Apr 18, 2010

At the leopard's nest

Hello everyone!

Today I had a kinda busy day, I did a small makeover to my sister. She's over her 40's now, so this was the first time I did makeup for anyone older. It was quite fun to work with something complately different :D

But anyway, I made a look for fun for myself today!

Somebody (sorry, I just can't remember who it was :( ) asked me ages ago to do a look inspired by the leopard print, and now I finally did it.
This was really simple, and all you need is Manly 120 color palette, glitter (optional) and white and black eyeliner.
Here's the look:

Maybe some better pics? :D

Of course I paired it with BLACK lips:

And here's the colors I used:
Lid is metallic brown (in lower right corner), blending is done with darker golden shadow, highlight with lighter gold, and outer corner / outer V with black.
Then I drew some leopard spots, eyeliner and added some golden glitter, added falsies, and voilá, you're done :D

I also have to put a better pic of my nails:

This was my today's look:

And finally my yesterday's makeup, made with MAC pigments: MAC Emerald Green, MAC Deep Blue Green, Chartreuse and Aire de Blue, and MAC Gesso eyeshadow. Oh, and Gosh gold glitter eyeliner:

But yeah, that's it.

Tomorrow I'll head to the post office to send out my blogsale goodies, and... Well I don't know what else :D


  1. :O

    That leopard look is my FAVOURITE look you've ever done! You look totally stunning!!!

  2. Jangsara, you'll have to tell me how you can do to have enough time to make soooo many different looks! I love the black lips with the leopard idea :D.

  3. Loved the last one! Such a great combination of colors. I also made a post in my blog today and I had feathers but as earrings :)

  4. the leopard one is craaaaazay! i <3 it.

  5. I like that you didn't take the normal route and do the leopard print on your browbone (which has been done in pretty much EVERY leopard print makeup tutorial I've seen :P)

  6. I love the green look, Such a gorgeous color and great blending.

    The leopard look is fun! Not something I would wear on a work day ;) It looks awesome with the wig.

  7. Whoaaa, the leopard look is totally awesome, loveitloveitloveit! Meow! :-)

  8. I just have to say that this already is art! This is the first time I visit here, I looked the previous posts too and I'm so impressed. Go on girl, you are just gorgeous with these make-up skills!

  9. I like the green one !

    Dear Jangsara,
    I have a special request... Could you please show me (or us of course) a disco look, for a next party I will attend on May ? I need some inspiration...
    My clothes will be gold (gold leggings and sparkling gold dress).
    I am blonde with blue eyes, my skin is pale.

    Pleeaaaase ;-)

  10. Hey girl! I loved this looks, but was wondering if you could do some step by step tutorials soon?
    I think my favorite look you'vce done in a while is the yellow, orang, and reddish one...you only showed one pic but i just love the colors!
    -Eva Rose

  11. I've just discovered your blog and I absolutely all the work you're showing! Your makeup is amazing! I'll try to dare something similar, I've always wanted to try some green eyeshadow.


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