Dec 29, 2010

Coming Geeky Clean

I know you're all waiting for a makeup post, but I give you something else first:

I love.

I always thought Lush was the best thing you can take with you to the shower, but then Ana from lipsticks and lightsabers raved about Luxury Lane Soaps, and well...

I'm a geek, and a girl, so geeky soaps are just wayyyy too awesome!
I got Portal Companion Cube soap for myself, Transformers Decepticon soap for my husband and as a christmas present to my friend as well as Fight Club soap also for a friend. I also got Star Wars Han Solo Soap in Carbonite by accident, but I love it too!

Though I have to make a small  confession.
They are still in my shelf, not ever opened. looking good, smelling awesome.
I don't want to use them!
They are way too awesome and pretty and cool and sweet and all to just USE :D

Get them from:

 My friend also approves, I got him the Decepticon and I am Jack's Soap as a chrismast present:

I wrapped them in a package looking like this (it says merry christmas in finnish) :
( Inspired by THIS of course)
I promise I post about makeup soon too!


  1. hello, my name is hannah and first i would like to let you know how much i love how you do your makeup! i also LOVE your wiggs! so pretty! well i would like to ask you somthing, my sweet 16 is comming up! (im so excited)and i was wondering if you can maby think about somthing that will make me the star of the night! (: if not its perfectly fine, i just thought i would ask. (its going to be semi formal, and i am trying to come up with a theme! if you could help me i would absolutly LOVE it! thanks (:

  2. I got the Han Solo and the Borg cube for Christmas - I'm not opening mine, either!

  3. omg! I luv the fight club soap!! that is great! thanks for sharing!!

  4. Oh my God, I need all of them!!! And my boyfriend more than me!!

  5. Haha, nice ideas ;D Like it ;

  6. lush is so much cool!!! but they don't exist in brazil anymore. =/
    i have some sweets soaps too that don't use cause i like them to much!

  7. Ahahaha, these are awesome! How cool would it be if the Han Solo one had a little figure in that could 'escape' after you washed the carbonite away?!

  8. Han Solo soap? Pure awesomeness!


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