Jun 17, 2010

Sugar rush continues: Hysteric Starling ate Poison Plum!

So my sugar rush continues, as postman brought me my Sugarpill Burning Heart palette!
Here's what was in the package:
Burning Heart palette, couple business cards (Shrinkle business card and Sugarpill flyer) and Sugarpill Sticker.

And the palette is so sweet, and has really unique and pretty design:

The actual palette is quite similar to MSCHIC Look Books, made of cardboard instead of plastic:
It also holds a big mirror. And pans are magnetic, just like in MSCHIC's Look Books, AND shadows are presicely the size as MSCHIC's blushes. I could actually switch Sugarpill shadows to be part of my MSCHIC Look Book:
Easy and quick.:D

About the size of the pans, I was expecting something MAC sized, but I got MUFE sized:

Then to the shadows:

Matte orange. Really "true orange" without shimmers or glitters. Great pigment.

Matte yellow. If I have to point out the "worst" shadow, I guess this would be it. This is a bit chalky and has a bit bad color payoff compaired to others, but it's really not as bad as some MAC matte shadows for example.

Love +:
Pink-based quite matte red. Some of you may remember my search for perfect red, not too orange nor too pink. Well this might be a bit too pink to my liking, but I still love this <3

Poison Plum:
The perfection. This is so far my prettiest purple. I don't (yet) own MUFE's #92, but I'm not sure it could over power this one. I love it.

And swatches:

I had to take a photo of this too, this was too cute:
I really like if company owners have time to write something by hand, but this time I got a sticker too! *g*

And my today's look with Sugarpill: Starling, Poison Plum and Hysteric:

And Fyrinnae Fanservice on lips:

Postman also brought me my order from Fyrinnae order, but I'll post more of it later.

Oh. And thanks for your opinions of my new layout! I think I keep it like this for now, we'll see if I change it to black at some point  :D


  1. So gorgeous! I'm so in love with Sugarpill, I hope to make my first order some day soon! And the look you did is gorgeous as always!

  2. I love their packaging :)

    I really like the red and purple. BUt hysteric is absolutely aweome aswell.

  3. I love the color placement :) Gorgeous!
    Sugarpill rekindled my interest in pressed shadows. I <3 Poison Plum, After Party, and Midori. Gorgeous colors.

  4. Can yo pleaaaseeeeeee tell me how you do your eyebrows??!!?!?!??! they are amazing!!!!

  5. You are incredibly talented! I just had to tell you.

  6. Those eyeshadows are much bigger than I thought! I love the EOTD, it's just perfect <3

  7. Awesome look! :)
    I've been looking for perfect red eyeshadow too but all of them have been too pink or too orange.. I don't know, does real red eyeshadow even exist?? If I want to use RED in my eye make up, I use lip liner..

  8. I'm in awe of your blending, mademoiselle! And the lips are just perfect. Love the look!

  9. Awesome! That look is intense! The blue looks perfect with the purple

  10. The blue and the purple, OMG OMG OMG Gorgeous!! I'm in love with those colours!! Stunning!! Been debating to try out these Sugarpill eyeshadows and I think you might have just convinced me hehehe =)

  11. OMG!!.. I love this look..Gorgeous.. Will try recreate this look..Those colours are gorgeous from Superpill..

  12. Wauw, now that is awesome pigmentation. I thing the look you made with it is absolutely fabulous.

  13. I loooove the look you did <3 especially with the lilac lip.

    And well, I love Sugarpill :) they've become the shadows I reach for when I'm not sure what kind of makeup I'm going to do that day

  14. Wow, that look is so intense. I love it.

  15. I love Sugarpill and Fyrrinae. The look you've made is just stunning.

  16. ah, you're evil. now i want these palettes! :( of course, i'll never be as great at doing my eyes as you are. I LOVE the look, and you definitely can ROCK Fanservice!!!!

  17. I love Sugarpill, no doubt, and Love+ was on my "must have" list, so I'm a bit bummed to hear it's pinky-red. For those looking for a true red, the closest I've found is from Anna Sui 400- and it's pretty close. The only reason I'm looking for another is that the Sui one is kind of hard for me to find! I'm sure I'll end up getting Love+ anyway...


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