May 13, 2010

Earth breaks loose


I have a bunch of pictures again, but I guess I'll start with a look I did for Makeup Geek's Inspiration with Inspiration topic.

So the inspiration pic was this:

And here's my take on it:

Don't ask about the products, I used a bit of Gosh, bit of MAC, bit of NYX, bit of this and bit of that :3

My yesteday's makeup originally looked like this:

I thought it was too dark in some way, and I used TheSheSpace shadows and transformed it into this:

I also made a tutorial for this one, if you want, I can upload it in here too:

And finally my today's look, with Sleek Acid, again:

I guess that's all this time.
I'm awfully tired, so I'll be back (hopefully) tomorrow.


  1. Whoah you made a lot of looks these past days! And all very inspiring. I'd love to see the tutorial you made :)

  2. LOVE the pink/green look, reminds me of watermelons and summertime!=) The inspiration look in the beginning is truly amazing. x


  3. The look you've done a tutorial for kind of reminds me to the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland!!
    All of them great, as usual ;)

  4. Awsome looks!!! I'd love to see the pink/green tutorial! :) What are you wearing on your lips in the last green look with Sleek Acid? Gorgeus!

  5. The last 2 looks are gorgeous. Id love to see the tutorial on the green/pink one!

  6. I looove the first one, it's so cool! The red/orange line looks really good.

  7. I reallllllly like that green look you made today! it looks amazing on you! and, wow, the earth thing is... gorgeous! i'm speechless ! you turned this in a fabulous make up

  8. La cara cerda que tiene xD

  9. Wow, the first look is so beautiful and clever and original. You really are amazing.

  10. OMG! I've been looking for a way to use green and pink make up! You should totally post the tutorial, I would love you even more!!!

  11. Beautiful looks as always :)

  12. Yes please, the tutorial... :-)

    I really love the blue-purple one, fantastic.
    Thanx <3

  13. I would love a tutorial for the pink and green look!


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