Apr 16, 2010

Teal Friday


Wow, already so many comments in my giveaway post O_O
You are just wayyyy too awesome, you do know that, right?

But you're here too see makeup, so let see makeup ;D

Today I wanted to make a matte look, so I chose MAC Unsquare (still my favourite brown) and SMH's Teal Tuesday.
Personally I loved this color combo ( I've done other looks with brown and teal before too):

On lips is MAC's Viva Glam Gaga with Gosh's Soft'n'Shine Lipbalm  in Aubergine:

(had to show my nails <3)

And as I have read from my giveaway comments, my tutorials seem to be quite popular :D

So this is a tutorial, if  you have only eye pencil, mascara and  perhaps MAC Young Punk eyeshadow (optional) AND only 5 min (or less) time.

So here's the finished look (with Young punk):

What do you need (aka. what did I use :D )

Urban Decay Zero eye pencil
(MAC Young Punk eyeshadow)
First the natural (messy) eye:

Then HEAVY lining on upper and lower lid and waterline:

Then we blend the black with a small brush:

Like this:

Then we just add mascara, and we have a SUPER easy smokey :D

Then we can add MAC's Young Punk on top of the black:

And there we have it. It's definately not perfectly blended or anything, but it's done in couple minutes:

That's it, remember the giveaway , keep leaving comments 'cosI looove reading  them, they are so lovely and couraging!


  1. I love teal and brown combinations!! My everyday looks! lover this one! and the tutorial was great too!

  2. thats such a goegours look and so simple! Im going to try it out with some gosh effect powders :)

  3. Mitä sulla on tuossa turkoosissa sisärajauksessa?

  4. Sanni, se on itseasiassa MSCHIC:n pohjustajan päälle laitettua starmakeuphavenin Teal Tuesdaytä kanssa. Ja hyvin kesti :D

  5. I love the tutorial ;) Cute look.
    Also, love the teal and brown look. I love teals.

  6. I love love love the teal and brown look! So stunning!

  7. those colors look awesome =) I wish i could wear such dark colors like the purple over the black, but it seems to work better for light-eyed people (well, it makes your eyes pop like crazy) gorgeous work girl!

  8. Love the combination of teal and brown... Gorgeous on your skintone too :)

  9. awesome tutorial :D
    i saw what you did for me at makeup geek idea gallery THANKS LUV!!!! i almost fell out of my chair when i saw my eye on the website HAHA :)
    thanks so much for putting that up :D

  10. Y'know, I think the first look I ever saw on your blog was using a teal and brown - Flipside and Twice Baked by Urban Decay :) and I've been meaning to recreate it ever since

  11. You make teal look good. I've tried teal and similar shades, and they just don't complement me very well at all. Bravo!

  12. Hello gorgeous! Sinulle on PALKINTO blogissani, käy kurkkaamssa :)

  13. I also love the combinaison. Actually, I tried it few month ago with some gold, and I loooved it! I used romp from MAC as a gold with haunting and .. handwritten!
    Have a nice day!

  14. Wow soo perfect colors and make up!
    I like your blog and i'll follow you ok?

    =* make me a visit later and follow me too

  15. That teal looks amazing with your eyes!!

  16. Do you use a lot of MAC Cosmetics? Have you ever tried the smokey eye look and posted it on your blog? I love the design of your blog -black and purple, great for a beauty/cosmetics blog.

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  18. Teal Fridays are awesome! haha Another amazing look... jeez I've gotta try some of these! But heres the thing... I don't have a lot of time! :(

  19. amazing teal and brown eye. i've always loved that color combo.

    i LOVE that simple black liner with MAC young punk e/s. i've gotta try that!


  20. The first is gorgeous and I love the second one because of the color: purple is my favorite!
    The second look is so easy. Thanks for the step by step ;)

  21. Oh wow, the first look is SO amazing on you. It makes your hair and eyes just pop. I love your site. You are my hero<3

  22. Love the teal/brown...My next purchase will be macs unsquare (looks like there are two diff browns used?)..I have hooded eyes-shimmers tend to pronounce it. So I keep the shimmers to my lid area..I'm always looking for nice mattes/matte2's for contouring/blending up. And really look forward to you using mattes....Angelic


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