Jun 20, 2010

Drag me to sunset


My today's makeup was done again with Sugarpill. I almost feel bad for all my other makeup, since I use only Sugarpill :D
But maybe ever tomorrow would be "no Sugarpill" -day?

Anyway, this was made by using Magpie and Burning Heart palette. I know it's really bold, maybe even bolder than my usual looks, but sometimes you gotta go bold (but not bald haha), right?

Paired with Gosh Darling on lips. I tried to keep everything else minimal, since eyes were that dark:

Then I was truly inspired by the new blog I found: http://matthewlx.blogspot.com/ and especially this post.
I've always loved drag makeup, and I think I would give my left kidney to be as artistic in makeup that some of the drag artist are.
Anyway, I did my own (quite horrible and QUICK) drag look:
(I'm quite amazed, I didn't cover my brows, the brow is quite excatly where it belongs to :D I guess I really do have big lids!)
(But I did overline my lips. BIG time.)

I used Sleek Safari palette, and NYX Glitterati Glitter palette, which unfortunately made my shadows to crease big time in the end.
But anyway:

And by the way, I'm now officially part of the MakeupGeek team! I'm the Creative Director, and for now on I'll be answering the makeup advice emails :)
I'm really having a hard time to believe, that year ago I was literally nobody in the makeup world (and in internet too). Now I have over thousand readers in my blog, I'm designing shadows for MSCHIC, and I'm working in MakeupGeek, place where all this started :D
Just how lucky I am? :D


  1. Parabens, adoro suas makes...

  2. Amazing make up looks!

    And thanks for sharing the link to that blog, It's nice to see some finnish guys doing make up looks.. That doesn't happen so often :D
    I love drag queens!

    And congrats! You're not just lucky but extremely talented too!! :) x

  3. Wow both of these looks are amazing! And thanks for that blog link too. You're right, some Drag Queens are CRAZY talented!!

  4. Wow, congratulations on all your success! I feel like you're now a very influential person in the makeup world, especially on MakeupGeek. And with good reason, these looks are fabulous!

    Also, I meant to send you an e-mail but got distracted; thank you SO much for the gift prize, I love it so much! One of the Lanmei pigments exploded in the package, but with a little cleaning, the rest were all fine. I LOVE them all, especially the metallic lavendar! Thanks for being so awesome! =D

  5. Love the looks :) Congratulations! ^ ^

  6. Tuo SP-meikki on mahtava! Keksisin jonkun vielä suuremman ja hienomman adjektiivin, jos osaisin, mutta en nyt kykene. :D Mutta mahtava se on.

  7. Congrats on the MakeupGeek job!! You are so talented that you only have great things ahead of you :)

  8. The first look is amazing, I made something a bit like it a while ago. Love the color combo :D
    And congratulations for getting on the MUG team, that's awesome!
    I have registered on the forum once but have not really done anything with my account since *blush* perhaps I should 'cause you're always raving about that forum. :)
    Your drag look made me smile ;)

  9. Congratulations on everything you've achieved, you've truly earned it! ^^

  10. OMG amazing drag look, LOOOOVE love love those lips!

    Also, thanks for mentioning my blog, i really appreciate that! <3

  11. You deserve every success that's come your way! Congratulations :)

  12. I love that first look! You always make difficult colours look like they are easy to wear. Great colourcombo!

  13. Congratulations! You have earned every bit of success you have, you are a truly talented woman :D

  14. Amazing!!!!!!!!! Really pretty...

  15. I"m in love with both of these looks!


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