May 12, 2010

Ring of wawooooooom!


I'll start with my LOTD, even though I have something much interesting to write about, mailman brought me stuff today :3

But like said, my today's look first, this one was made with Sleek Acid's pink/purple, and Sleek Original's blues:

So then to my AWESOME mail!

Here' s what I got:

Some of you may remember how I fell in love with a Tokidoki kabuki brush while back.
One of my readers, übersweet  Marie-Josée, offered to swap the kabuki with me, and here it now is!
It's sweeeeeeet! And soft ;_; So amazingly soft. And pwetty. And KAWAIIII!!!

Isn't it cuuuuute? Though I'm pretty shocked by the bunny's end O_o

From Eyeko I got 2 Line and Shine Duo Color Pencils; Electric Blue/ Teal and Electric Purple/ Plum , 2 Graffiti eyeliners; Navy and Purple, and Vampira nailpolish.

Here's awatches of the pencils and MAC's Forged Rose:

And here's Eyeko's sweet "got polish" called Vampira Polish:
It's black with teeny tiny red glitters. Sweeeeet. (Why is everything sweeeet? :D)

And here's (little cracked) MAC Forged Rose:

And even though I got awesome makeup related stuff, this was the BEST THING EVER:
It a ring flash adapter for my external flash.

..and here it is in action:

And here's a test shot witht the flash:
(Makeup isn't that cool, I did a testrun with Eyeko's purple pencil)
I think my step-by-step tutorial just became more clearer!
I love it <3<3<3<3

And it was cheap too *g*

But I guess that's it!

I guess I could do a tutorial tomorrow, any suggestions what you would like to see?


  1. I love the look, that pink is so pretty! and Ive been dying for a ring flash for my SLR

  2. loving the first look a looooooot!

  3. That look is great, gotta love Sleek :D
    Your tutorials were already great but they'll only get better now!

  4. I really love your blog! So creative!

  5. Your make ups are always amazing! Btw, what flash you use for your camera? I would love to have the oRing but I don't have an external flash <3

  6. I love that vampire polish, its to die for!

  7. I love this look! the colors look amazing together and they're so well blended! the kabuki looks sweet too ;-)
    Check out my blog!

  8. OMG! I loooove that cute Kabuki!!

  9. So many pretties! And that ringflash looks cool :D


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