May 12, 2010

Tutorial: Bright Tropic Acid


Today I tried out my new ring flash thingie, and I did a step-by-step tutorial:

I used Sleek's Acid palette:
Used colors are marked with stars.
You know the drill, so let's do it!

First a pic without any makeup:

Then MAC Painterly paint pot as a base:

The I added Eyeko's Line and Shine duo pencil's Electric Purple to make the purple pop more:

Then Sleek's purple over Eyeko's pencil:

Neon orange to crease, blended upwards:

Darker pink to crease, sorta mix purple and orange better:

Matte white down from brow, use it to blend the orange a bit:

Then neon yellow above inner corner (what do you call that area :D):

Then I added a small amount of neon pink to the middle of my lid:

Then lower lashlne, I added just neon orange to it first:

Then I added a hint of neon yellow in the inner corner, and a hint of darker pink and purple to outer corner:

Then eyeliner, I used Eyeko's Purple Graffiti eyeliner pen to do winged liner in upper and lower lashliner:

Then I added NYX Jumbo pencil Milk to waterline, and extented to middle of the liners:

At this point I noticed that something aws missing, and I did my brow :D

So here we are now:

Then we just add mascara, and the look is done!

What do you think?
Would you wear this out in public?

If you recreate this (or any other of my looks), let me know so I can check it out! I think it's awesome to see other peoples interpretations of "my" looks!

PS. I'll do another post of my LOTD and others later :)


  1. absolutely gorgeous!!!

  2. Love it, it's awesome.
    Yeah I would wear this out in public, because it's well done.

    The Acid palette really looks to be wonderful.

  3. wow, i really love this tropical thing!
    The liners are THE thing that adds originality to this make up!
    I found it gorgeous :-)
    And yes, i would wear this without any problems. euhm, unless maybe i wouldn't if I was with my boyfriend's parents :D

  4. I love this look!!!! It's gorgeous.

  5. Very nice indeed! Gongrats! I would wear it out on a special occasion.
    Looooveeee this photos. The new flash thingy was well worth it! Bravo

  6. I love your step by steps! And your new flash thingy seems to be great!

  7. Love the look! and I totally would wear this out!

  8. Love it, so bright and colourful, well done xoxo

  9. This is beautiful. I would absolutely wear it in public!

  10. The MAC Painterly paint pot as a base, is it the same thing as an eyeshadow primer? Do you think that using primer is necessary? Do it actually matters?

    I love this look, it's beautiful. If I could do it as well as you, I would wear it outside for sure! I absolutely love your work! Thank you for this tutorial, I think it's very helpful and it shows the right way to get to the results. I'm so grateful!

    But I'm not very good with blending, and I don't have the right colors either. Growing a collection is expensive and I'm on a tight budget as a student. I buy mostly cheap makeup (CoverGirl, Maybelline).

    My lastest acquisition are the L'Oréal HiP eyeshadows. The colors is great! I'm still praticing on applying the makeup though. :/

  11. Another amazing look! You inspire me daily! I reccomend this blog to all my make up loving girls.

  12. hello, after I discovered your blogger always take a look and I love everything you make, I love makeup I'm doing a course in makeup and you have been my inspiration, congratulations on your work worth living far away, hugging stay with God.

  13. This is AWESOME, I just may steal it :D

  14. thats is awesome! and i would totally wear that out in public =)

  15. Wow, this is breathtakingly gorgeous. I absolutely love the colors together. I need to try some of your looks as my eyelids are similar to yours and I have trouble getting make up to look right with them.

  16. I'm going to try to recreate this look... if I do I'll link it to you
    Well done :)

  17. Love it great tutorial
    humm i will do this look soon
    love the colour but :.(
    i don't have that kind of colour

  18. I would wear this in public! And I was thinking of interpreting one of your looks, I'll let you know!

  19. That's awesome, very very bright but so beautiful. You are one of the few people that can actually make colors like these work.

  20. I love it! Even those are pretty bright colours, you always make it look so wearable :)

  21. Love those color combinations, purple and orange is my favorite color combo. The blending's amazing!

  22. this look is amazing. just ridiculous. my personal fav :D

  23. I love it! I'll try to do it:P

  24. YES YES YES TUTORIAL!!! Love them!!! :) :) :)

  25. Hello,

    I've just tried to do this look :
    I'm not as good as you of course, but i'm glad to use this unusual palette, so thanks a lot for this amazing tutorial !

  26. I LOVE this! Thanks for the tutorial!

  27. I love all your looks. You look amazing.

  28. Hello!
    I love this look!!
    It so exotic and bright. I will try it this summer when I get reaaaally tanned.
    Thank you very much for the great job you do sharing your looks with us.

  29. Just a question about this pallette... I have never used this brand before, are the shadows highly pigmented? and are they easy to apply?

  30. Today it has been a grey rainy one so I wore this look for a hint of colour... I wore it in daytime and I must say it felt great!
    Thank you for sharing your great work

  31. I definitely could see myself wearing this in public! I wear bright makeup as it is in public, so I think this would be a fun look to do.

  32. Hey,
    i did this makeup today and i wanna post it on my blog with a photo of your example. Is it ok? <3


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