arg just ordered my sigma premium before this sale :(
    like 2 weeks ago

  2. Mä oon niin rikki siitä että posti hukkas mun UD lähetyksen jonka tilasin kaverin osoitteeseen ja joka laittoi tulemaan sen tänne Suomeen. Sinne meni UD <3 NYC ja Naked paletit ja vielä kulmasettikin. :'(

  3. That is such a nice post. I also makeup addicted, but normally I like to go in natural tone, except parties, where I just play with my eye shadows , all of the eyes combos are great, thanks for posting

  4. I'm so jealous of your skills :)

  5. Wow, love the Scarlett look! I loved the movie! :)

  6. Your looks are amazinggg, that last one is amazing and I love the Kat Von D niteowl look!

  7. Can't wait to see swatches and such of all your new goodies! I love the Vibrant Grape look and your friend's fairy look, it's very ethereal :3

  8. Hi there!
    I visit and read your blog very often and get inspiration from all your beautiful looks! My sister bought me the same Urban Decay palette, and while I LOVE it I'm having so much trouble coming up with interesting color combinations (I usually just stick to colors of the same family or neutral eyes)... I know you are busy but after holidays when things slow down, I would love to see a post with color combination suggestions, or a bunch of looks you've done with it?
    you are a huge inspiration for me! Thank you!

  9. Hei, voisitko tehä postauksen nettikaupoista mistä yleensä tilailet meikkejä suomeen? :)

  10. Hi! Lovely post. Can you do a tutorial on your vibrant grape look? it is gorgeous. Thanks.

  11. woww, very nice and lovely eyeshadow, Also Mac is the brand, I am really addicted to. I would really love to give it a try.

  12. all those looks are gorgeous, you're very talented:) xx

  13. MAC Vibrant Grape looks amazing, waiting for make-ups with this eyeshadow :-)
    And your presents looks gorgeous!

  14. Scarlett on aivan ihana! Olen hullu Gone With The Wind -fani ja suosittelen ehdottomasti lukemaan myös jatko-osan Scarlett. Rhettistä kertova ei ollut ihan niin hyvä, mutta Scarlett on mainio!

    Ja tuo sinun Scarlett -look näyttää kivalta!

  15. hey, I just want to say that you have an amazing blog! I always enjoy reading it, but never quite comment. Have a great holiday, and it would mean so much to me if you could check out/ subscribe to my blog:

    Love, Shelly

  16. Wow..I love the MAC Vibrant Grape look. It's so pretty. Do you have a tutorial for this look? If not, do you mind sharing what other colors you used. I would love to try this out. I'm new here and recently stumbled upon your blog. Wow your looks are very inspirational. Thank you for all the posts.

  17. Love the Scarlett look! I would love to try this out...! Fantastic walk-through I appreciate this post.


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