May 8, 2010

Green, sweet and punchy


Today I made this:

I was inspired by MAC's To the Beach look Sweet and Punchy:
I didn't buy ANYTHING from that collection, so I did it by using these:
NYX Jumbo pencil Milk (depotted in the pic)
NYX Jumbo pencil Lemon
NYX Jumbo pencil Black Bean
Manly 120 color palette
Black gel liner
Mascara (not pictured)

Here are the colors I used:
So how did I do it?
See and learn, my little grasshoppers <3

Only brow done. You can add the primer prefered, I didn't use any this time:

Well, I used NYX Jumbo Pencils, but they aren't excatly primers.
Anyway, I added Milk under the brow, Lemon to crease and lid, and small amount of Black Bean on the lashline and outer corner:

Then I added lighter green with a flat brush (ie. 252, 239), and blend it above the crease with a blending brush (ie. 224):

Here's several steps;
First take black eyeshadow, add it to the crease, outer corner and along upper lashline (with ie. 219).
Then take darker green and blend the black so there isn't harsh lines.
Finally add light goldish color to your highlight  (I used 275), use it a bit to blend the green too:

Then to the lower lashline.
Add NYX jumbo pencil Lemon:

Add lighter green on top of the Lemon, and a hint of black shadow to outer corner:

Then black liner, both to waterline and upper lashline. Upper line should blend to the black shadow:

And finally black mascara:


Here's a supercool picture I drew for you:

And more pics!

I paired with:
Maybelline Dream mousse blush 02 Coral,
NYX Blush Terracotta
MSCHIC Shading powder


NYX Round Lipstick in Orange Soda:

Wohoo, that's it :D


  1. WOW, i adore greens, and i love the tutorial! Im definately going to try this one out! Thanx :)

  2. Oh god oh god oh god oh god. Can I say that again? Oh god.

    Love that. God and honest love that. Looooove the green colour, I really gotta start thinking how to get that palette :s

    Love it!

  3. Awesome!! You copied the look so well!xx

  4. Gorgeous! I love green <3

    Nea/ Fashioned in Finland

  5. Lindo tb adoro verde e suas makes....

  6. So cute! Those colours blend so well together!

  7. that color looks great on you!
    AWESOME (+1)

  8. Mahtava meikki! Pitääpä hankkia tuo NYXin Lemon- jumbokynä ja kokeilla tehdä tämä perässä. :)

  9. wowwwwww

    follow my blog

  10. this is sooo pretty!!!

  11. Kiitos! :) Olen samaa mieltä sinusta, olet erittäin kaunis ja meikkaat aivan upeasti!

  12. Hi Jangsara!

    I love this look on you, it is so summer/spring like.
    I remember you talking about dying your hair black a few days ago... I really think you should consider dying it darker, not necessarily black, but the dark color suits you so well! I just went from crazy redhead to a dark cold color with a hint of violet in it and a few effects of a red color, and I realized it is much easier to do my makeup now that I don´t have to consider my red hair :)

    Just my opinion :)

  13. That's some serious green! Thanks for the tutorial :)

  14. I love these shades of green, they look great with this look. I made a look a while ago quite the same as this one, looks very nice :D

  15. You make it look so darned easy! I guess you just need to practice and practice. You're a very talented lady :-)

  16. Took a go on this look and it turned out ok. I just wish I was as talented as you. :) Love your tutorials!!! :)

  17. Gorgeous look!
    Thanks a lot for the tutorial and the sketch drawing.

  18. Wau, upeesti osaat tehdä


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