May 11, 2010

Caribbean Sunset


I have so much pics I don't know where to start :S

I think I'll start with my today's look, which I made with my Shespace pigments, Gosh effect powder Aquatic and Sleek Sunset palette:

(The Shespace pigments were Can't hide from Karma, High Drama)

Here's my yesterday's MUFE look, with MUFE no. 2 , MUFE no. 41 and MAC Blitz & Glitz:

Also note my new hair color, I dyed it a bit browner and darker:

This was my natural Bare Escentuals look (with Peacock Shine eye stain) from day before yesterday:

Then I have to show you, I took a pic of my full sized MAC's today.

This was my "huge" (so I thought then) collection at last september:

And here it is now:
I totally forgot to add my two pencils to the pic, but anyway.
It hasn't doubled or anything, but there's quite lot still :D And like said, these are only my full sized items, I also have a bunch of pigment samples :3

I think I shoud start going through my whole makeup stash, so I could discover maybe something new to use :D

Check out also my MSCHIC blog:


  1. really pretty :)

  2. So pretty. I love the first look with the few different colors, definitely a gorgeous look. And then the second and third are so cute, I love your looks!

  3. My faves: 1st and last!

  4. Amazing! i love that sunset look. But I think the extreme wing liner is my fav!

  5. beautiful! I love all three looks but the first one is my favorite.
    I do the colored liner when I wear neutral eyeshadows too. Just adds a little something to the look

  6. I looooove that "shespace" look, it is so gorgeous. I'm gonna try that one tomorrow :D
    The Mufe look is great too.

  7. I like your new haircolor, it suits you well :) I also love all your three looks and I really can't tell which one is my favorite. You're so talented!

  8. i LOVE the first look, i really like those colours together!

  9. Okay, so I just may steal the first look too :P

  10. Amazing looks, you can do such different make up looks on your self, that's great!


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