Jul 19, 2010



My small NYX order from Cherry Culture came today, and here's what I got:

NYX Candy glitter liners Disco Queen and Red:
Same quality as my other two Candy Glitter liners, which mean theseare also good.
Red isn't really that green in real life, you'd better check the swatch pic to see how it looks.

NYX Round lipstick Circe:

NYX Circe on lips:
I love it. It's really super perfect nude color, my definate new favourite with MAC Creme d'Nude and Gosh Darling.

Circe compared to some other nudes:

NYX single eyeshadow Morocco:
I must say that now I know why MUG's Marlena chose this one as her favourite NYX shadow.
This is amazing. I tried to take a photo that would show the dualcolor well, but it's super hard to photograph!
It's almost navy blue with a deep, almost electric purple flash. Amazing.
And the texture is really smooth (a lot smoother than in my other NYX singles), almost creamy.
If you like blue based dark purple, you're gonna love this!

NYX jumbo Pencil in Purple Velvet:
This much more plum than purple I think. It looks quite nice color , what when appilied it's plummy, and super greasy. But it works well as a base for makeup, to make colors pop better.

And Purple Velvet Jumbo Pencil compared to Purple Jumbo Pencil:


Here's my yesterday's disaster look for fun, I was gonna call it "starry nights", but instead I shall call it "disaster upon us" :
I used Fyrinnae Immortality and Make Up Store Scorpio glitter.

And here's my today's look with NYX Morocco and various Fyrinnae shadows:

Paired with NYX Circe lipstick <3

OH, and since there's swatches in this post, I remember finally to answer to Lissy Jo's question:
How do you do your swatches? Do you do them wet or with a primer underneath? I've been curious for a while. You always have amazing swatches!

I do my swatches always over basic moisturizer. I use sometimes quite heavy application, but that's because I want to show the colors true shade.

And I'm SUPER happy that my swatches look good! I aim to please ;D


  1. Very cool! Both looks look amazing!


  2. Disaster look? It looks gorgeous and definitely starry :) And your second look is stunning, it makes your eye oclour look incredible!

  3. i just fall in love with that nyx morrocco shadow!

  4. Love love LOVE these looks ! SO much so that i just made another purchase @ cherry culture myself :D I ordered the NYX shadow in Morocco, the purple velevet jumbo pencil ( pretty much the only one i don't have...) and the lippie in Circe ! Can't wait to get my goodies ! Thanks for posting those great swatches and fabulous looks !

  5. not even your swathes look gorgeous. But even your make up advices are great inspiration for me.
    Do not say to anybody, but one of them( male) is still looking through my shoulder, when I read your blog :o) of course just in case that any of visage would be great for his girlfriend =o)

  6. Om jeg liker det?
    Jeg forguder lilla/purpur til alle øyefarger.

  7. You should try new Revlon colorburst lipstick in Soft Nude... Super gorgeous nude!

  8. very nice look and I love the nyx shadow

  9. OMG morocco is definitely going on my wishlist. Next time I buy NYX, this one will be mine :D Love the look you made with it :D

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    P.S. Sorry for intruding, people.
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  11. wuaauuu!!! Fantastic!!! Very nice look!! you are beautiful. One kiss!

  12. you are amazingly brillant, i love your every make-up and you inspire me a lot. thank you deeply from my heart :)

  13. Ohh i love all the stuff you got, that lipstick looks gorgeous. Perfectly nude sort of , been looking for something like it :)

  14. Your photos are great! Since I'm not able no do this lovely swatches, I linked here in my last post, as I have some great NYX shadows and I NEEDED to explain how pigmented and great they are.
    Thank you so much, i love this blog!


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