Apr 15, 2010

James Dean Glossy Eyes

Hi everyone!

Today I went all glossy, as you can see:

My original look of the day was made with Gosh Tropical eyepencil Aqua Life, Trucco's Angel eyes green, blue and gold, Gosh Blue Whale and MUG store purple gel liner (and Trucco's purple on top of it):

And here's me feeling really really blue:

Before going out I changed my lipcolor to MAC Sandy B, and took the wig of:

I also found a perfect nail polish:

ModelsOwn Feeling Blue + Essie Matte about you <3 :

Then the glossy eyes!

So I wanted to do a glossy eye, since my last glossy attempt was AGES ago.
Now I picked highly metallic duochrome shadows (MSCHIC's LaFayette, which is AWESOME), and used some lipgloss instead of vaseline:

I loved it so much I added MSCHIC's Mint Frost Chocolate on top of the gloss and left out of the door with this one :D

Oh, and Ebay is bad for me, here's some of my recent shopping, can't wait for them to arrive:
Lots-of-lashes, wig, fringe, hair flower thingy.... :3


  1. o-m-g. i love this glossy eye look! that shade of eyeshadow is perfect for it... beautiful! you are amazingly talented. <3

  2. Oooh, what is that blue lipstick?

  3. Thanks!

    Eden, it's Lime Crime's No She Didn't :D

  4. I never heard of anyone using vaseline or lipgloss to make their eyeshadows look glossy! Interesting, thanks for the advice

  5. pretty looks! loved the blue one

  6. LOVE the blue eye with the blue wig and lip, you look like an anime character :D

  7. Thanks a lot for the look!! I finally found how to post on your blog, so I think that I'm gonna come often. I trully enjoy the glossy look, because it's glossy but uniform. I'm searching for affordable and pretty whigs on ebay. I hope that I'm going to find soon :).
    Have a nice day and... Lime Crime's lipsticks are nicely opaque, aren't them?

  8. Damn, two days ago I tried to do a creasy and glossy look, without using a gloss . I only use the jumbo nyx in a big quantity but it doesn't work :(
    Those lotd are just awesome, well done ;)


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