Jul 18, 2010

Here be dragons!


Today I did a friend's makeup for the party she was going.
She wanted dark smokey eye with some red, so I made her this:

I used Fyrinnae Still Breathing, MSCHIC Mineral Black, MUFE Star Powder #949, Sugarpill Asylum and MAC Cloudbound.
I was happy with the result, and I hope she was happy too.
Her eyes really pop in that last pic! And I swear, there no photoshop!

Seiously, check out the difference in these pics:

Indoors, with flash:

 Outdoors with flash:

 It really doesn't look like the same eye O_O

My own look was done mostly with Fyrinnae, using MUFE Aqua Cream #10 as base, then Fyrinnae Pyromantic Erotica, Parental Advisory and hint of Immortality over the upper liner:

Is there a tutorial or review or swatches you'd like too see?


  1. i love the smokey eye look, def goes good with the red hair. Well done!

  2. she looks like you, like if you were sisters

  3. I would love to see a tutorial for your Green Glitch look with a product list too! Its such an awesome look!

  4. Gorgeous look
    I love all your looks


  5. She has got gorgeous eyes and eyebrows! But maybe it's just me or does the blusher clash a bit with her skintone/eye makeup?

    I love your eye makeup!

  6. Helena, I thought so too (about the blush) in the first full face pic but in the second one it looks great so I think it's just the lighting, it may not translate to a pic as well.

    I love the red smoky eye on her, and the purple and orange on you looks great too!

  7. Parental Advisory is literally the best purple in the entire free world.

  8. Wow, you inspire me :)

  9. your friend are so beautiful :'O

  10. aww. ^__^

    and yet again thanks for the awesome make-up. it was still looking good at 3 am after sweating in this heat!

  11. BEAUTIFUL! I love both looks!


  12. Hei.

    Du har blitt min make up guru. Så mye å bli inspirert av her.

    Klem fra Norge.

  13. your friend looks like a vampire . a sexy one :) .
    my eye color is kinda like her - gray with some hint of blue , so i definatly gonna try find similar colors and do this look .
    your blog is amazing !

    Best wishes from Latvia .


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