Jun 18, 2010

Fyrinnae, my brows and burning heart


Like I said in my yesterday's post, I also got my order from Fyrinnae:

So what did I got:
  • Pixie Epoxy primer
  • Red Panda (mini)
  • Boytoy (mini)
  • Still Breathing (mini)
  • Dokkáfyr (mini)
  • Týr (sample) (freebie)
Lip Lustres:
  • Fanservice (mini)
  • Ryunome (mini)

Red Panda:


Still Breathing:



And swatches:




So I've had a lot of questions of how do I do my brows.
I have to say that I'm probably the worst person to say anything about brows, since I just year ago learned that brows are important part of makeup too :3
But anyway, I show you how I do my brows, maybe someone fids it useful :3

My brows without any color:

Finished brows:

Here's what I use to do them:
MSCHIC browpowder in Dark Blonde and MSCHIC's brow brush.

I start from the "inner corner", making the brow a bit thicker in this end:

I also draw the line a bit upwards:

Then I do sorta "new line" that goes downwards, and get thinner towards the end:

Finally I wipe the excess color away with my finger:

And brow is done!

Last I put up three photos of the look done with Sugarpill's Burning Heart palette:

Obliviously I used some photoshop to lighten my pics and change eyecolor, but the shadows were really that bright :D Smoke in the pictures is actually real smoke, I really had a hard time to try and take pictures, and not to cry when the smoke went in my eye :D

But anyway, that's it this time!


  1. I adore the eyeshadows, you seem to have the same taste in colours as I do, especially greens and purple.

    Those blue lips look awesome...i might need to get me something like that to go with my peacockoutfit for castlefest...

    And as i said on fb, that sugarpill look is beautifull, especially with the smoke, that combination rocks..

  2. So great shadows and lip colors. Very original!

    I LOVE the Sugarpill look, it looks gorgeous!

  3. Amazing colors on the Sugarpill's Burning Heart look and I love the lashes!!

  4. Ohhh wow. I need more Fyrrinae, those shadows look so beautiful. I have the pixie epoxy and both of the lip lustres you got, i love them. :)

  5. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you
    gracias gracias gracias gracias gracias gracias
    for the mini eyebrow tutorial, not at all why I expected, I thought you were using a brow stencil thingy. Great info, will be trying it soon. :)

  6. Wow, love that sugarpill burning heart look! The colours & lashes are amazing and she smoke looks stunning too.. Great job!

  7. I absolutely love Ryunome. It's one of my favorite lip colors to wear. Really cool lashes!

  8. I <3 those lashes!! So long and pretty!

  9. OMG!!..Gorgeous look.. I love it.. those lashes are longggg..

  10. Love this look, especially the smoke! I don't think I've ever commented here before but your looks are an inspiration to me. :)

  11. Oh gosh, I can't believe you used real smoke! How did you do that without crying? XD

    Beautiful look, and beautiful swatches too.

  12. Is Tyr more green in real life? On the site, it says it has an acid green sheen, but I love the way it looks in your pictures, like a tarnished gold sheen...

    You have beautiful eyes, and awesome application. Love the smoke shots! I'm curious about exactly how you did it! :D

  13. Wauw awesome look! The colors are fantastic!

  14. Ryonume looks NOTHING like that on me, or when I swatch it. How did you get it so pale and opaque?!

    I am thinking there is something wrong with the 3 minis I got. They're not opaque and they have zero lasting power. Hmm.

    I absolutely love the Sugarpill look. Amazing job. Those lashes are insane! I love the smoke. I wish I had the time, patience and skill to do shoots like that.

  15. WOW that smoke coming from your eye!! Really wouuu!

  16. Upean sävyisiä nuo huulipunat/-kiillot! Savun kuvaaminen on varmasti ollut hankalaa, hienoa työtä. ^^

  17. You're just an AMAZING artist. So creative !!!

  18. Just a little tip when processing the pictures.. You have to sharpen the images in Photoshop, otherwise they look a bit soft. After using Unsharp mask the pics will look crisp and cristal clear.

  19. Girl, try using browpencil next time, this eyebrow looks scary! Too dark, too obvious, too red toned brow powder. I mean well, you don't wanna look like those crazy old ladies...

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  21. I have a question regarding the eyebrow tutorial. I see your brow's hairs are light colored hence making it easier to fill and shape. But how do I work with very dark brows?

    Mine are not thick, but theyre very dark colored and if i try to bleach them (unless someday I find 100 volume peroxide) they wont turn ash blond, they just get this weird coppery brown color and besides they grow so fast id have to be bleaching them every week to keep them light.

    How do I reshape really dark brows?

  22. you are the most talented artist i have ever came across! Truly and inspiration!


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