Jun 16, 2010

SWATCHES: Sugar rush with Sugarpill


I made some changes to my blog's layout, how do you like it now? Was it better before, or is it better now?

Anyway, my Sugarpill's Burning Heart quad is still on it's way to me, but I got samples of Sugarpill's loose eyeshadows from lovely Nea, author of Fashioned in Finland.
Of course I first did some swatching, and that's what this whole post is about today :D

So here we go:
This was the one I was expecting the most, I hoped this would have been dark petrol-ish color. It's actually black/dark gray with dark navy blue. I don't say this would be bad color, I still like it! :D

"True Gold". Superhyper pigmented.

This maybe look a bit darker in the picture that it is IRL. Light-ish purple with silver (I guess:D) shimmer.

This is kinda traditional blue, it's not electric blue nor pale blue, it's just blue-blue :D

This is dark forest green, that manages to somehow look also a bit grayish in some angles. Superpretty!


Oh, this is lovely! This is awesome almost electric/acid looking green, a bit yellow based.
Really pigmented and all.

I know the photo is bad, but I just got a hint of this in a bag, so it wasn't so easy to photograph :D
Anyway, the color reminds me a lot of MAC's Reflect Transparent Teal, only this is wearable by itself, where MAC is basicly just a glitter.
So this is white with turquoise shift.
Also, fun fact; Lumi is actually Finnish word that means 'snow', so I thin kthe name is great :D

EDIT: I'm adding Asylum and  Royal Sugar here too:

Asylum is really pretty metallic red with red tiny glitter.

Royal Sugar:
I love it. Matte "true blue" with light blue glitters.
It's likeMAC's old Royal Blue pigment and MAC Reflects Transparent Teal made a baby!

And some swatches, I tried to take photos that show the color and shimmer and stuff:

And I also ordered my first Illamasqua products today! One powder eyeshadow and one pure pigment!


  1. So pretty! I want all of the Sugarpill pressed eyeshadows (I'm super messy with pigments, haha). Her colors are so gorgeous!

  2. I am loving Lumi and Junebug! Magpie is pretty nice too :)

  3. Hello
    These pigments are AMAZING, the gold and the purple ones are just incredible!!!!
    thank u for the swatches
    I prefered ur last layout :-( sorry
    I usually prefer black layouts, they are more sober and the colors pop up more and with all this white...well, I feel like there is a lot of space

  4. I like the new layout! Nice swatches, thanks!

  5. Sugarpill <3 <3 <3 I'm glad you like the colors!

  6. Absinthe is probably my favorite looks shadow from Sugarpill. Lumi, Magpie, Goldilux, Hysteric and Starling are all nice too.

    Her pressed shadows rekindled my love for pressed makeup because of their gorgeous finish and color payoff.

    I really like your new blog layout, it's very clean and easy to read. Pretty!

  7. wow,they look amazing,my favourites are magpie,junebug and absinthe:D
    Hope to see some looks with them soon;)

  8. All of those swatches look great. Probably will one day order some from Sugarpill too.

    I like the new layout except that the head isn't alligned to centre (or even right where the wider part for the text is). It's probably just me that finds it weird :D

  9. Agh, I want Lumi, Absinthe and Goldilux so badly! Can't wait till you come up with some looks :D I think Junebug, Absinthe and Hysteric would make a good look x

  10. All of those swatches look amazing! I miss out so much because I can't shop online! :(

  11. I quite like Magpie and Junebug and maybe Lumi.

    I'm not so fond of this layout, it looks so stark and bare. I actually find white layouts to be almost overwhelming. I agree with Duvessa though, the header needs to be centered lol. Maybe if the links and such were on the right like they used to be?

    Either way, I'll get used to it. Your work is too amazing for a layout to turn me off!

  12. I'm new so I can just say that I like the layout I'm seeing. The header is left justified, not centered.

    And the swatches...not a one is my favorite...they ALL are!!! Simply stunning.
    (running off to google Sugarpill!!!)

  13. Ooo!! I just received these pigments samples!

    Goldilux = #1 fave
    Junebug = #2 fave :oD


  14. I love the colours, they're so pigmented

  15. The layout is better now. I preffered because is cleaner

  16. wow soo pigmented.. nice review :)

  17. Sorry Jangsara! But I honestly liked the old layout better. It's easier to read as it is white on black (on computer screens it's better to read, on paper the opposite is better) and the banner is a bit squashed. Sorry since you probably went to a lot of hard work to get this layout done. But that's just my opinion, don't change it if you don't want to. I'll still read your blog no matter what! ^.^

  18. I really really really love the new layout!
    The pigments look great, gotta love "Hysteric".

  19. Woooooooow!! those pigments look amazing!! and they're sooo pigmented!! looking forward to see some looks made with them ;)
    Btw, I also prefer the old layout :S But I still love your blog, so...lol

  20. WOW those colors look amazing :)

  21. Me encataba tu blog antes y me encanta ahora!!! Daria lo que fuera por saber maquillar como tu. Aunque vivo en España soy una seguidora tuya desde hace mucho tiempo.
    Te felicito por todos tus trabajos.
    Ánimo y a seguir así de guapa.
    Un beso.

  22. The swatches are beautiful, I hope you will show us new looks very soon...

    ... and I prefer the former version of your blog, above all I prefer to see photos on black background ;-)

  23. I love the new layout, its much easier on the eyes, espeially to red :)

    I LOVE hysteric, junebug and absinthe. Ive read a lot about sugarpill and heard only good things about it.

  24. I really like your new blog layout, so clean and fresh and bright :)

    I have Goldilux, and it's INSANE. Goldest gold, ever. I also love Lumi too for an inner corner highlight when I do green or blue looks :3


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