Apr 16, 2010


Contest is over, thanks everyone who participated!

I now have incredible 800 readers! Like OMG, what happened? :D
My last giveaway was when I had... 100 readers?
So I guess it's really about time to do another giveaway for all of you!

What do you have to do ton win?

1. First of all, you have to be a follower. If I don't find you in my "Readers" -list, I'll pick another winner. You can follow my blog using various methods.

2. You have to leave a comment on this post telling what's best in my blog AND what is your favourite makeup LOOK of all time (doesn't have to be my look :D).
I also appriciate if you spread the word about the giveaway, though you won't get extra entries. Only one entry / reader.

3. Leave also your email address, so I can contact you if you are the lucky winner.

4. I'll pick the winner with random.org, BUT I might also give away random smaller prizes, based on comments or randomness or something :D

5. THE Prize will be awesome. It has various products from MSCHIC, for example my HG primer, MSCHIC's Face Canvas.

Prize is almost worth 100 euros! ( about $135 )

Smaller prizes will include Gosh lip products and perhaps some pigment samples from MAC or MSCHIC or Gosh.

6. Contest is international so anyone can enter!

7. Contest is open one month, starting NOW and ending 16th of may at 11:59pm GMT.

Good luck!


  1. Heips!

    Parasta sun blogissa on ehdottomasti sun luovuutesi. Sä oot vaan niin hyvä! Sun meikkauksesi on yksinkertaisesti taidetta.

    Kaikkien aikojen lempituotteeni lienee Joe Blascon Ultra Base-meikkivoide.

    - Ida imvali@utu.fi

  2. Nuhuh! You have 803 followers now. As your 801st follower, I am ver- anywho.

    I have to say what I like best about your blog, or rather, your look, is that you use different coloured wigs. So far, you're the only person I follow that uses them, and I'm awfully glad about it, since I sometimes need to figure out looks for say, a blue wig. Your posts will definitely help me!

    Hm, that being said, my favorite look is the Gothic look at the moment. Heavy eyeliner, pale skin, and eyeshadow that matches my outfit... I also like the Japanese look ( with red at the corner of the eyes).

    Thanks for the chance! I'll be helping you spread the word.

    le.paradis.found at gmail dot com.

  3. Hi! I love your Blog. Why? Easy to tell: You have the best, craziest and most beautiful make up looks. And I also like that you create looks that are very special. Okay, maybe I would not wear it out on the streets but to look at it is also a great pleasure. Go one with it!

    My favourite look (and of course, it's one of yours) is:

    Greetins, Audrey

  4. I love how diverse and creative you are with your makeup especially when you wear wigs you really get into the character. And you use colors that no one else would think to use.

    I makeup look I love is the cut crease look because it's so dramatic and in your face.

    My email is shirleyt1286@gmail.com
    This giveaway is great thanks

  5. The link to follow you doesn't work, so I don't know about that but I do follow you through www.bloglovin.com

    Best in your blog is all the creative looks! And that you post so many great pictures of each look. BUT! I'd love it more if each look came in a separate post, I easily get confused when you talk about so many different things/show so many looks in one entry.

    My fave look of all time? Uh... I guess I don't have any. Anything well executed that suits the person, is daring, bold, or just plain awesome... yah. It's easy to rock my socks makeup wise :P

  6. I follow you through Google Friend Connect/Blogger, and my email is silhouettescreamsblog(at)gmail(dot)com

    The best thing about your blog is that you're creative as helllllllll :) your blog is like one giant source of inspo for me! And my favourite look is from your blog, the Masquerade Macabre one. It's just the coolest thing ever, and if we celebrated Halloween here I'd totally wear it :)

  7. naw, congrats on the many subscribers, however soo deserving!

    *Im a follower on Bloglovin'

    *Im international if you want to know that.

    *What i love about your blog, or even you is the fact that you inspire and are so creative in your own way - you are able to spread the joy of makeup, dressup and all things beauty and that i believe is the greatest gift you give your subscribers! :)

    *Favorite look of all time would probably have to be the retro, vintage classics of the black liner and the red lips. I am very inspired of artists from Betty Page to Dita Von Teese and everyone in between including the natural vintage/retro styles of Taylor Swift.

    *I will help spread the word as always.

    *Email: pixi_jasmine@hotmail.com

    Have a wonderful day! x

  8. Heips :)
    Lemppari makeuplook on ehkä Kat Von D! Niin sinun kuin henkilön itsessään! Rock'n'roll ja sillei ^^
    Toteutat meikit todella hyvin, osaat soveltaa meikin omille kasvoillesi sopivaksi, kumminkin niin että selkeästi tunnistaa mistä on kyse! :)
    e-mail on tummakuiskaus@hotmail.com

    Ps. oot mun lemppari meikkibloggari :D!

  9. Hi !

    The things I prefer in your blog are complete styles, with the wigs and other stuff. You're so good at playing the characters you create. That's why in your blog I prefer the most "artistic" photos of you, when you offers to your dears readers a little trip to another world !

    So the best make up look ever for me it's the red queen 2 with the pretty pretty hat !
    And I have an other favorite look, but this one is sentimental. It's the first look I saw by you, and it's the first one I tried to recreate. And after that, I've never ended to do my make up and to feel myself a little more artist everyday. It was the mac look you posted on MakeupGeek's Idea Gallery, with Young Punk, Blue Flame, Off the Page.

    Well this is my e-mail : cecile@del-piccolo.com

    Kisses from France !

  10. I really love your color combinations, you are really imaginative. They are sooo inspiring. If i should pick one look that would definetely be your "colors strike back". I would never think of adding those colors in one look. And the final outcome is really dramatic!

  11. Great giveaway - you deserve all those followers! The best thing about your blog is when you do step-by-step tutorials of your looks. I always fail miserably at recreating them, but it is fun to try!

    My favourite look of all time has to be a classic pin-up red lip - something I never quite get right!

    my email is missy_ellie_uk@hotmail.com

    Ellie x

  12. Hi! Such a nice giveaway, thanks! :)

    My personal favorite look to wear on a everyday basis is the cut crease natural look. I just love it and I like all your "natural" variations, since you manage to make a boring everyday look to something more sophisticated.

    From the other looks (and I must say it is really, REALLY hard to pick a favorite) i guess I most enjoyed the Arabic Look and also all the weird wig, stones, lips looks.

    Thank you again for this give away and the lovely products that you chose for the price :)

    Email: bjohneva(at)yahoo(dot)com

  13. Hi,

    Congrats on the 800 folowers!!
    I watch youre blog every day now (I was not a follower..i did not know that is was possible..I dont know much about computers)
    Watching youre makeup looks is my time to relax after a hard day at work. I love youre creativity en the fact that you are not scared to try new things. If i have to pick one look..(and that is very hard! ) I would say the:


    I where this look so much since i saw it on youre blog. it is my school look,my party look,my I go the the cinema look etc.. I get a lot of compliments on it. very girly and wearable!

    Thank you for this generous giveaway!
    Email: Evelien110@gmail.com

  14. Congrats on so many followers! :)

    What I like most about your blog is your creativity with colors and the way you use accessories/wigs/clothes to emphasize your make up. I love how you can get new products and be inspired constantly by their colors, textures, look, etc. I am not one to wear colorful make up but whenever I come on your blog and see the way you can make colors match on an eye and the way it looks so good on you, I tell myself I should try too. I like that you are not afraid to try anything and any look because you inspire each and every one of us to dare too. And of course I love your pictures because they are clear and pretty and show exactly what we want to see! :)

    As for my favorite make up, I'll go with one of yours, a recent one: "Explosion with acid". I absolutely adore the colors and the way they blend together. It make your eye pop and the look is stunning. I wish I could recreate it as beautifully as you did it! lol

    Thanks for always inspiring us with new looks!


  15. Wheee! Congratulations on 800 followers!

    My favourite thing about your blog is that I look at your make-up looks and even though my blending isn't anywhere near as good, and I don't have all the colours or the right colours, your looks are really inspirational and I can always take something from them to use on myself. For example last week when you did your orange look, I used orange shadows and purple glitter liner too, and got so many complients, where I never would have tried that colour combination before.

    My favourite make-up look ever is actually the yellow winged look Beyonce wore in Telephone! I love yellow and squealed when I saw it. Its a perfect modern twist on a traditional pin-up, great for girls like me who love that look but want something a little more out there!

    My email is robyndskinner@gmail.com and thankyou for this giveaway and your lovely blog! xx

  16. Parasta sun blogissas on upeat, selkeät kuvat ja mahtavat meikit. Meikit on ajatuksella tehty, ja vaatineet varmasti aikaa. Myös ihanien Goshin tuotteiden käyttö miellyttää tätä Gosh-fania :)

    Lempparilook, joka jäi mieleen oli hiljattainen Lady Gagan Bad Romance :) Ei voi muuta sanoa kuin, että vau!!


  17. Hello :)

    First of all congratulations! :) And thanks. Thanks for inspiring me (and many other girls).

    Your every single look is just amazing. It's not just a make-up - it's an art!


    Which look I like the most? Oh it's hard to pick one - I can't decide. There is something spacial in all of them.


    My email: wingsofenvy@gmail.com

  18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  19. Best in your blog... Hmm, all? If I must say a couple of things I would say that your make up looks are very well done and those imagine that you really love what you are doing. You have a great imagination.

    I love your Lady Gaga and Barbie looks. (I want see more of those!) I like also simple smoky eye looks because I can get some tips to my own makeup.


  20. I love a smokey eye look. Your blog is really interesting and provides alot of inspration. I love it how you also incorporate props into your looks :-)

    My email: stafea(at)gmail(dot)com

  21. Hiyas!

    The best thing that your blog has offered me, is amount of info and also the fact that I've started look after the make up that I use. I don't just get something from sale that looks kinda nice but ends up being bad in pigment wise and just doesn't cut it.

    You inspire me to do better and to search out colours.

    My absolute favourite look is from yours, "Going green" the first one. Absolutely adore the colours, desperately trying to find the same kinda glitter and sort. Just love it.


  22. Moi!

    Kommentoin ehkä vähän harvemmin, mutta olen jo tässä jonkin aikaa blogiasi seuraillut mielenkiinnolla :)

    Blogisi on ainut seuraamani meikkiblogi ihan jo sen tähden että et jumitu yhteen ja samaan meikkaus tyyliin, vaan toteutat hyvin monipuolisesti kaikenlaisia tyylejä joista tämmöinen mustempikin kansalainen löytää mieleisensä! :)
    Myös peruukit tuovat todella kivan lisän meikin seuraksi.

    Suosikkini on ehdottomasti Masquerade Macabre, koska siinä on maski ja meikki samassa ja se on toteutettu todella upeasti <3 Tekemäsi tutorialit ovat myös helpottaneet todella paljon omaa meikkaamista ^^ Lisää niitä! :D

    Sähköposti on: Grotesca@luukku.com

  23. Hello!

    Congratulations!! I am a follower and have loved your looks since I started seeing them on MUG. My favorite thing about your blog is that your talent is not only that you apply makeup gorgeously and fearlessly, but your photography skills are also equally amazing. To pick one of your looks as m favorite is so difficult, but I'd have to say the peacock look.



  24. Hi !

    I read your blog since a long time, and let me tell you that you are very talented and your looks are awesome !
    What I like in your blog ? Your creativity to make all the looks ! I have never seen that before ! What you can do with make-up is amazing, and I love wath the new looks you show us. I am always impressed. Another thing that I loke in your blog is that you do a lot of new post, almost every day, there's always something new to see, and this is really cool =)

    My favortie look in make-up is the smoky eye. I do it every time I go out. Your looks inspire me to change it a little bit, with other colours or with more details =)

    My email adress : v.tellan@hotmail.com

    Thank you so much for this contest, I hope I will be lucky, because these products are juste amazing and I would like to test them !

    (excuse me if my english is not always perfet, because it's not my mothertongue, I speak french and I learn english at school)

  25. Heipsan!

    Siun blogissasi on parasta se, että levität inspiraatiota ympäriinsä, toimit ikään kuin muusana muille taiteilijoille. Ehdoton lempparini siun mooonista lookeistasi on Arabic Butterfly, kun näin ne kuvat ensi kertaa, leukani loksahti tyystin auki. Onneksi kyseessä oli kuitenkin talviaika, joten ei ollut vaaraa erinäisten hyönteisten nielemiselle. :D Blogisi on ensimmäinen meikkiblogi jota aloin seurata ja seuraan innolla ja ihastuksella jatkossakin, ihailtavaa monimuotoisuutta, johon muut voivat vain pyrkiä.

    sähköpostiosoitteeni on hihhhuli@hotmail.com


  26. Hey girl! I'm one of your biggest fans, I think your artistic ability is amazing and your blending is always flawless. Thanks for always sharing your beautiful pictures and inspiring us all, it's the best part of your blog. My favorite look is a golden smokey eye :)

    HUGS! leanne109@hotmail.com

  27. Congratulations on your 800 followers, you really deserve it..and more! :)

    1. Im a follower: of your blog with google and bloglovin, on twitter and on facebook.

    2.What's best in your blog? The way you go all out with your looks, with eyelashes, wigs, and accessories. You're the only blog I know that really does that(and you are SO good at it). And the fact that you don't only post heavy looks, but also daily looks and show how you can easily change them. And lastly, the way you use all kinds of brands, so there's always seomthing among them someone can buy/pay for.

    My favourite look? I love heavy looks, and lots of colours. Porbably because I wear a lot of black and that way I can go all out with makeup. So your blog is a big inspiration for me and lots of your looks are favs of mine, especially green ones and themed ones.

    My email: j.dorst3@chello.nl

    Keep up the blogging with your fabulous looks and let's make it to a 1000!

  28. 1. The best thing about your blog are the crazy and well done looks!

    2. My favorite Makeup look of all time is strong brows and strong lips :)

    my email: dascarina@web.de

  29. Pls enter me for this giveaway!! Congratulations on having 800 followers...very well deserved and with u many more followers :)

    You talent and creativity makes me a regular reader of your blog....you have hell lot of talent....the looks you create are absolutely neat (and crazy...lol)...but they do reflect how creative you are.

    my fave. makeup looks is anything to do with pinks and purples as these shades pop out my brown eyes.

    my email is : sadybhat@gmail.com

    thanks again for the giveaway!!

  30. HI! Congrats on all the followers ... I just started blogging and hopefully I can have as many readers one day
    I LOVE your blog because of all the creative original looks and the fact that you update it almost everyday!
    I really do love all your looks so its hard to pick just one, so my most recent favorite look is ACID EXPLOSION!
    Keep up the good work


  31. Parasta blogissasi on se, että meikkisi ovat aina erilaisia ja käytät niissä rohkeasti värejä. Lisäksi on ihanaa, että jaksat panostaa meikkeihisi, kuvausrekvisiittaan ja kuvanmuokkaukseen niin kiitettävän paljon. Tällä hetkellä mieleeni on jäänyt erityisesti Arabic look, jota eksyin taas yhtenä päivänä katselemaan.

    s-posti: tahma@webinfo.fi

    ps. onnea 800 lukijan johdosta, huhhuh mikä määrä!

  32. Congrats on all the followers!!

    I love your blog bc of your creativity. you always make the looks complete, from the eyes,to the wigs, to the outfits...its amazing.

    My fav look is from a while ago, its a combo of purple and turquoise and some green rhinestones.


    Congrats again!

  33. i really love your looks, your creativitiy.. your make up style is unique for me, i follow so many blogs but your's is different.

    thanks for the giveaway, i really wanna try mschic's products because you show them really awesome.

  34. and i forgot my e- mail : tugnilay@gmail.com

  35. wow!!! thanks for the giveaway...i'm so excited of the prices...a thing i really love of your blog is the combination of LOTD and small reviews you put among the pictures. my favorite makeup ever is a smokey with brilliant eyeshadows, not the classic one with black or grey...i prefer purple or blue or green smoky!

    my email: deave.81@gmail.com

  36. Wow, congratulations on reaching over 800 followers!! You totally deserve them because your blog is fab :)

    The best thing about your blog are your amazing and very inspirational make up looks, especially when you do photo tutorials to go with them :) They're so easy to follow and I love looking at what you come up with. You really go the extra mile - I wish I had your style!

    My favourite make up look of all time has to be the classic sexy pin up look - again, a look that you do an amazing job with!

    I've added your giveaway to the giveaway page of my blog to help spread the word :)

    Email: dottiekblog@googlemail.com

    Kim xox

  37. I just love your look of the day. I always look forward to seeing it.
    My favorite look is probably your Halloween look. I loved it because it was so well executed but in not a predictable way. I learned techniques from it that I could apply to other looks.
    My email is cantrix (at) gmail (dot) com.

  38. I follow via Google Friend Connect/Blogger and my email address is raeraemakeup@googlemail.com

    What's best about your blog is that your picture tutorials are really clear and useful.
    My favourite makeup look at the moment is CORAL AND PEACH EVERYTHING. I am obsessed.

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. Best thing in your blog is that you make so versatile looks and with lots of pictures,too! I don't have an all-time favourite look since I get inspired by lots of things, right now I like blue/turquoise eye look and your arabic look.

    e-mail: sinnocent@netti.fi

  41. oii blogisi on aivan ihana :3
    wish me luck ♥

  42. Hello Dear

    My favorite thing about your blog is when you accidentally make a grammar typo. It's so cute lol. My favorite look you ever did was the millions of peaches look for the makeup geek idea thingy lol. http://jangsara.blogspot.com/2010/02/millions-of-peaches-peaches-for-me.html

    My email is virtuebathandbeauty@gmail.com ;]

  43. Hey there,
    Congrats on the 800 followers...
    My favorite thing about this blog is the inspiration you give me to try many of the looks you make. The time you put into this blog is impressive. I love it. Hair make-up, props...U rock!!

    My favorite look is one from last year, I think, a Cleopatra one that you have the wig and all the colors. But I also love the daily looks you put up. Congrats!!!

    email: digriniporter@gmail.com

  44. 1. I follow through Google Connect, BlogLovin', and You're on my Blog Roll on my blog.
    2. in your blog I love your creative makeup looks with the props.
    this has been my favorite makeup look for quite a while:
    3. sephyrra at gmail dot com

  45. Many congrats on all of the followers! I know you say that you don't normally appreciate your own work, but hopefully the number of readers you have will help convince you that you should! :)

    Picking only one favorite look is hard. But I'd have to say that my favorite makeup look is your Arabic Butterfly. I have Hazel eyes,and some of the various colors in them are brought out nicely by this look. I actually wish you would do a step by step tutorial for that, so I can recreate it on myself a bit better! That would be a prize enough for me! :)

    The best THINGS about your blog is the way you try a wide variety of styles, colors, and cosmetics. You are not overly critical of anything, and you are not bias towards any one style or company. You have a little something for everyone in your blogs; and pleasing everyone is not an easy thing to do! I think you do it quite well! I also give you high scores for taking the time to accept and complete requests. Even from new-comers, like my self (I am the one who requested the Jane Vultori look).

    Also, being a photographer myself, I appreciate your wonderful photos... both the manipulated and non-manipulated ones. There are not many makeup artists that are capable of taking their own photos, and doing it as high quality as you do. And that is something I am very critical of.

    I give you 5 stars on all of that! :)

    Thank you for sharing your creative and style with the world!

    I'm a follower on bloglovin' and a fan on facebook.

    email: kb9plcchick@comcast.net

  46. Jellou! Blgossa parasta... pakko mainita parikn asiaa, päivität usein, melkein aina löytyy uutta luettavaa joskus jopa useampikin postaus! Toisena juttuna on tuo mielikuvituksen määrä, mistä oikein saat ideasi näihin kaikkiin?

    Seuraan blogiasi nyt vihdoin sitten virallisesti tämän giveawayn myötä, olen täälä usein notkunut mutta nyt google connectin avulla myös näet että olen lukijasi :)

    Parhaaksi kuvaksi en halua valita mitään tiettyä vaan lähinnä kaikki missä on käytetty turkoosia. olen vuosia pukeutunut ja meikannut mustavalkoisella sävytyksellä ja nyt on iskenyt joku keväthuuma ja turkoosi on AH <3 oli pakko hakea muutamaa käyttämääsi tuotetta kun näki millaista jälkeä ne sai sinun taidoillasi aikaan :)


  47. Hello, congrats on all 800 followers! I have been following your blog here for a while and I think what I love most is that your work is so different from everyone out there. I love your use of different textures and colors. You are really inspiring, thanks :)

    email: angeldbarrera@yahoo.com

  48. 800 followers! Wow! Congrats! I'm a follower! My favorite look has to be your glossy look! It was stunning! Though, most of the looks you do are! I love that you give us an over the top dramatic look and then provide us with an everyday look that anyone could pull off!


  49. What a great giveaway. Thanks for doing it!! I really enjoy your blog and your manner of explaining techniques. Plus, you are incredibly creative and I love the looks you come up with. Good job and keep it up.

    Twitter contact: aguacate47

  50. Hello ! I think I was one of your 1st followers, not knowing how to suscribe for your first give away ....No Comment !
    My favorite look is fire from the element serie...so beautiful !
    Congrats on your 8oo followers, what an achievment !

    Caro xxx

  51. OMG i really wanted to try those products! I really like your blog, even tho i discovered it recently. I really like your creativity, you need a lot of talent to do what you do. It feels almost like you are an artist, but with eyeshadows instead of paint.
    My favourite look of all time? Hmmm...i really do not know! I do really like your Explosion with Acid look. It's so colorful and reminds me of the 60's.

    My email: lovelly_ank@yahoo.com

  52. I love all of your looks, you do so many and much more creative/unique ones than alot of other people do.
    It's hard to say what my favorite look of all time is. There are alot that I like, especially in movies. I love the makeup on the girl character, "Mary" on the show Kingdom hospital. I also love the makeup on the queen and main character, when she turns "evil" in the movie mirror mask http://movies.yahoo.com/shop?d=hv&id=1808624595&cf=pg&photoid=576250&intl=us
    I really love dark lip colors, bright eyeshadow and tons of yellow eyeshadow. Not necessarily together though ;p
    My favorite looks that I've done on myself have been this one http://pon-pon.deviantart.com/art/Sun-kill-moon-114551500
    and this one http://pon-pon.deviantart.com/art/Vacant-soul-128164049
    I think my favorite look that someone else has done is this http://destroyx.com/2009/05/04/makeup-mayhem-miss-x-vs-freyagushi/ I love red eyeshadow, and she put red, blue and white together so well. Usually those colors together scream "patriotic" but the look she did, it doesn't at all.
    My email, ajuminagunada at gmail.com

  53. (tää on jo toka vastaus tänään.. eka katosi jonnekki bittiavaruuteen ku selain hajos ennenku ehin lähettää..... )


    mmm eniten tykkään sun blogissa.. siitä että oot ilmeisesti amatöörimeikkaaja/itseoppinut ja silti noin äärettömän taitava! sun into ja mielikuvitus noissa upeen erikoisissa meikeissä on ihan mieletön! niin ihanan inspiroivaa selata sun meikkitaiteiluja ja koittaa itekkin sun ohjeistusten mukaan meikata.. (melko huonoin lopputuloksin tosin..just tänään koitin sun pin-up meikkiäs). ja sun silmät on tosi kauniit.. joten niitä on kiva kattella erilaisissa meikeissä :'3

    ja lemppari meikkilook on tosiaan kaikki Pin-up henkinen ja semmonen vanha hollywood glamour.. plus yks lemppareista sulta on se eräs ihana vihreä missä oli vihreitä timantteja.

    niin plus että sulla on erittäin loisto värisilmä!

    ite en uskalla hirveen paljoa rahaa laatumeikkeihin laittaa ku pelkään etten kuitenkaa osaa käyttää niitä ninku esim sinä :D joten pidäydyn vielä halvemmissa merkeissä.. ehkä sitten joskus jos jopa oppisinkin vähän taitavemmaksi meikkaajaksi.. tai ku paskon rahaa :')

    maili ois: pauliina881(at)luukku.com

    (+ ois postaus ehdotus/pyyntö.. jos esittelisit sun meikkausvälineitä ja miten huollat niitä! ellet oo jo sitä tehnyt.. en oo vielä ihan kaikkia merkintöjäs selannu läpi.. but getting there!)

  54. Hi

    What I love about your blog is that ur looks step out of the box and you go for unusual styles that are unique to you where uve experimented. You dont just go for the usually make-up-artist styles. The second thing i love is YOU! you are sooo approachable its unbelievable that even with 800 followers ur are so willing to do requests, even ones on short notice! You helped so much with mine and my sisters look for her wedding, which i will never forget! I am telling all my friends about you!

    My most favorite look is Arabic butterfly, which u did for my sister! You are right it is flawless! BUT... its joint favourite with the nave blue one u did for me! And im not just saying that because you did them for me, they are my all time favourites! I love ur take on arabic stule makeup!

    I'm a follower on bloglovin' and a fan on facebook.

    You can email me on the bila_bila address you have.

  55. I love how creative you are with the different looks. You don't just do makeup, you do a complete look, with wigs etc.

    It's really hard to pick my favorite look because there are too many!

    My email prettymom [at] gmail [dot] com

  56. Your blog is an inspiration to me. I've always been taken to your site when looking for make-up inspiration before, and just recently I decided to just follow you. It has really motivated me to get back into creative looks. You show so much drama, and you post very useful reviews. I head over to your MSCHIC articals, and because of you I've found some other really helpful information! I was so happy to find that you have a Deviant art.

    So I suppose what I'm saying is that my favorite part of your blog is that you remind me almost every day not to be afraid to be dramatic with my make-up.

    I love so many different kinds of make-up looks right now and I have folders and bookmarks and favorites full of make-up inspiration, so for the sake of choosing, I am going to choose one of yours.

    The look of it, and the method you used is really great.

    Email: swolforth@gmail.com

  57. The best thing about your blog is your unbelievably creative looks! I really envy your skill and your color combinations. And you really commit when you do your looks. You don't just do the makeup, you do the wig to match!

    Its really hard to choose my favorite looks. I've seen so many. But I think one of my absolute favorite looks is your "Map of the Stars" look. Its dirty and messy, but it looks like its supposed to be. I think it's flawless.

    My email is KarliRaeLN@gmail.com

  58. This entry's gonna have more then 800 comments methinks.
    I stumbled on your blog just recently and the best entry I saw was where you showed your look au naturel that then got transformed into beautiful flawless skin using mineral powder. Has helped me reqruit lots of ppl to the MMU-cult :D. Beautiful FOTD's are very lovely to look at too, inspiring.
    This is one of my most favorite looks: http://www.lipsticksandlightsabers.com/2009/08/eotd-and-they-have-plan.html - probably cause I could never pull it off.

  59. forgot the bloody e-mail address, sry
    liisk at hotmail dot com

  60. I love your blog,adore your skills and I'm really jealous of your creativity:D One of my favorite looks is the mango&strawberry look you did in january this year.

    My email:

    Congratulations on your 800 followers;)

  61. I love when you do the tutorials. We need more. :)
    Best look>>your version of Kat Von D.


  62. Damn it,I managed to type my address false:D:D:D

    Correct wise it's:


  63. What I Love Best About Your Blog:
    You have such a knack for mixing colors together that I'd never think of. Every time you come up with a new look, I just stare at it for a few minutes... and hope one day I can accomplish that. You are pretty much my inspiration for my makeup every day :P It gives me something to look forward to!

    My Favorite Look:
    Its just so intense o.o

    My Email:

  64. Hello! I think what I love most about your blog, if you show so many DIFFERENT kinds of looks, from extremely neutral to over the top, and that's awesome.

    My favorite look right now is one from you recently:

    it just looks like a mermaid, and I love mermaids. I also love all kinda of smokey/neutral looks that you do. I also am loving right now, the look for urban decay's summer of love. I'd like to see you recreate that one!

    I follow you through Facebook, and added you to my Google friend connector, I don't really use blogspot, so I get your updates from Facebook.

    I'm really excited about this opportunity to particate, because I have very bad skin, and I'm looking for a mineral makeup that will give coverage and make me feel good. I always keeping reading about you talking about MSCHIC, but since I'm in America, kind of of pain to purchase it.

    Anyways, thank you!

  65. I am a follower.

    My email is: ek_1queen@yahoo.com

    and my fav looks are the simple smokey because it looks great day and night, and another one is a look that you posted on mug website. I asked you for a tutorial but never got one, and thats ok i still love ya! =]

  66. Ah my email is breathehope@gmail.com

  67. I love how you can do completely crazy and not-so-wearable creations (like your CallowLily look) and then turn straight around and create gorgeous colour combinations and recreations of nature, photos, people, etc., etc..

    My favourite look I've found.. Hmm.. way hard one. Would probably have to be.. umm.. probably The Fancy Face's Golden Olive look:


    I think greens suit her beautifully and the shaping and use of colour in this particular look, I feel is outstanding.



  68. oooh this is sooo hard! My english is so bad, so its hard for me to say everything I want!
    First: I love your work!! So intense and the colours!!! I love! I have an addiction to colours! and you give me the right amount!! hahaa
    second: you are so creative!!! I read and watch so many great make up artists, but you are the only one which make up I really recreate!!! And I was one of your 600 readers and you had a lot of posts! BUT I saw every post end from first to the latest!! Great! I just have to say you are great! I LOVE YOUR WORK! You are like mz make up superhero!


    oh and my email!


  69. I'm a follower. Congrats on your 800 readers! I found your blog recently and I love it. Your make up looks always look very complete and I like your creativity when it comes to the pictures. My fave make up look, purple. I love to use this color as much as I can!


  70. I've been a follower for quite some time now, I love your blog and take a look every day for your great creations. I'm doing nightshifts at work right now and the other night I just watched ALL of your old blogs starting at your first blog. Inspired me so much wich actually kinda bugged me 'cause since I'm at work... I couldn't get to my makeup and try some stuff myself ;)

    What first really got me into your looks is the fact that you use a lot of gosh products, it's one of my favourite brands and I have a lot of the stuff you use. I got really excited when I saw how much you love Sleek palettes too, I have 4 palettes and I can not get over how much I love this eyeshadow.
    To choose one makeup look that I love most is not an option for me, I love them all. I really love to work with red eyeshadow so the looks where you use that color are definitely up there in my top 3 ;)
    Gonna spread the word on my blog about your giveaway :)

    My email address: livia_drusilla at hotmail.com

  71. Hei ja onnea räjähdysmäisestä lukijamäärän noususta!

    Löytäessäni blogisi kiinnitin aivan ensimmäiseksi huomion upeisiin fantasiameikkeihin ja ne on edelleen yksi parhaita paloja blogissasi. Toisaalta tykkään et oot tasapainottanut postauksia meikkikuvilla ja tutoriaaleilla, joita tavallisetkin tallaajat voi yrittää toteuttaa ;)

    Meikkilookeista on tosi vaikea valita yhtä tiettyä, mutta usein jään ihailemaan smoky-meikkejä, jotka on tehty muulla sävyllä kuin mustalla, ehkäpä siksi kun en itse osaa niitä tehdä :D


  72. Hi there,

    I follow your blog through Google Friend Connect/Blogger.

    What I like most about your blog is your creativity. I love that you do looks that are wayyyy out there, and also simple everyday looks. I also love that you use a variety of brands/products.

    I don't really have a favourite makeup look of all time, as long as something is well done. I love bright BRIGHT looks, but I also love a classic pin up look. I think the favourite look of yours that I have ever seen is your Earth entry for the MUG elements challenge. Using the pebble rhinestones - Brilliant!

    Thank you for this contest/giveaway, and thank you for having such an awesome blog.

    My email address is j.nervous @ gmail . com

  73. congrats on all your followers!

    my favorite thing about your blog is how much information you give all of us in regard to all your make up knowledge. it is so refreshing to see those who know so much share that knowledge to help others. some of the tasks are difficult to learn so any tips are appreciated :) - like your use of glossy items from the James Dean Glossy eyes - amazingly beautiful

    my favorite look, yes its yours, and it was hard to pick just one, is the Beauty from the mail on 5/3/2010. i love the extras you add like gems, or glitter, or sandy make up looks, or feathers!

    and i love your attention to detail. you go above and beyond a basic make up look or basic tutorial by adding the extra touches - all your halloween looks were breathtaking -- the red contacts, unique blood drops... and also your Arabic Butterfly look was so moving to me; the warmth of the colors chosen and the intricate liner - just stunning!

    thanks for everything!
    -Angela Marino
    i follow you on...
    -make up geek
    - facebook
    my email : admarino11@gmail.com

  74. What I love about your blog is your make up application skills; seriously, your blending is impeccable--not to mention your creative color placement! And one of my favorite looks is this one by Phyrra.

    My email is olppaemi at gmail dot com

  75. This comment has been removed by the author.

  76. Congrats on all of your followers! That is awesome. I remember the first giveaway. I must admit I stumbled upon your blog from the MUG website. I follow you on Blogger and Facebook.

    You have so many looks I cannot pick just one. I must say I am a bit of a blog stalker and do check your blog daily to see what you have created. You are my own personal muse and I look to your blog for inspiration and ideas. Imitation is a form of flattery right? (LOL)

    I love your costume looks. They are all amazing!

    My e-mail is huebnermarquez@bellsouth.net.

  77. Okie dokie smokie :)
    I already follow ya, I believe I even have you on my blog down the side as the "Be cool like me and read the same stuffs" section.

    I think my fav look of all time (today anyway, it's always changing!) would have to be bright yellow eyeshadow with a ton of black, preferably cut crease.

    And moi email is jaicea_blade at hotmail dotcom

  78. I love how between the wigs, props, makeup and photography...you turn what might be even a simple LOTD into ART. Your blog inspires me daily and I love that I get a little extra bonding time with my little girl (she is a HUGE fan anytime makeup comes up in conversation she tells people you're the best!)

    After careful deliberation with my mini-me...we decided that our favorite looks are your Lady Gaga inspired looks.

    My email is sdcardinale74@gmail.com

  79. Ok, so I'm a huge DORK!!! I was using my boyfriend's computer and forgot to sign myself in *slaps forehead* That post from Alexander is me, Astessame. I'm indeed a follower. I meant everything I said and my email address is still sdcardinale74@gmail.com. Sorry for that...I feel so silly :)

  80. I think I'm subscribed? I use that google thing! Let me know if i'm not. I'm new to blogspot and yours is in Finnish so I've been having a hard time navigating it :(

    but as I said! Long time lurker, but new to actually commenting/joining. I love a lot of your looks and just want to say I love all your wigs. I cosplay, and wigs are always mean to me >_>

    I really enjoyed this look: http://jangsara.blogspot.com/2010/03/alice-in-greenland.html and even attempted copying it and I really enjoyed it. My favorite color is teal/turquoise!

    email: showinghypocrisy@gmail.com

  81. Hi! Well I must admit I don't know much about make-up, I wish I did but I have close to no time at all. Which is a bit of a let-downer.
    Anyway, what I really love best about your site is the fact that when you're doing make-up you always have this really open mind. It's not just about fashion and style it's also about the technicality of everything and the originality. And when you're inspired by some celebrity or something you always do something that YOU really want and not some cheap imitation. It's all about you, you and you. That sounds bad, but with art, that's what it has to be about. And I really love that fact about your blog.
    I think my favourite make-up look of all time (mind you, I know nothing about make-up looks and what-not) is probably the oriental look. I'm biased, so sue me, I'm Asian so I really appreciate the oriental (winged eyeliner, red lippy and pale face etc.) look. I think it's because many Western movies don't show how gorgeous (flattering myself, I know) Asian women are. They always show them either as really cheap or really stereotypically 'nerdy' etc. So I really appreciate this look how it brings out the 'inner beauty'.
    So long! Sorry!
    e-mail: lulu.zhen@gmail.com

  82. Hi there! =D

    I've recently followed your blog through Makeupgeek and been checking out on your new makeup posts. Reason because i find many of your looks very creative. Not just CREATIVE but in fact always blossoming with newer and greater ideas! I've always looked at simple and most of the time plain make up looks. THIS, brought my view into a whole different world where it isn't just for models or "for fun looks". You truly are an awesome inspiration to the makeup world.

    All this time, i mainly thought that it was difficult to put on make up like how you do it simply because my eyes, as an Asian Chinese, can be quite troublesome.


    This is the one look that stayed in my mind after looking at it. I love how you were able to use teal colors and create something that isn't just a slapped on teal. The idea of dotting the blue eyeliner at the ends of the darker color (along the crease) is really wonderful.

    Thanks for giving us (international) a chance of our lifetime!

    I'm Shannon - silvercoated@hotmail.com

  83. I love your website! I check it everyday and it is actually on my toolbar so you're blog is always only a click away! My favorite part of your blog is your step by step makeup looks.

    My favorite look you did was the Kat Von D look. I have tried to recreate it so many times, but cannot make it look as great as you did.

    My email is quadrel2@tcnj.edu

    Thanks for the great website!


  84. OMG, I love your blog..

    Honestly, I love all the look you do. They are all very bold and creative. I love the purple smokey kind a lot and I been using a lot of your look as inspiration to do for myself. I really adore your creativity and hopefully you will never stop.

    I will post your giveaway on my blog, please look for that.

    my email addy: tna.yang@gmail.com

    Thanks, love,

  85. My fave look is anything with pinks and purples! I follow you with google friend connect

    nettysgirl at gmail.com

  86. Blogisi on tyylikäs ja erityisesti kuvien laadukkuus saa sinut erottumaan monista muista meikkiblogeista. Jaksat aina panostaa ja vielä postaillakin usein - ihailen sitä, miten keksit aina jotain uutta!

    Lempilookkini on herttakuningatar-look. Liisa Ihmemaassa on vaan niin ihana :3

    Edellisestä unohtui sähköpostiosoite, joten laitetaanpa uusiksi:


  87. En ole yksin mielipiteeni kanssa, mutta ehdottomasti parasta tässä blogissa on luovuutesi ja uskallus tehdä epätavallisiakin juttuja. Luen meikkiblogeja muun muassa saadakseni inspiraatiota omiin meikkailuihini, ja siinä blogisi todella onnistuu!

    Lemppari-lookeja on paljon, mutta yksi mieleenpainuvimmista löytyy tältä videolta:

    Onnea blogisi menestyksestä, olet sen ansainnut. :)


  88. Hello Jangsara,
    Well, I actually discovered the blog some month ago, thanks to a forum where girls were speaking about what you're doing.

    What I do prefer in your blog is the artistic looks, with lots of whigs, jewellery... I like seeing thing thatI cannot find in other "places". And your way to "accesorize" makeup is great. I also do like the quality of your pictures.

    About my favorite look ever, there are quite a lot, but you trully have to discover this guy, he is amazing, he is from Paris, he learnt by himself and I find that he's trully talented: http://www.stephanedussart.book.fr/pic-1-23.htm
    Moreover, you will enjoy the looks I think :).

    I prefer not letting like that my email on the internet, but I can contact you to give you my email. :). Have a nice day!

  89. im a follower of your blog and the look i like the most is one from your tutorial sections

    "First my LOTD, look with MAC Copper, Heritage Rouge, Blue Brown and Melon:"

    heres the link to full face shot of the look http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_0_ufaRHWNxo/S4ltDXuCyGI/AAAAAAAAEBI/vVg1ITIXsMA/s400/pame272-1-2.j

    i love anything with browns and earth tones
    my email is mrsfena313@gmail.com

  90. The best part of your blog is all of the looks you show us... because lots of beauty people focus on reviews and bath and body products and tag favorites... but its like once you buy these products their raving about what do you do with them?! Plus you are extremely talented and your looks are GORGEOUS

    My fav look of all time would have to be your explosion with acid look

    my email address is annie.siegel@yahoo.com

  91. Holla Princess JangSara
    like others, i love your blog too, and my fav look of all , is the one Arabic look, oh my God,it so amazing e beautiful, i have to see every day LOL
    my e mail address Lima92@msn.com

    I`m learning so much with your tutorial! thank you very much, love your fan Lela!xoxo

  92. Following via Google Friends Connect.

    My favourite look of all time is the most simple pin-up look with black eyeliner and red lips. Simple and suits almost any occassion.


  93. I love your fantasy looks. I can't try only one, sorry : )

    My e-mail is MMagnetisMM@gmail.com

    I follow you long time ago.


  94. Hello, I am from France and I follow you via Facebook and google :)

    I like to read your blog everyday because your makeup looks are amazing ! I also like to make up myself with fantasy looks but you have so much imagination, I can't compete ^^ I also like to use photoshop and the way you use it is really nice.

    You did my favourite makeup look of all time there're some days ago, when you posted "Wanted to make a scene".
    I like the fantasy of the stars, and the turquoise with the black. I think this look seems to be Punk and provocative. When I could, I would like to try to make the same makeup :)


    p.s : Sorry for my poor english ^^

  95. Hi!

    My name is Angelique and i'm from the Netherlands. I follow you via facebook, twitter and google (obsessed *lol* )

    Maybe it sounds a bit weird, but i think i love to look at your blog because you have the most beautiful eyes i've ever seen! That's the reason why i started following you, that was after i first saw your posts at makeupgeek.

    Besides that, the looks you make are amazing too! I keep wondering time after time how someone can be so talented!

    I love the look with the blue and the feathers most i guess, but i found the alice look also amazing!

    My email is angelique.lamore@gmail.com

  96. Hey!!!
    Congrats on the 800+ readers!!! You deserve it girl!
    I think what's best in your blog is that you always find something different, I mean you never stick to a type of look, you have a wide variety of them, so that's what I like about your blog.

    My favorite type of makeup look is kind of pin-up, very neutral light eyeshadows and the dramatic eyeliner and lips.

    Thanks for the giveaway! ^-^
    E-mail: danyasibee@gmail.com

  97. hi!!! i love your blog and i am a newbie in makeup so this giveaway would really help. my favorite look is probably the birth of banana bird. it is bright and fun and just my style. congrats on the 800+!!!
    email- annayat93@yahoo.com

  98. huh, i swear i posted something, but i must've not.

    but! what i love most about your blog is...the variety of colors and looks you do, you're really not afraid to try new things and experiment and your looks are always so artsy. =]

    one of my favorite looks of all time is doo deere's over the rainbow (http://www.doedeereblogazine.com/articles/over-the-rainbow-makeup-tutorial) i love all the bright colors she uses!!

    oh and my email is: tialeethao@gmail.com

    congrats on getting 800 readers!! i'm sure that you'll get more and more!! =D

  99. This comment has been removed by the author.

  100. In my opinion your blog is among one of bests out there. I like that you post almost everyday and it still doesn't bore me, you always come up with something different, very creative. And I also like that you do theatrical looks besides LOTD's. Love your blog <3

    My fave makeup look is dark smokey eyes with pale pink lips, but I also like the pin-up look, just not on myself.



  101. Parasta blogissasi on se, että teet aina erilaisia, luovia ja todella upeita meikkejä! Vaikken itse samanlaisia käyttäisi, niin meikkailujasi (taiteilujasi) jää aina ihailemaan ja kaikki mitä olet tehnyt on kuin ammattilaisen tekemiä! Jaksat aina panostaa.

    Suosikki meikkilookki on ehdottomasti smokymeikit (ja sun silmiis sopii erityisen hyvin tummat meikit), mutta myöskin ultimatelemppari on violetin sävyiset meikit, niihin en kyllästy koskaan.


    Lukijoissa olen kai Chaos tai Linda...

  102. Congratulations on reaching 800+ followers! I follow you and check daily. I personally found your blog after seeing some of your looks on makeupgeek. My favorite look you have done would be Pigmented Peacock.

    I will email you my email address because of work. Thanks for the great website!

  103. Parasta on ehdottomasti Lady Gaga -meikit! Niitä lisää :D Mutta muutenkin erikoiset ja hauskat meikit, ovat inspiroivia ja niitä jaksaa katsella :)

    Paras meikki-look all time on oltava nämä Hello kitty -silmämeikit http://www.popcultureshock.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/lady-gaga-hello-kitty.jpg tai sitten Karkkipäivässä ollut vastaavanlainen My Little Pony -meikki http://karkkipaiva.indiedays.com/2009/08/20/my-little-pony-eye/


  104. Hello from Michigan!

    I've been following your blog for several months without being a member... you've inspired me to take a chance and create a blog of my own. There's nothing on it yet, I'm trying to take some pictures which are not really horrible (I have a crappy camera lol).

    My favorite thing about your blog is how you are willing to take risks... showing us your beautiful face and letting us see a little piece of your life. You are extremely talented, and have stunning eyes. I have learned not to be as afraid of color around my blue eyes because of you, and how to use eyeliner to my benefit because of you!

    My absolute favorite look is your Arabic Butterfly look (which I haven't yet tried to create on myself).

    I hope all is well with you and am glad you finally get the chance to see how many of us are here to support you!

    email: maggiegreenleaf@gmail.com

  105. My favorite thing about your blog is definitely your photos – they are always wonderful and inspiring. Your looks blow my mind, and I just love looking at them. :)

    My favorite look of all time is probably the very classic pinup-inspired look. I love the simple, classic look for any occasion.

    Thanks for the wonderful blog and have a lovely day!

    (pudderkvastrabagast @ gmail.com)

    I am not sure if you can see that I follow you with my RSS reader, so I added you on Bloglovin as well.

  106. Jaiks, tarkoitin tietenkin Poker Face -meikkiä enkä Bad Romancea.... :/

    Ai niin, ja siitä plussaa, että englannintaitosi on niin moitteetonta :)


  107. Hello !
    I am a french reader ! I love your blog !!!! I go every day and I try to recreate make-up... But I am not to best of you !
    Continue, I love you !!!!!!!

    Caroline (carocedlo@orange.fr)

  108. I love all your Lady Gaga looks, I try to attempt the looks and I never succeed your blog motivates me.

    emaii- akayredz@gmail.com

  109. Hi,

    Congratulations! You deserve the 800 readers!

    You're an artist! And what you do is a new art every day and in each reinvention of yourself with various wigs, I love the looks!

    I like the way that you describe the products that you´ve used, it´s so important to us!!!

    I follow your blog every day! And you motivated me to buy 2 wigs!!! Yeah!!! :-)

    The makeup that I liked most certainly is Arabic Butterfly! Perfect!

    I'll hope to win this award so special!

    My email is:
    sc.makeup @ hotmail.com

    Kisses from a fan from Brazil!

  110. K I was looking at all of your pictures and seriously they are so amazing.. it makes me want to get better at putting eye makeup on! I love all of them and now I'm really to try cuz I know that with time I'll only get better!

    My email addy is

    Simply amazing... I'm still in awe! o.O

    I am most def going to keep looking on here and try some of these on my own! Thank you!


  111. Toistan varmaan edellisiä kommentoijia, mutta parasta sun blogissa on mahtavat ja todella taitavasti tehdyt lookit, jotka viimeistelet aina täydellisesti kokonaisuuksiksi hiuksia ja poseerauksia myöten. Ei oo varmasti koskaan tylsää, kun sun blogia lukee!

    Suosikkilookeja on niin monia, mutta tykkään voimakkaista väreistä silmämeikissä ja etenkin turkoosi on ihan lemppari. Natural born avatars esmes sykähdytti, se oli vaan niiiiin kaunis! <3

    Email on saaratuulia at gmail.com

  112. Thanks for the giveaway hun !

    The prize is awesome. I'm a follower for a long time.

    What i like about your blog? Your looks are amazing and i love all of them. You're posting about everyday which is a plus to me.


  113. Parasta blogissa... No mikä nyt ei olis : D Mutta jos yks asia pitää sanoo, nii varmaan tutorialit. Kiva aina ite kokeilla samaa! Ja sitä oon kanssa miettiny, miten keksit miljoona erilaista meikkityyliä, eikä mikään oo samanlainen muitten kanssa. Luovuuttaa löytyy!

    Lempilookki on varmaan Birth of Bananabird. Sävyt sopii tosi hyvin yhteen sekä keskenään että silmien värin kanssa, ja keltanenkin tosi luonnollisen näkönen, yleensä nimittäin aika hankalaa saada keltasesta luonnollinen.


  114. I love your blog mainly because the make-up you do is sometimes what you can use and wear everyday and other times it is fantacy and outrageous (in a good way :)

    My favorite look is actually from your page: http://jangsara.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2010-04-09T22:05:00%2B03:00&max-results=10

    Just so beutiful and pink!


  115. I love your blending skills, all the looks turn out so nice on this blog. I love the simple smoky eye with eyeliner and Young Punk on top


  116. Ihanat ja taidokkaasti otetut valokuvat, inspiroivat silmämeikit ja persoonallinen kirjoitustyyli :). Ehdottomasti yksi parhaimmista blogeista mitä seuraan. Ja vau mikä taito kirjoittaa englanniksi!

    En osaa päättää sitä The Parhainta meikkikuvaa sillä niitä on niin monta, mutta sanotaan että Pokerface oli yksi lemppareistani.

    palapandaa ät hotmail.com

  117. There are many things you have on your blog that I like. I like the tutorials, the creative looks (with props) and your LOTDs, I also enjoy your reviews. My favorite look of all time is the pin-up look. It's classic and simple yet beautiful. My favorite looks of yours so far is your Lady Gaga recreations.

    Email- toshiam@gmail.com

  118. This comment has been removed by the author.

  119. I love how creative you are with your looks. You use a lot of different colors and that's awesome!

    My favorite look is the smokey eye because its so dramatic and great when going clubbin.

    My email is Hananoshikon@gmail.com Thanks for doing this!!

  120. Hi!

    I've been following your blog for a long time already. I absolutely love how creative you are, becoming a strong source of inspiration for my artsy but also everyday looks. You're the person I know who best explores the wide make-up universe, fearlessly.

    The make-up I'm currently in love with is the one J.Lopez wore at the Grammy Awards 2010 http://www.hairproductspro.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/jlo.jpg

    Your bold blue look on the Power Demon post is also one of my favorites http://jangsara.blogspot.com/2010/01/power-demon.html

    I really don't like posting my email address openly (isn't there an alternative on blogspot? adding a text box for email address that's only showed to you) but thifane ((at)) gmail ((dot)) com

  121. Ok, Ms. Jangsara, I really like your blog since I found it on MakeUpGeek, and I have read all the entries, seriously. The best of your blos is that you show how to make the looks, and also you give the opportunity to make them with the make up you used, with your sales, That's the best!!!

    And my favourite look ever is the one of the Gaga's video, Telephone, Beyonce's one!!! That simpky yellow is awesome!!! And you did it like the sameeee!!!! OMGG!!

    Well that's all...

    My e-mail is andreabazafer@hotmail.com


  122. Wow, I hadn't even realized it had gotten to be so many followers! Congratulations! I was your 200th follower, glad to see the number has quadrupled haha.

    *ego stroke: What I find unique about your makeup looks, is that no matter how many looks you come up with however many times a day, they are all so distinctly different. With some makeup artists, all they seem to post is the same look over and over again; yours remaining constantly and fluently diverse. It's refreshing to see someone truly creative sharing their gift!

    Now that that's out of the way, my all-time favourite makeup look would have to be anything from the 30's. The pencil-thin, half-circle eyebrows, the droopy owl eyes with lashes that don't take no for an answer, paired with a deep red lip I just find SO beautiful. Everything about it is just so opposite from today's standard, it's fascinating to look at proposed idyllic beauty throughout the ages.

    In a close second is 50's makeup, because it's completely timeless; whenever I feel like wearing makeup, I always find myself doing a classic pinup look.

    And after those, even though it may be expected seeing as where I'm posting, I would have to say about a thousand of your looks, hahah. They really are beautiful!

    I definitely wrote more than I expected to, sorry if it's too long hahah. My e-mail is danime_33@hotmail.com, if the fates are kind to me.

  123. I have two favorite looks, the one that Audrey Hepburn was wearing on Breakfast at Tiffany's, it's so natural, so femenine, and elengant, I love it, and the other one is the Blair Waldorf's look in Gossip Girl, it's also so natural and fresh, I think it's the best for an everyday look,also I love your looks, they're so colorful, and original, you're a great great inspiration to me.
    Thanks and congratulations!

  124. congrats! sorry but i cant figure out how to post comment with my user name... i follow u on blog lovin'....i luv all ur looks and creativity...my fave is the arabic butterfly look.. ur an amazing artist, keep up the beautiful work.

    e-mail: b_iliana16@yahoo.com

  125. I love all of your looks, you do so many and much more creative/unique ones than alot of other people do.
    It's hard to say what my favorite look of all time is. There are alot that I like, especially in movies. I love the makeup of alicia wonderland

  126. Omg... did your giveaway comments just got lost?? That sucks for you :( . Hope you still have them somewhere!

  127. Hi! I' visiting your blog since some months ago, because I LOVE IT, you make so many different looks, from everyday looks to theatre looks, so beautiful!! It's really a pleasure enter your blog ^^.

    I think my favourite look of yours is the one you called Green Glitch, I use it a lot because I love the combination of greens!!

    I'm sorry for my English, I'm Spanish xD

    My email: yuna_thesummoner@hotmail.com

  128. Congrats on your followers!!!

    I like your blog because I can find many different looks: for everyday, fantasy looks, for going out at night... I love your creativity and your technique is really good.

    I never get bored of watching your eye`s makeups and always see something different and new :)

    My favorite look is Young punk (http://jangsara.blogspot.com/2009/10/young-punk.html). As I told you when I saw it months ago, it`s the most beautiful look I ever seen. My favorite color is purple and I love the combination with the teal. I have a picture saved on my computer, that's why I thought of this look of long ago.

    Thanks for this great chance to win awesome products.

  129. Tykkään blogistasi, koska käytät meikeissä ihania väriyhdistelmiä ja oheisjuttuja (peruukkeja ja ihania höyhentekoripsiä..). Varsinaisesti ei ole lempparimeikkiä, mutta tällä hetkellä tykkään punertavista esim sun blogissa olleet be my valentine ja millions of peaches peaches for me.

  130. My favourite thing about your blog is your amazing creativity. All your looks are so unique and original. I just love coming here to see what you've come up with next and to be inspired by your amazing work. I also think your tutorials are fantastic.

    My favourite look... its very difficult to pick just one. One recent look I've completely fallen in love with is MissChievous's Exotic Arab Makeup Smokey Eyes. As soon as I saw it I just thought it was absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to recreate it.


  131. Hello!
    What I love in your blog the most are your looks for inspiration and of course this giveaway!!! Awesome!
    My fave look of all time is the classic neutral but DEFINED eye look with natural or nude lip.

    Love from Maggi

    maggielet at gmail dot com

  132. I'm following!

    I love all the creativeness of your blog and the wigs!

    my fav look is gothic or bright looks


  133. There is no way I could pick a favorite - I mostly love the diversity of what you create. I try to very often copy - but don't even come close - but I guess...I have fun trying. I check your blog every day - in great anticipation. Keep up the great work - I am new to this makeup world and am having a blast with it.


  134. LOVE your blog! The thing I love about your blog is "your creativity". Seriously, you are just awesome with colors...ANY colors! I don't think therez ANY look of yours that I have not liked. The other thing that I love about your blog is how you don't just do the eye makeup but also fit in ALL the accessories to complete the look! You are truly gifted!
    If I must pick a favourite - loved your poker face GaGa look.

  135. Hi Jangsara.
    Congratilations with the nearly 900 readers by now :)
    My email address is anneholtegaard at hotmail.com

    My favorite look is something with a lot of color and statement. I love wearing colors every day :) I cannot give you any one look that I love, but I have many favorites among your creations.
    So the thing I love about your blog, is that you give powerfull statement looks, with glitter, feather and nice stuff like that, then I can tone it down myself if I want to, or I can go all the way to, say, a party. That is really great!
    I follow your blog almost every day, and now I am a subscriber as well :) By the way I am from Denmark, just if you would like to know ;)
    Keep up your awsome work please!

  136. This comment has been removed by the author.

  137. Blogissasi yhdistyvät taitavasti fantasialookit ja arkipäivän perusmeikit ottaen huomioon monentasoiset meikkailijat. Siulta ei kyllä puutu kekseliäisyyttä, värien pelottomuutta tai ennakkoluuloja minkäänlaisia meikkejä kohtaan. Eikä se lukemista haittaa, että blogisi kuvat ovat hyvin laadukkaita. Ehkä kaikken parhainta on kuitenkin se, että työsi ainakin kuvien kautta näyttää täysin ammattilaisen jäljeltä, mutta sinulla on sellainen ihan "taviksen" ote tutoriaaleissa ja mielenkiinto uusiin tuuliin. Ei siis ole liian jotenkaan kliinistä, studiomaista ja muokatunoloista, vaan luonnollista, mutta ammattilaismaista jälkeä ja keskittyminen on runsaassa ja laadukkaassa sisällössä. Sellainen analyysi :D

    Rakastan monia violetteja silmämeikkejä, mutta tekemäsi Poison Ivy (http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e83/JangS/poisoni3.jpg) on sellainen kokonaisuus, jossa erittäin mielelläni pyörisin vaikka missä juhlissa. Muutenkin nuo character-lookkisi ovat sellaisia, että eivät todellakaan mitään leikkimeikkejä tai valmiita asuja Tiimarista vaan ihan oikeasti pyritään näyttämään luonnolliselta ja uskottavalta. Nams.

    haltiapolku (at) gmail (dot) com

  138. Please enter me! :D

    What's best about this blog is your absolutely gorgeous creativity. You never cease to amaze me with your stunning looks that are always so flawless. My favorite look of all time is probably the look you did last week sometime with the glossy MSCHIC durochrome. That look=LOVE. Wish I had your talent!

    Thanks for having this awesome giveaway I will be sure to let my readers know about it! :D


  139. I've only just discovered your blog but the thing I like most is your diverse looks you use and, also your pictures are incredibly high quality :) although my fave is the urban decay book of shadows II one :D

    My favourite look has got to be a smokey eye with brown colours, cause, this is a little vain, but it makes my eyes pop :)


  140. hi I'm a follower of your blog through Google friend connect, my follower name is Jennifer.

    the best thing about your blog is that you do impressive eye makeup tutorials :D for a dummy t eyeshados like me, they're very useful!!

    my fave makeup look all the time is: eye lined with electric blue, and coated with blue mascara! the blue always makes my eyes appear larger! :)

    tryme.imtoxic (at) gmail (dot) com

  141. I'm a follower please enter me. My email is queen-cry-baby@hotmail.com
    The best thing about your blog is the diversity of your looks. You do both 'everyday' looks but really avante garde ones just as well. So pretty.
    My favourite makeup look is cupids bow lips, particularly in deep red or berry colours, it just looks angelic to me.

  142. Hi =) My favorite look is this one by pixiwoo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxEUUI0mY3g&playnext_from=TL&videos=OgX5XyTr0zU

    My email is: morgadinha_69@hotmail.com

  143. Hi!

    I love your LOTD and you halloween makeup look:)

  144. I follow you with bloglovin and through Google friend connect!

    I loved your James Dean Glossy Eyes and i also adored your Beauty from the Mail look!
    I think the best thing about your blog are your looks! I'm not exactly a dare devil with my eye make-up but i think your looks are so inspiring that i want to try them out!

    My email is b3autytas(at)gmail(dot)com

  145. Moi! Parasta blogissasi on sen monipuolisuus, aina jotain uutta ja yllättävää meikkityyleissä. Ja kuvat on tehty viimeisen päälle peruukkien ja muiden oheiselementtien kanssa. Blogistasi löytyy usein uusia väriyhdistelmiä ja inspiraatioita omiin meikkileikkeihin.

    Tällä hetkellä olen eniten viehättynyt Sannin (http://karkkipaiva.indiedays.com/) My Little Pony -henkisiin karkkimeikkeihin. Sannin silmänmuoto on muutenkin aika lähellä omaani jolloin ideoiden lainaaminen on helpompaa. Ns. karkkiväreistä saa myös helposti muokattua toimistotöihin sopivia hillitympiä versioita.

    henna at papagaio fi

  146. Let me start by saying: BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing your amazing art with us, you're an incredible artist. I couldn't help but vote all of your looks as awesome, 'cause for me they are all gorgeous.
    I don't know if you have many followers from Spain, at least you have one that can be considered as a fan: me.
    Keep up with this fabulous work of yours, and again thanks for giving us so many tips and ideas to try.
    A big and warm hug from Spain.
    my e-mail: ottigc@gmail.com

  147. Hi (smile)

    I've been following you for a long while... I'm pretty technically challenged when it comes to computors..So just now tried to sign up as a reader/follower.. wheew, I am ashamed to say it took me far too long (I made my own blog "angelicdifiance(dot)blogspot(dot)com" and added you to my readers list. I still have no idea if that willl make me show up on Your readers list (laugh)..
    I have been dying to try MSCHIC ever since you posted those comparison close up pics and love GOSH as well..But, I'm in the US and again, can't figure out how to order from the MSCHIC site- can't wait till they convert to english as well lol..So here I am and thrilled to finally be able to follow you closer whether I win or not!
    Ok, I know I talk too dang much so here we go- My email is Angelicdifiance @ aol (dot) com
    What I like best about your blog> I am a Hairstylist and an Artist.. So the min. I hit your blog my jaw dropped. I know my color wheel backwards and forwards but, your ability to choose and blend your colors was astounding to me..Then add in your ability to think out side of the box and it equals raw talent. I was riveted lol I would love to see what you could do with a paint brush and canvas!..
    Your tutorials are the easiest I have found to follow..You go above and beyond..I've done a ton of prom make overs this year(was very excited to incorporate some of your ideas with face jewelry!) and I have referred each and everyone of them to your site...
    My favorite look/s. I just can't pick one lol..For everyday - Your Pop of brown and Chameo chameleon..More artistic- your Natural born avatars..Have a good one..Angelic

  148. Enter me preety pls :D
    I want to MSCHIC, never heard bout that before until i read your blog..

    my fav looks is flawless .. less and natural make up is my fav

    what i like bout your blog is i think your blog very informative! since im new followers , from now you ll see my comments hehe
    thank you for doing this giveaway

    im new followers via google friend

    i post your giveaway link:


    thank you :)

  149. awesome giveaway!!! hmmmm what's my favorite thing about your blog? that its still partially in Finnish hehe. makeup-wise definitely, that you mainly use mid-price products like mschic and gosh and stuff. i mean you know, i fell in love with mschic because u used it :D

    my favorite look must be the 60s look. the really neutral colours with that thick, winged/flicked eye liner. LOVE IT! but lol i have a thing for 60s fashion at the moment. twiggy all the way ;)



    my favorite look on your blog..well well, I love all of them, to be honest. But if I must pick one, I have to say the one with the red wig ;) when you "went to the daycare-look" i love love love it ;)


  151. enter me please i'm a new follower! i'm going through your gold looks because i think gold looks so gorgeous but it only makes my complexion look dull :( (obviously i think its just because i dont have the talent like you do lol) but all your looks are so creative and makes you seem like you have many personality/characters! i love the gold disco look. the neutral look is my favourite but only because its simple :)

    thanks for the giveaway!


  152. 947 followers, congratulations! I think when I started following this blow there were about 200-300...f^^;

    I love your pictures, they're always really good and show off the makeup. I also love the fact that you try to theme of your makeup with various items, like the wigs and jewelry. This makes it so much more than just "another makeup blog". ^^

    I love everything fantasy-themed, and I guess the most memorable makeup for me was your Avatar-inspired look, especially since I enjoyed the movie so much. I also loved your Alice in Wonderland -look, especially the photoshopped one with the clock in the iris.

    Keep up the awesome work! ^^

    minya_neko83 {at} yahoo {dot} com

  153. Hi.....I just discovered you in MakeupGeek's website and WOW! you are an artist! super stuff there! well I'm glad to be a follower of your blog now... :) ok so you have asked for the best make up look of all time.... well I just love anything that is paired with the pink and brown hues (much like your look in the 'In the heart of Desire' post)...beautiful mix of the two colours and SO seamless just WOWWWW! :) anyways keep it up and I will check your page regularly now and hope to see much more of your work...congrats and thank you for your tutorials...

    my email is - syedusmanzaidi@gmail.com

    P.S I am already spreading the word around about this giveaway! :)

  154. I think your blog is just UNIQUE ! You do AMAZING things with make up, it's really incredible, I love your makeups and they just leave me like Wow :O

    I really don't know what is the best make up look of all time. I like a lot of things. I like some pin up, gothic make up looks...and smokey eyes are pretty cool :)


  155. Blogissa sisältö tietysti tärkein, mutta myös luettavuus ja tyyliseikat vaikuttavat. Sinulla on nämä kaikki kohdallaan. Blogisi aihepiiri on selkeästi rajattu keskittyen vain ja ainoastaan meikkaamiseen, mistä myös pidän.

    Olen nähnyt joitakin lookeja, joita olet tehnyt yhteisille tutuillemme ja sitä kautta oikeastaan tänne eksyin. Erityisesti pidän fantasiameikeistäsi: ne ovat vain niin kertakaikkisen upeita ja kokonaisvaltaisia peruukkeineen ja muine lisukkeineen.

    Olen vasta viime aikoina näitä meikkiblogeja alkanut seuraamaan, joten mitään kaikkien aikojen suosikkia on vaikea sanoa. Erityisen vaikuttunut olen tällä hetkellä esimerkiksi Calowlily-lookista, tykkään todella paljon ottamastasi kuvasta ja pidän sitä jo taiteena. Koen tuon lookin ajatuksia ja tunteita herättävänä. :)

    Sähköpostiosoitteeni on lillamy81(at)gmail(piste)com

  156. I follow you through my google account. Have for a while now!

    Your blog is amazing! Of all the beauty blogs I follow, I'm most excited about your posts because I love to see what you come up with! Your color combinations and shapes and style are amazing. Simply breathtaking!

    My favorite look of all time is probably the Starry Night look by petrilude (though I'm not a huge fan of his, I think he's quite talented).

    My email is detailoring@gmail.com!

  157. I've just discovered your blog and I think I got addicted immediately :) For the last hour I am only browsing through all your looks with my eyes wide open from excitement :)
    I love how you create amazing color combinations and use all those bright and bold pigments or shadows.
    My favorite look so far would be the one you created with Ben Nye Cosmic Blue on the lid and Cherry Red above the crease. It is so chic!
    Keep on your great job, I got a lot of inspiration from your work :)
    My email is magda(dot)kubiak(at)gmail(dot)com

  158. Hello!

    1. New follower here (via Google)!
    2. The best thing about your blog are the tutorials! I love them! (and your photos always look amazing =o). My favorite makeup look of all time is a neutral look: foundation or tinted moisturizer, powder, concealer, blush, highlighter and then I love to use eyepencils. Oh, and don't forget mascara =p (I don't use eyeshadows on a daily basis)

    3. aninhax[@]gmail[.]com

    Thanks for this opportunity!
    Good luck everyone ;)

  159. Ehm, what can I say... coff coff... damn... And one two three testing... Does it works? Yea? Ok... I really love your make up, expecially your tutorial because of your creativeness: everytime your make up are different, you always wear a different thing and combine with beautiful-funny-ironic-drama wigs! I try to change my makeup every week, according to my t-shirt: in this time I just love wear a T-shirt with the Evil Queen of The Sleeping Beauty that is grey and purple, so my makeup is the same colours, the purple in the lid, not much blended beacuse I like "stong" combo.

    My email is: nailsbyalice[at]gmail[dot]com

    Have a nice week!

  160. Hi! I love your blog and most of your looks since I first bumped into it; however I'm going to pick up this look http://lacoloropata.blogspot.com/2010/05/malefica.html as one of my favourites ever.

    I would love trying that Face Canvas!


  161. Oh, sorry, forgot to say what's best on your blog, and I think it's the amazing way you match colours! Envious!

  162. The best on your blog, are de deffenetly your tutorials. They are amazing! ^^
    My favourite make up look is just any make up with coral and peachy colors. I love them!


  163. Hi!

    Best thing in your blog? Your tutorials because when you do it I can try to reproduce the looks on me. :D

    This is a look I love but I never used it. I think this is awesome!

    And this is a look I love and I can use. Oh and the perfume is my favourite. :D

    Thank you!

  164. OMG just realized I forgot to enter this giveaway earlier!!! Hope it's not too late!

    1. I am already a follower of course (using Google Friends Connect..maybe other ways too?).

    2. What I love about your blog is all the different makeup looks you do, and how you incorporate so much color and oftentimes dramaticism (I don't think that's a real word :P) into your looks. I also like that you do picture tutorials :)

    Favorite look...that's a hard one, there are sooo many! I'm just going to say the first thing that came to mind which is the Modern Gothic Pinup look (original) by Goldie Starling http://www.youtube.com/user/goldiestarling#p/u/88/kLGemxO9q-M.

    3. polishmakeup [at] gmail [dot] com

    Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway! I am seriously lusting after that primer after seeing your review...it looks amazing and magical!

  165. Hello! Your blog is really cool and I love the shape of their eyes, and I like mine, and believe me, just months after d "dating" her blog, today was the day I decided to put into practice The FIRST makeup, because I thought super simple the tutorial. I love the colorful outfits, are my favorites, and also the most dramatic 60's style when you can be characterized, is the most, my husband and I already looked at together and share this link with many friends in Brazil. I am Brazilian and I love your blog too, your style and your taste and mastery of technique.

    Congratulations and thank you.


  166. My favorite look is 'green, sweet and punchy'. The greens blend together so beautifully.

    I really enjoy your tutorials. Your photography is amazing. I also appreciate when you wear wigs and completely accessorize a look. It's fantastic, imaginative and theatrical.


  167. Apparently I caught the very end of this! Hooray! :p

    I believe my favorite look or looks are the Alex Box types. I dont really have a favorite one of them! Please dont make me pick! >.< I just think its so fun to really use the whole face! To go past any boundaries once set up and bring in so many materials and textures and let you see, it really does go beyond just the makeup.

    I just found your blog recently, and I haven't seen everything you have done, but whats fucking amazing to me is that from the beginning you seem so personable! That you are very down to earth and humble and it even says on your page that you are open to critics! And just to be open to that takes a lot since you never know what you will get but that you're willing to grow is just soooo great. And you seem like you just have a great heart and that makes all the difference! So thank you for being so open <3


  168. Hi!
    I'm a follower via google friends!
    I really enjoy your LOTD posts and I love your Caribbean Sunset look :)
    I tweeted about your giveaway


  169. i'm a follower through Google/Blogger and my email is ichiban_kitsune[@]hotmail[.]com

    i really like your color choices. you've got a lot of bold looks and i love it!!

    i can't say i have a favorite look of all time. i switch up my makeup styling a lot since i'm still learning. right now i'm wearing a lot of gyaru styled makeup.

    i will tell all my friends about it via twitter and facebook.

  170. Hello sweetie,

    Sorry for my english I speak french!! Hope you will be able to understand what I wrote!!

    So I would like first of all, to say that im so happy for all your followers that you have right now. You deserve it so much girl!! You are so talented and you have a unique gift. It's to make us feel pretty and beautiful!! Thank you so,so,so much for sharing your passion with us. I know you're a mother and also a wife and all that occupies much of your time. Despite that you still take the time, to post makeup looks and some makeup tutorials. You also take your time for us to share some personal moments of your life. So all this time that you took for us is really appreciated and it mean a lot for me. As we all know very well how life runs very fast. Im pretty sure it mean a lot for your other followers!! Now for the makeup looks!! It is pretty hard for me to choose one because they are all beautiful. For me makeup is a way of expression and it also a way to make us feel sexy and pretty. I honnestly believe no matter our nationality, the color of our skin, our weight, our size or certain physical disabilities. That EVERY WOMAN IS BEAUTIFUL in her own way. There is NO EXCEPTION TO THAT!! So it's very hard for me and almost impossible to choose wich look I prefered the most. Because they are all amasing, unique and so georgeous. You have this precious gift and ability to bring out our inner beauty and make us feel more pretty and sexy that we already are. That is the main reason why your so popular and why everyone like you and your blog. You are unique and so talented!! I know I repeat myself but this is the truth!! So each of your makeup looks are pretty, unique, sexy and intense. Im following you for a while now and it's the better choice I ever made so far on the net!!

    Im looking forward for your next look!! Congratulation again for having such follower and as I say you deserve it so,so,so much. Also that you so much for making me feel sexy and gorgeous!!

    my email adress is: kokine26@hotmail.com and yes!! We know each other!!!

  171. This is cool! New styles help a new look a lot too. Check out OnQueStyle.com It's perfect for this kinda stuff.


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