Jul 20, 2010

Love is...


First I have to tell you a big secret:

I have the best and sweetest husband in the whole world, and I love him more than anything!

Today it's our 3rd wedding anniversary and seriously, I wouldn't change a day from that time.

Here's some photos from our wedding:

Look what he wrote me:

A day passes, another year has gone by,
The road before you was long and painful,
until you came to be in my life.

Yet not a day would I change
for it all brought me to where I am now.

Happy, alive, at peace.
With you.

Without you, I am less than nothing,
not even a human.
With you I am more than I
ever thought I could be.

As it has been these past years,
and as it shall be,
You are my Light, my Love, my Life.

I am, before, now and as long as you will have me,

Your friend, your guardian,
your lover, your husband.

Your Wolf.

But, since this is a makeup blog, I guess I have to share my today's look too.
This was kinda egyptian inspired:

There's MAC Rollickin' paint pot,  MUFE Star Powder #58, Make Up Store Lovely Linnea, Make Up Store Panic & Goldglow eyedusts, MAC Undercurrent pearl glide pencil and NYX candy glitter liner in Disco Queen.


  1. Happy Anniversary!
    That poem he wrote you is just beautiful and you both look so happy in the photos. heartwarming :)

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Your eye looks are amazing!

  3. That dress is gorgeous. You look lovely. Also, pretty look today :)

  4. Happy anniversary!!! And WOW what a gorgeous look today!

  5. Congrats for your husband and for your wedding aniversary :)

  6. Aww, happy anniversary! You look so sweet together!

    That Egyptian makeup is GREAT!

  7. Awww don't we all think our husband is the BEST! I love to see young happy married couples! Congratulations and may you have many more years together! =D


  8. Happy anniversary!!
    Your husband is so sweet, I wish mine could write to me something like that, Lol


  9. Oh, that's so sweet. I hope you'll be happy together for many years to come. =)

  10. Happy anniversary!

    that were sweet words! I wish someone said that to me too...


  11. happy anniversary! You look so good together!

    Its our second anniversary this saturday, so i know a little about how you feel :)

    I love the green egyptian look, i dont think ive ever seen an egyptian inspired look in green before. awesome! :)

  12. I like the last picture of you in your dressing gowns best :) x

  13. Congratulations! You are truly lucky to have found such a great relationship, but I think you know that :) You both look very happy together!
    I love your wedding dress, for my wedding it's doubtful I'll have white either, I'm not so traditional lol. I love your nails too!

  14. Happy Anniversary!!! I LOVE your dress!!

  15. Thanks for sharing your photos and poem with us. So beautiful!!! :)

    And the Egyptian eye look...killer!!

  16. que lindo vcs dois aforei as fotos do casamento as cores que Deus continue abençõando vcs, um forte abraço...

  17. Happy anniversary to you and your hubby! He's so sweet. :)

    My hubby and I will also be celebrating our 3rd wedding anniv this coming august :)

    more anniversaries to come!



  18. nawwwwwwwwwwww so sweet!!!
    happy anniversary to you guys!
    you guys look so cute :D
    Love the eyes, it's fascinating... somethign colourful yet different.

    Keep them coming! i love seeing your work of art :)


  19. Happy anniversary lucky girl !


  20. Happy anniversary! You two make a beautiful couple! I really love the poem he wrote :D

  21. urigkewqhg4oi5hgkwlgf :D happyness! and joy! and consistency!

  22. Your wedding pictures are absolutely beautiful and you're very lucky and blessed to have a happy marriage. Happy belated anniversary!

  23. That is the most amazing wedding dress! You both looked so happy and you looked gorgeous! A very Happy Anniversary to you both xxx


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